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    — Fernando Alonso
    What were you? A smooth fuckin' operator!
    — Carlos Sainz Jr. and his race engineer
    — El Risitas (RIP)
    ¿Por qué no te callas?
    — King Juan Carlos I to Hugo Chávez at the 2007 Ibero-American Summit
    ¡Viva España!
    Dale a tu cuerpo alegría, Macarena
    Que tu cuerpo es pa' darle alegría y cosa buena
    Dale a tu cuerpo alegría, Macarena
    Heeeeeey Macarena, ¡Ay!
    — Los del Rio
    Que las noches sin ti duelen
    Tengo en la mente las pose' y todos los gemido'
    Que ya no quiero nada que no sea contigo
    — Quevedo
    Si ere' la pámpara
    Nada te pue' parar
    Si ere' la pámpara
    Nada te pue' parar, y ya!
    — Rosalía

    Éśpáńá Painball Paldeaball Spainball, officially the Kingdom of Spainball, is a countryball located in southwestern Europe on the Iberian Peninsula. It borders Portugalball to the west, Andorraball and Franceball to the north, and Moroccoball to the south via its exclaves. Its clay is divided into 50 provinces, giving Spainball 505,992 square kilometers. As of 2021, Spainball has a population of 47.42 million.

    Spainball can into EUball, NATOball, and UNball.

    Spainball has a history full of conquerors, inquisitions, conspirations, and extreme good luck for maybe one of the most developed countries in Europe. Because of that, it lost one of the biggest empires in history but is still stronk in Europe. It's even stronger now as their all-time rival UKball is gone.

    Spainball's national day is on 12 October.

    They didn't participate in any of the World Wars. However, in World War II, Spainball helped Nazi Germanyball by sending troops to deal with USSRball.

    From about late August to mid-September every year, Spainball hosts the "Vuelta a España" cycling race, one of the three Grand Tours (its siblings Franceball and Italyball host the other two — the Tour and the Giro). Spain has football teams like "Fc Barcelona" that are very famous in the world.

    In comics, Spainball usually appears in large groupings with Spanish-speaking countries, interacting with the natural and economic goods. When Spainball is alone, it often criticizes its internal problems. Another frequent theme in Spainball comics is their history.

    Spainball faces a threat of independence from Cataloniaball in the Modern Age.

    It is one of the only countries that can into purple on its flag! (even if it is of pinkish shade)



    The first confirmed presence of hominids of the genus Homo dates back to 1.2 million years before the present, as evidenced by the discovery of a jaw of a Homo not yet classified in Atapuerca.In ancient times, parts of the Mediterranean coast of Spain were colonized by Ancient Greeceball.

    Early History File:Cantabri-icon.png

    What today is Spainball and Portugalball was inhabited by many Tribeballs: Gallaeciansball in Galiciaball and File:Norte-icon.png Northern Portugalball, Asturesball in Asturiasball and Leónball, File:Cantabri-icon.png Cantabriball in Cantabriaball, Vasconicsball in Basqueball and Navarreball, Lusitaniball in the rest of Portugalball and Extremaduraball, Iberiansball in Cataloniaball, Valenciaball, Aragonball, Murciaball and eastern Andalusiaball, Turdetaniball in the rest of Andalusiaball, Aquitaniball in the Pyrenees and Celti-Iberiansball in central Spainball.

    From around the 3rd century BC, Carthageball conquered it but was met with its companion.

    In the year 218 B.C, SPQRball invaded the Iberian peninsula, which would later become the Roman province of Hispaniaball (whose name is derived to "Spain"). SPQRball introduced the Latin language, predecessor of the modern Spanish language. The Iberian Peninsula remained under Roman rule for 600 years, until the fall of the Western Roman Empire.

    In the Middle Ages, the area was conquered by Germaniaball. Visigothball, from the current Swedish region of Götaland, was strongly linked to the social and political transformation of Hispania, the Visigothic Kingdomball.


    Later, the Iberian Peninsula would be conquered by Arab (caliphates), reaching these have a presence for more than seven centuries. In response to this, the surviving Visigothballs in the mountains up north vowed revenge against the unexpected invaders by starting a reconquista (long conquest) against the Muslim south. The first Iberian kingdom to remove kebab was the Kingdom of Asturiasball, followed by it's more famous successors Kingdom of Castileball, Kingdom of Leónball, County of Portugalball, along with Kingdom of Galiciaball. The intervention of the Carolingian Empireball lead to the creation of Kingdom of Navarreball and Kingdom of Aragonball and County of Barcelonaball which also took part in the Iberian crusade.

    The Muslims ruled an independent Emirate of Córdobaball (later a Caliphate) when the Umayyadball fell. The Muslims were very tolerant and did not kill or discriminate Christians, but on the other hand, gave them taxes for the state, but not for Muslims. They also introduced wine and the Arabic language which would blend into the Spanish vocabulary. After Emirate of Córdobaball became unstable and died, it shattered and broke into smaller states (known as taifas) which a lot of times fought each other leading to quicker conquest of Iberia) but also Almohadball expansion. Kingdom of Castileball annexed Taifa of Toledoball and Taifa of Murciaball and made them vassals, and so did Kingdom of Aragonball with Taifa of Valenciaball. With the withdrawal of moors, Emirate of Granadaball snow the last Muslim state.

    In late medieval culture, many Iberian kingdoms participated in the SPQRball renaissance like most of western Europe. Kingdom of Castileball and Kingdom of Leonball formed a union from 1072–1157, but thereafter the two kingdoms again separated. The political and military hegemony of Castile over Leon was established by Alfonso VIII of Castile, who forced the king of Leon to do homage to him (1188). Kingdom of Castileball eventually focused outside of Iberia, Kingdom of Aragonball on the other hand had formed some unions with Sicilyball and Naplesball, and Sardiniaball, becoming a dynasty of kingdoms, the Crown of Aragonball.

    By the end of the conquest, Kingdom of Castileball finally killed the last Muslim state, Emirate of Granadaball. But how did they deal with the Muslims in their clay? Simply, they along with Jews would be expelled from the Iberian Peninsula and some would assimilate into the Christian civilization. The Spanish inconqustion was created so that who are still caught practicing Islam in the time you least expect them inconqustion were tortured brutally. From then, it is not until with the dynastic union of marriage between Castile and Aragon and the culmination of the Reconquista, along with the subsequent annexation of Navarre from the Kingdom of Franceball, when one can speak of the foundation of Spainball, as was recognized abroad.

    Philip I had been one of the many founders of the Habsburg dynasty. It had started to be known about Spainball's complicated incesty relations with Austriaball, this leading to a union between the two. Sadly both broke up, but continue to live under the same dynasty.

    Colonization and European affairs

    Already in the Modern Age, the Spanish monarchs dominated the first overseas global empire, which covered territories on five continents, leaving a vast Western cultural and linguistic heritage across the globe. One day, in a way to find India, Genoaball helped Spanish Empireball sail to find Indiaball, because Castileball thought the world was round. Spanish Empireball was friendly at first having to believed to find Indiaball or Chinaball, but after relations started to sour and settlers were targeted by the natives and then killed on the spot. More ships were sent to settle on the clay, but after finding gold they didn't hesitate to enslave the natives.

    With that business done Spanish Empireball was more ever eager and determined, so it settled in the Gulf of Mexico and discovered Tenochtitlánball, the capital of Aztec Empireball. Spainball and was brutal shocked of the barbaric sacrifices that Aztecball did, so with the help of a few tribes they brutally murdered colonized Aztecball and brought them and the neighboring tribes to civilization. Spanish Empireball did a expedition south for gold, and founded Incaball's giant empire and Muiscaball's rich empire. Hungry for clay, Spanish Empireball annexed those places too. Spanish Empireball got into fights with Mapuche tribes but failed to subjugate the latter unlike the former. Already colonized most of the Americas, Spainball and the 3balls gave birth to some Metizo children (ex: New Spainball).

    Spainball introduced 3balls to Catholicism, but most lost their lives to diseases brought over from Europe and the harsh colonial system, so the Spanish Empireball had been shipping 8balls from the African coasts as slaves. Spainball got a lot of gold from the conquest, so much Spain reached Zimbabwean levels of inflation.

    Back in Europe. Everyone was fighting over Christianity. Spanish Empireball's adopted child Habsburg Netherlandsball, was born protestant, but when Spain took care of them it tried everything to make the Dutch catholics. The Dutch grew disobedient and rebelled. Spanish Empireball tried to punish Netherlandsball, but it was very sterile and resistant for 80 years straight. In the end, the Seven United Netherlandsball got to leave Spainball for its own destiny and the Spanish Netherlandsball reduced to 1/2 of the area it originally had.

    Portugalball's King Sebastian I of Portugal had died without an heir, and Spainball offered to take the crown. Portugalball and it allies England and France refused this, but Spain got its way anyway and the Iberian Unionball was born. The Portuguese still kept their autonomy but many preferred to be fully independent. So in 1540, Kingdom of Portugalball disbanded the Iberian Unionball and fought a Restoration War for independence. In the end, Portugal won, but Spainball was given Ceutaball and Manilaball to accept peace. Spainball also got into a war with France, who invaded the principality of Catalonia and it became a semi-autonomus state under its protection.

    Shit hit the fan when Charles II died without a child to seceded the throne, so Kingdom of Franceball offered to add a Bourbon king to the throne. However, to many of Franceball's enemies, this would mean Spain would ally with France for a bourbon union. This led to a civil war between the Habsburg barrier and the Bourbon barrier. Spanish War of Succession. The Spanish Bourbons introduced the Age of Enlightenment to the country and reforms such as the Nueva Planta decrees, which abolished most feudal states in Spain by the end of the war.

    Spainball had allied with First French Empireball in the Napoleonic Wars and the two did trade agreements for land in the Americas, but Spain was too soon invaded by the country for being incompetent. First French Empireball set up a puppet known as the Napoleonic Kingdom of Spainball, which was disliked by the majority of the population, so they did mafia-like assassinations against French troops residing in the country. With the involvement of Portuguese troops, the Spanish monarchy was given back the spot, but the damage had already been done. The occupation in the Spanish War led to the far away colonies in Latin America without a ruler. Many of the colonies adopted revolutionary radical policies and started rebelling. Argentinaball and Chileball were the first to declared their independence in 1810, and so did Paraguayball shortly after. Gran Colombiaball, Spanish Haitiball, Mexicoball and Peruball all from 1819 to 1821. Spainball had lost most of its territories in Latin America except for Boliviaball until 1825.

    Carlist Wars


    Monarchist Restoration


    Of course in the colonization of Africa, the Spanish didn't get much except for some territory in the Sahara and a small chunk of Moroccoball. Spain had already had possessions on the coast of Guinea. Spain actually did mind getting so little, as Africa had not been too much of a big deal for their imperialist ambitions. The Spanish parts of Moroccoball rebelled in 1921, but failed horribly.

    USAball had accused Spain of the sinking of its USS marine ship in Havanaball (Cuba). This led to America not only backing the Cuban and Filipino separatists but as well as directly going to war against Spain.


    In the first third of the twentieth century, a constitutional republic was proclaimed by the people. The monarchy was deposed because of lately the incompetence. The republic saw years of instability. Separatism rose up again in many places, for example, Cataloniaball and Aragonball went under revolution against the Republican government, and were later put under the emerging control of CNT and the FAI, which were pro-syndicalist. This happened at the same exact time workers in the Spanish province of Asturias protested in the mining reserves. Despite the imagined hellhole the eastern provinces would have been under anarchy, George Orwell stated notable positive things about Revolutionary Cataloniaball of how it functioned under this system by noting the workforce improved and capitalist exploitation decreased. The summary was the Spanish Republic was bound to fall under left-wing politics too, upsetting the cultural right and creating a front of monarchists and fascists to bounce back, sparking the Spanish Civil War after the 1936 elections. The revolution was used by the Popular Front, a coalition of left-wing parties that won the elections in 1936 and most importantly by the PCE ( Communist Party of Spain) as propaganda. They made promises of freeing the imprisoned generals and soldiers which they partially did.

    A failed military coup caused the outbreak of a civil war, whose end gave way to the dictatorship of Francisco Franco.

    Francoist Spainball did not join the Axis powers as a whole, but was willing to send volunteers at the eastern front to help Nazi Germanyball fight the communists of the east. Regardless of the anti-semitism, Spain still gave the Jews a home.

    In 1975, both Moroccoball and Mauritaniaball bullied Spainball in giving them the colony Moroccoball ruled for over 500 years. At first, Spainball refused as its colon- I mean province was resource rich, unlike Spanish Moroccoball. As pressured by UNball, and with many Moroocans flooding into its clay all of a sudden, Spainball singed the Madridball Accords and left very frustated and humilated at Moroccoball. Spanish Saharaball took off its clothes and put Pan-Arab colors on, but both Moroccoball and Mauritaniaball swooped into take it's clay.

    Introducion to Democracy

    Franco died in 1975, which led to a transition to democracy began, whose climax was the wording, ratification in a referendum, and promulgation of the Constitution of 1978, which advocates freedom, justice, equality, and political pluralism as superior values ​​of the legal system.

    In 1979 the first elections were held in Spain, which ended in a national victory of the "Union of Democratic Center" (UCD in Spanish) but in Spain both in the 1979 and 1982 elections the PSOE (Spanish Socialist Worker's Party) won. From the 80s & 90s many ethnic groups in the country were given autonomy. The PSOE was elected many times to play a role in Spanish politics.

    Currently, Spainball is considered one of the most friendly and neutral countries with most other countries. Therefore, it has gained a lot of popularity and support abroad. It is also one of the European countries with more historical and political influence, and the second countryball in the world in tourism, after Franceball. Spainball loves riding bulls and often visits its Latin America family and chats with Philippinesball as well not paying little attention to Equatorial Guineaball and Western Saharaball.

    However, Cataloniaball is still rebellious and thinks too much about the independence, Catalonia had a plan to separate under a front; Junts pel Sí. The front won the 2017, where the same year a referendum was held where 43.03% of Catalans voted. However, Spainball quickly retaliated against the independence of the Catalan Republicball illegal and against the constitution. Spainball and Cataloniaball are still known to be at each other's necks.

    Flag Colors

    Main Colors

    Color Name RGB CMYK HEX
    Carnelian 173, 21, 25 C0-M88-Y86-K32 #AD1519
    Mango 250, 189, 0 C0-M24-Y100-K2 #FABD00

    Emblem Colors[2]

    Color Name RGB CMYK HEX
    Indigo Dye 0, 65, 115 C100-M44-Y0-K55 #004173
    Gray 189, 193, 198 C5-M2-Y0-K22 #BDC1C6
    Pickled Beets 170, 0, 68 C24-M100-Y62-K13 #AA0044
    Gotham Green 0, 87, 55 C100-M0-Y36-K66 #005737


    Colegas (Friends/Amigos)

    • El Risitas - He's gone… We will remember you, the king of memes. Rest in peace, meme king. :(
    • Moroccoball - You maybe claming my children, but we have excellent relations ! Western Saharaball belongs to you!
    • Armeniaball - I recognize your genocide, and we both love each other. Make sure this country can handle this.
    • Canadáball - Has been my best friend for centuries. I salute them with poutines. Always welcome to come here!
    • LGBTball - I love you, Gay, 1, 2, 3… Let's do fitness exercises together!
    •  SPQRball - Mi parent.
    • Portugalball - Best friend. Even if Portugal hates when I call it "Western Spain", it is still one of my closest siblings. It is always calm and relaxed; this must have some connection with the ocean (because it always sails from time to time). It helped me during the civil war and built a zip line that crosses our borders; therefore, we are very close. In addition, we tried to dominate the world together once.
    • Argentinaball - It's my older child, and it's very good at football. We both claim the clay of United Kingdom: It claims the Falkland Islands and I claim Gibraltar. Rio de la Plata has only one defect: it is arrogant, egocentric, and wants to be a tough European. There are many Germanic balls in its clay.
    • Uruguayball - The pride of the family. I’m proud of it. It is the smartest of my children; it is also a football fan. Apart from that, it stands out in something else: Pepe Mujica. Unfortunately, it became a stoner.
    • Chileball - Another child I’m very proud of. However, I do not understand anything it says and it always fights with its other siblings, One of those fights led Boliviaball to hate it in an extreme way! Of course, not everything is perfect, but it used to be my favorite child when it was a fascist.
    • Polandball - Happy birthday! 100 years of friendship with Poland!
    • Colombiaball - Another friend of mine. Now it's trying to stay out of trouble (I hope). I am happy because the New Granada told me that the civil war was finally over from its mud; Bravo! It can enter the poster.
    • Costa Ricaball and Panamáball - My little children who can enter HDI and not criminals and communists like Nicaraguaball.
    • Dominican Republicball -another of my children that has an economy stable if you keep growing you will become a first world country but you eliminate that corruption that is killing you.
    • Franceball - My older sibling. We have fought several times in the past, but now we get along very well. Also, I know EXACTLY how you feel about Brittanyball, but doesn’t it look like . Baseball on black and white television? This son of a bitch stabbed me once in the Napoleonic Wars. I’m still upset about that, but we were supposed to split Portugal.
    • Brazilball - My nephew, almost colonized by me, very brazilians have my ancestry, especially from Galiciaball (Spain) and Andalusiaball
    • Serbiaball - Buen amigo. We're both kebab removers and have separatists. Also, I don't recognize Kosovoball. I'm sorry for bombing you in 1999.
    • NATOball - Spain may enter into Western relevance. I will also join them because my goal is to save my children communists!
    • Cyprusball - It also claims UKball's clay, is schizophrenic, and is now torn between gyro and kebab
    • Ecuadorball - Just like Peruball, it spends time asking for jobs in my clay.
    • Equatorial Guineaball - Yes, yes... I also had a colony in Africa! However, it is a forgettable child. I had a military disaster there around 1950, but Equatorial Guinea is much more loyal than this bastard.
    • Italyball - My younger sibling, Me and Francia was bullying him at old times. We have begun to value our family and our very similar child languages. Portugal, Italy, and I had the same problems, but we will overcome them together as siblings. After all, we are a family.Also for the Castilian Spanish dub of The Super Mario Bros Super Show intro I didn't copy the Italian dub intro
    • Iraqball - Best Arab friend because I find it very relatable. Trust me; I know EXACTLY how you feel about Kurdistanball.
    • Indonesiaball - My friend from Southeast Asia. It likes my football clubs and watching their games a lot. Also, you know exactly how you feel about West Papuaball.
    • Israelcube - Another kebab-removing friend. We also have separatists. Though, would it kill you when you're nicer to the Palestinian Christians (especially the Catholic ones)? Also, I'm sorry for expelling your people during the Spanish Inquisition.
    • Japanball - Thank you so much for the autos, electronics, and anime! Sadly, Colombiaball hates Japanball for defeat it in the Copa Mundial de la FIFA 2018. As of late it started calling me Paldea, don't know why though.
    • Moldovaball - Same as Romaniaball but a cute sibling with Latin influence.
    • New Zealandball - My relative who is on the opposite side of the world from me.
    • Palauball - My cute adopted grandchild, but it doesn't remember that I'm its grandparent! D: I hope Philippinesball will make it remember. At least it is good.
    • El Salvadorball - My smallest child, it now can into safety and social democracy thanks to its boss since the 1992 Chapultepec Peace Accords.
    • Guatemalaball - Mi other Central American child. it was the center of the Capitania General de Guatemala, but never forget 1980!!
    • Hondurasball - Another Central American child. It produces a lot of coffee, bananas, and African palm. But control your gangs, crime and your migrant population.
    • Paraguayball - My child whose older siblings bully. Oh, sorry for scolding you. There, there, Spain is there for you. Sí, um poco más cerca... mi hijo...
    • Peruball - An important former American colonial center. Now, it is a nobody without relevance. It was once part of Incaball before the Holocaust and Anschlusso in the 16th century. Very good son.
    • Puerto Ricoball - Who was it again? Oh, he’s my child with gold. I gave it some autonomy but then I gave it to USA because it attacked it. Puerto Rico also wants statehood but can’t. Some of your clay wants to get into my clay, but today I will not face it.
    • Romaniaball - My poor Eastern European sibling. It could have become a great empire like me if it wasn't located right between empires.
    • South Koreaball - It’s the best Korea and it’s much better than its clone villain. It also made me the stage for one of its K-dramas popular ones! It also defeated that debt collector in football! Hahahaha!
    • United Kingdom - My good friend along with Franceball. Also one of the characters in it's book The Lord Of The Rings is called Aragorn which is similar to my regionball, Aragon. Lots of his tourists come visit my clay every summer, but they need to chill sometimes.
    • USAball - It used to take my clay, but now we are mostly fine because it is also the son of UKball United Kingdom and mine. Además, algunos de sus estados tienen mis nietos. Other than that, we got along well after the Spanish American War. ¡ But stop calling me Mexico!
    • St. Augustineball - my old old son. He is even friends with two of my towns. <s> Pls come back to España so you don't have to deal with him</s>
    • Rohingyaball - I will save you.

    Relaciones Complicadas (Neutral/Neutros)

    • Germanyball - I don't need your monies because I'm still a powerful countryball like in the old times and… My economy is rising faster than yours (3.2% each year). ¡Un día te superaré y estarás en deuda conmigo! ¡MUAJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJA! We're still friends, though.
    • Mexicoball - My child. Plox, get rid of your drug cartels and gangs. But it still makes me proud to be it parent with it production. Junior, I don't understand why you changed your name to México… New Spain (Spain Jr.) was a better name.
    • Netherlandsball - Parent of Indonesiaball. I occupied its clay for some time. It was also my rival in FIFA World Cups 2010 and 2014. But we're okay now.
    • Irelandball - PIIGS member who is a party animal like me, BUT YOU IRA supports MY CHILDREN, Otherwise...
    • Philippinesball - I can’t believe I let Estados Unidos colonize you, I could have taken you back, but I was too weak then. I’m sorry about that, my adopted Asian child. I still love you. I am also proud of its president at this time for eliminating drugs. Unlike my child addicted to drugs, you have become strong, intelligent, and caring. You prove yourself by eliminating ISpelota; keep doing so. (Also, you know what? Forget the fight with Magellan; that fight has a similar situation with me, taxes...) And thank you for not recognizing the traitor I hate so much. We have a common enemy.
    • Turkeyball - It is a kebab, but at least it does not support Cataloniaball, who wants to remove ⅓ of my economy. But please stop being rude to Armeniaball and Greeceball.
    • Taiwanball - I have East Asian children who are now part of Taiwan's clay, especially Taipeiball. Its biggest province (Taiwan Provinceball) was Dutch Formosaball, my dead child (Spanish Formosaball)'s sibling. It was colonized by Japan and then became part of Taiwan. I'm thankful that we have representative offices. Gib bubble tea and "Taiwan Can Help" aid!
    • Algeriaball - You’re a good friend who sells me oil. You are also the child of France, but please be nicer to it!
    • Palestineball - I don't have good relationships with them! All of my friends say to be mean to it! But maybe you are not so bad... Well, I will recognize you soon, maybe the West can follow...
    • Nicaraguaball - One of my children in Central America who hates my traitor child.
    • Belgiumball - We are okay most of the time. (See enemies list)
    • Ukraineball - No strong opinions, but we both have a mutual hatred for idiotic separatists. Crimea is yours.
    • Myanmarball - We both hate Cataloniaball, BUT STOP MURDERING INNOCENT ROHINGYA.

    Separatistas y Gilipollas (Enemies/Enemigos)

    • Belgiumball (sometimes) - GIB PUIGDEMONT AND ALL SEPARATISTS NOW!
    • Mapucheball - This piece of mierda always annoys my childs Chileball and Argentinaball! I tried to take its down in a 300 years war but just couldn't. LEAVE ALONE MY CHILDREN, OR YOU WILL REGRET IT!
    • Iranball - ¡Jajajaja! ¿1–0? ¡I defeat you so bad!
    • Western Saharaball - As my kid, you should listen to me, and I ask you to come back on Moroccoball's clay !
    • Sabahball - You are belongs to my Child's Clay!!
    • ISISball - Look, you idiot, you are a terrible kebab and you murdered Paris. If you tried to remake AL-ANDALUS, I’ll PUT A MISSILE IN YOUR JIHADIST PARENT! LONG LIVE THE RECONQUEST! BARCELONA, ESTÁS BIEN?! DAMN YOU, ISIS! I WILL WAIT FOR ANOTHER RECONQUEST!
    • COMMUNISTAS STUPID! - My children, why did you betray me so badly? You decided to ally yourself with these communists. Why do you have to do this? Now, you hate me and call me imperialist. REMOVE COMMIE AND STOP SUPPORTING THAT TRAITOR! Or... I am a social democracy, unlike you two communist dictatorships.
    • Soviet Unionball - YOU ARE THE BRAINWASHED BITCH! I hate you for this, and you’ll never spread your stupid ideology here. Oh, wait, you’re dead? Great! I’ll never forgive you for all this.
    • South Africaball (in sports) - It hates me because I won the 2010 FIFA World Cup!

    How to draw

    Drawing Spainball is of easy.

    1. Divide the ball into red , yellow, and red stripes horizontally (the yellow stripe should be the largest stripe)
    2. Draw the Spanish emblem (which can into purple [purpure]) in the left side of the yellow stripe.
    3. Add straps to the emblem (you can treat this as the left eye) to form an eyepatch.
    4. Draw the left eye and you are finished!


    • Andalusiaball - My most famous and proud child, who loves all the Spanish clichés like flamenco, corrida and siesta. Mucha ethnic diversity and a hot climate here. But there are tons of kebab and they keep invading my clay so REMOVE KEBAB!!! OR ELSE... Its name comes from Al Andalus.
    • Aragonball - Padre. Has mostly mountain clay. It tiene its own language but no one speaks it ii usually forget them few population few votes.
    • Asturiasball - Former kebab remover child with bad climate and proud culture. Quite irrelevant though. Thinks it is of Celtic like Galiciaball.
    • Balearic Islandsball - It's all hippies, Germans and DJ's here.
    • Basqueball - Very, very proud and angry child who wants into independence because of its weird language and high HDI.
    • Canary Islandsball - A enclave of Cuba y Venezuela en Africa. It is my coolest child.
    • Cantabriaball - Irrelevant regionball in the north, has also bad weather like its neighbours.
    • Castile and Leónball - It is religious and quite nostalgic, with many historical lugares there.
    • Castilla-La Manchaball - Mostly desert clay and low population, nothing special except wine.
    • Cataloniaball (Spain) - It has 1/3 of my economy and is favorite tourist spot, especially for bull fighting. That is why I will not let them into Independencia.
    • Extremaduraball - Mi poorest child. Many conquistadores were from this region.
    • Galiciaball (Spain) - Celto Hue child. I do not of knowings if it is a separatist or not.
    • La Riojaball (Spain) - Good wine here!
    • Madridball - My economic capital. Viva el Rey!
    • Murciaball - Was a kebab in the past, now an irrelevant region in the south. Pero, stop with the Estados Unidos jokes.
    • Navarreball - Basque child who lives near Franceball's border, it has strange traditions like bullfighting in the streets.
    • Valenciaball - A child who likes partying, drugs, and summer, can into many tourist monies.
    • Melillaball - Moroccoball wants it, but it is my child and I will protect them.
    • Ceutaball - The same of Melillaball, but it is closer.



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