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    فِدَائِي فِدَائِي فِدَائِي

    يَا أَرْضِي يَا أَرْض الجُدُود (Warrior, warrior, warrior, Oh my land, the land of the ancestors)

    Palestine-icon.png Palestineball about to sing its anthem

    Palestineball is a countryball occupying an area in the Middle East disputed holy by many, that wants to be fully free and independent from Israel-icon.png Israelcube. Formally known as the State of Palestineball, it is currently made up of Palestine-icon (subdivision).png West Bankball and Palestine-icon (subdivision).png Gaza Stripball.

    Palestine is supposedly named after the Philistineballs, who used to inhabit Palestine-icon (subdivision).png Gaza Stripball. They were mostly traders, and after they were expelled from Egyptball and have been subdued by Assyriaball, they disappeared from history, but their also Semitic descendants continued living on the region.

    The name 'Judea' was used to refer to the area when ruled by SPQR-icon.png SPQRball, and the name 'Palestine' was later adopted again by Mamluk-icon.png Mamlukball and Ottoman-icon.png Ottoman Empireball. The term was most recently used by UK-icon.png UKball when it referenced the name of a mandate in the Balfour Declaration of 1917.


    Palestine before the British mandate (- 1917)

    The region known today as Palestine was initially populated with Semitic tribes migrating around the Middle-east-4ball-icon.png Middle Eastern region. They are the oldest descendants of Palestineball.

    Around 1000 BCE, Jewcube tribes came, settled in the region and formed the Kingdom of Israel-icon.png Kingdom of Israelcube, which lasted 90 years before being divided into two seperate states: Kingdom of Israel-icon.png Kingdom of Israelcube (Kingdom of Samariacube) and Kingdom of Judah-icon.png Kingdom of Judahcube, both of which survived for about 400 years before being anschlussed by Babylon-icon.png Babylonball. Afterwards, control over the region was passed around between various nations. In 140 BCE, Kingdom of Israel-icon.png another Jewcube nation was created in the region and survived for 30 years before being anschlussed by SPQR-icon.png SPQRball.

    Around the fall of SPQR-icon.png SPQRball from power, the region fell from Byzantine-icon.png Byzantiumball's control to various Caliphateballs, and then finally into the hands of Ottomanball in the 15th century AD. By this time, most of those who considered themselves Israel-icon.png Jewish or Israel-icon.png Israelites had immigrated/been exiled westwards to Europe, but some of them, because of the Spanish inquisition, left Europe for Northern Africa. However, there were many Jews were living in the current Palestine during Arab and then Ottoman rule.

    This persecution in Europe led to the creation of a Zionist movement for the first time in 1897 for a Israel-icon.png Jewish nation state. At the time, German Empire-icon.png German Empireball's Kulturkampf was busy eradicating Jewish culture in its German Empire-icon.png Reich, and France-icon.png Franceball exhibited anti-Semitism in the 1895 Dreyfuss affair. Zionism did not originally support the existence of a Jewcube state in Palestine, and sought out a homeland in other places, like British Kenya-icon.png British East Africaball (which would later be Uganda-icon.png Ugandaball and Kenya-icon.png Kenyaball), or Union of South Africa-icon.png South Africaball.

    British Palestine (1917/20-1948)

    UK-icon.png UKball defeated Ottoman-icon.png Ottomanball in World War I and the Treaty of Sevres after the 1920 war created the Mandate of Palestinecube. The war saw British promises to the Arabballs who had risen up against Ottomanball in the Arab Revolt of 1916-18, revoked as UKball and Franceball divided up the Middle East in the Sykes-Picot agreement in 1917. The Balfour Declaration of 1917 was also ignored by UKball after the war at the Paris Peace Conference in 1919. The Mandate status of Palestinecube was, according to the League of Nations-icon.png League of Nationsball; '(of territory) be assigned to (another power) until self-governance is possible'.

    During the 1920s, Zionism began to focus on the creation of a Israel-icon.png Jewish state in Palestine, due to the Balfour Declaration. Jewcubes began to migrate to Mandate of Palestineball's clay in large numbers during the 1930s as Nazism and Fascism rose in Europe.

    This sparked the Arab Revolt of 1936-39 against UK-icon.png UKball's rule in Palestine, seen as what allowed this mass immigration, Arab people began to see Zionists as a threat due to their claim of the land and the creation of armed Zionist groups in Palestine like the Haganah, that threatened the Arabs. The Revolt concluded in 1939 before the outbreak of WWII in Europe.

    Meanwhile in Axis-occupied Europe, the rise of Nazi-icon.png Nazi Germanyball in Europe saw many Israel-icon.png Jews rounded up and put in ghettos and concentration/work camps. An initial plan was to send them to Nazi-icon.png Madagascarball's future clay (then Vichy France-icon.png Vichy Franceball's colony), but after 1941, as large amounts of Jewcubes still living in the Pale (now Ukrainian SSRball's clay) were flooding the camps, the Final Solution to exterminate the Jewcubes in Europe began in Naziball's occupied territories.

    As the war turned against the Axis, the Israel-icon.png Jews were killed off deliberately and also by typhus and dysentery and hunger in the camps from 1943 to the camps' liberation by USA-icon.png USAball and Soviet-icon.png Sovietball towards the end of the war. The revelation of what Naziball had been doing, caused UKball to turn the issue of Palestineball's clay over to UN-icon.png UNball to avoid international criticism over his mandate. UNball then split the land between a Jewish state and an Arab state.

    Many Israel-icon.png Jews who had migrated to Palestine in the 1930s had legally bought privately owned lands, however all these lands combined together were not more than 5% of the Palestinian territory, thus irrelevant. When the Mandate was finished in 1948, Arabballs attacked the new state of Israel-icon.png Israelcube. According to them, Israel-icon.png Israelcube had no legitimacy since most of its territory was of Arabball-majority areas. They began to be removed by the Israelis in order to build a Jewish state, destroying their communities, leading to the Arab-Israeli conflict.

    Occupation and Conflict (1948 - present)

    The 1947 Partition was considered unfair in the eyes of most Arab League-icon.png Arabballs, so the Arab League-icon.png Arabballs refused it. A day later, Israel-icon.png Israelcube was attacked by Iraq-icon.png Iraqball, Syria-icon.png Syriaball, Egypt-icon.png Egyptball and Jordan-icon.png Jordanball with the support of the Arab League-icon.png Arab Leagueball. Israelcube however won and annexed most of Palestine's clay, except for Gaza-icon.png Gazaball, which was under the control of Egypt-icon.png Egyptball and Palestine-icon.png West Bankball, which was under Jordanball's control. This was the beginning of constant wars between Israelcube and the neighbouring countryballs.

    In 1967, the Six-Day War occured, in which Iraq-icon.png IraqballSyria-icon.png Syriaball, Jordan-icon.png Jordanball, Lebanon-icon.png Lebanonball and Egypt-icon.png Egyptball try to defeat Israelcube, but lose in six days due to lack of coordination and poor planning. Israelcube now took control of Golan Heightsball, which then belonged to Syria-icon.png Syriaball, it took West Bankball from Jordan-icon.png Jordanball, and the Gaza-icon.png Gazaball and Sinai Peninsula from Egypt-icon.png Egyptball.

    In 1970, Palestineballs rose up in Jordan-icon.png Jordanball (Black September in Jordan) to try to gain control of the country. Even though they had had representation there since 1949, the revolt started because Jordanball government became aligned with USA-icon.png USAball and others, soon Jordan-icon.png Jordanball was no longer interested in fight Israel-icon.png Israel and began to negotiate further with the West. Palestineball then considered Jordan-icon.png Jordanball as an enemy being against the Arab cause. However Jordanball defeated the Palestineball that fled to Lebanon-icon.png Lebanonball (Palestinian insurgency in Lebanon-icon (division).png Southern Lebanonball, however they didn't have representation in Lebanon-icon.png Lebanonball and still don't have). But after that the Arabballs began taking Palestineball's calls for them to get back land lost in wars. So in 1973, the Yom Kippur War occurs, in which Arab League-icon.png Arabballs attack Israel-icon.png Israelcube. This time, Israel-icon.png Israelcube was surprised by the attack, but was forced by international outrage and also Soviet-icon.png Sovietball's threat to intervene on the Arab League-icon.png Arabballs side if USAball didn't rein in Israelcube.

    Peace talks supervised by USA-icon.png USAball were conducted in 1978 at Camp David, and peace was made with Egypt-icon.png Egyptball in 1979 by Israel-icon.png Israelcube for the return of the Sinai and a part of Egypt-icon.png Egyptball's army detained by Israel-icon.png Israelcube there, in return Egypt-icon.png Egyptball gave Israel-icon.png Israelcube the right to freely use the Suez Canal. In 1982 Lebanon-icon.png Lebanonball made a peace treaty with Israelcube that was not completed due to the complicated civil war in the country and Jordan-icon.png Jordanball followed in 1994.

    In 1993, Israel-icon.png Israelcube and PLO-icon.png PLOball signed a set of agreements, which include PLO-icon.png PLOball's recognition of Israel-icon.png Israelcube, and Israelcube's recognition of PLOball as the representative of the Palestineballs, and the creation of a Palestinian Authority tasked with limited self-governance of parts of the Palestine-icon.png West Bankball. However the agreements were not completed since the Israeli prime minister who was negotiating the peace was killed by a radical Zionist who was against the treaties.

    Today the conflict rages on, with Israel-icon.png Israelcube disengaged from the Gaza Strip in 2005, the Palestinian organization Hamas-icon.png Hamasball took control of it after a Palestinian internal conflict between Hamas-icon.png Hamasball and Fatahball. Now, Hamas-icon.png Hamasball conitnued with the armed fight against Israel-icon.png Israelcube since other Palestineballs decided to act in political areas, Hamas-icon.png Hamasball occasionally fires rockets at Israel-icon.png Israelcube that occasionally does heavily bombs against Palestine-icon.png Gazaball claiming that is fighting Hamasball.


    As of 2018, 70.5% of all the countryballs in the world recognize Palestine.




    Central America


    Middle East


    South America



    • My true allies right here: Lenin-icon.pngLeon Trotsky-icon.pngStalin-icon.pngMikhail Gorbachev-icon.pngBoris Yeltsin-icon.pngVladimir Putin-icon.pngMao Zedong-icon.pngDeng Xiaoping-icon.pngXi Jinping-icon.pngKimilsung-icon.pngKim Jong-un-icon.pngJosipTito-icon.pngSlobodan Milosevic-icon.pngSoekarno-icon.pngJokowi-icon.pngCuba-icon (Castro).pngChe Guevara-icon.pngHo Chi Minh-icon.pngPol Pot-icon.pngRuhollah Khomeini-icon.pngIdi Amin-icon.pngRobert Mugabe-icon.pngNelson Mandela-icon.pngThomas Sankara-icon.pngSomali Democratic Republic-icon.pngMuammar Gaddafi-icon.pngSaddam-icon.pngBashar al-Assad-icon.pngAlexander Lukashenko-icon.pngNursultan Nazarbayev-icon.pngMaduro-icon.pngEvo Morales-icon.pngLula da Silva-icon.pngDilma Rousseff-icon.pngCristina Fernández-icon.pngMichelle Bachelet-icon.pngSebastián Piñera-icon.pngDaniel Ortega-icon.pngDuterte-icon.pngMalaysia-icon (songkok).pngSheikh Mujibur Rahman-icon.pngYasser Arafat-icon.png
      • Lenin-icon.png Vladimir Lenin - Best revolutionary ever! He overthrew that damn corrupted Russian-Empire2-icon.png American puppet and feudal autocratic monarchy. I have a lot of Communists here and I like the fact that both Soviet-icon.png Soviet and his Russia-icon.png Son have recognized me and supported me. I’ll always remember you comrade Lenin! Go Russia 🇷🇺!
      • Mao Zedong-icon.png Mao Zedong - You're one of the best revolutionaries ever. You kicked out the Taiwan-icon.png damn American puppet from your clay. And thanks for making China-icon.png Chinaball become communist! Heck, you even supported my liberation groups. Your revolution still lives on, Mao! 🇨🇳
      • Kimilsung-icon.png Kim-il Sung - You are the best president of North Korea-icon.png North Koreaball. Thank you for removing Japanese Empire-icon.png this Nazi puppet. You are the reason why North Korea-icon.png North Koreaball is independent. I am happy that your son and Kim Jong-un-icon.png grandson still supports me.
      • JosipTito-icon.png Josip Tito - You are the best President of Yugoslavia-icon.png Yugoslaviaball! Thanks for removing both Nazi-icon.png Nazi and Kingdom of Yugoslavia-icon.png that useless monarchy that couldn't stop the nazis. I also like your Panslavic-icon.png two Serbia-icon.png sucessors. Go Serbia 🇷🇸 as well!!!!!!!
      • Soekarno-icon.png Sukarno - You are the best Indonesian President. Also great job for removing Dutch East Indies-icon.png That Damm idiot burger Pigdog of Dutch Colony and contributed to giving my independence.
      • Cuba-icon (Castro).png Fidel Castro - I like you!!!! You are the best revolutionary ever!! I’m glad that you overthrew that United States Cuba-icon.png fucking Yankee puppet. I miss you Comrade Fidel Castro!!!!
      • Ruhollah Khomeini-icon.png Ruhollah Khomeini - You were the best leader of Iran. You removed the Pahlavi Iran-icon.png capitalist puppet and supported my freedom! I'll miss you, friend.
      • Daniel Ortega-icon.png Daniel Ortega - Based anti-imperialist comrade! You stand with me, and I stand with you as well! Viva la revolución! Inshallah stay strong, Ortega.
      • Alexander Lukashenko-icon.png Alexander Lukashenko - One of my best friends ever! You stood with me and never let me down - not even once! I'm angry that Murica-icon.png burger and the fucking NATO-icon.png Neoconservatives and Liberal Interventionists really hate you. But you'll always win in the end and fuck that American Western puppet Svetlana Tikonovskaya!!!!! Go Belarus 🇧🇾 !!!!!
      • Nelson Mandela-icon.png Nelson Mandela -The best President that South Africa-icon.png South Africaball ever had. He opposed and was imprisoned for opposing the Apartheid government. But eventually the intense and tremendous international pressure gradually led to the removal of the Union of South Africa-icon.png Apartheid regime and the establishment of a democratic government, so I really like him very much. Rest In Peace Madiba!!!!!!!
      • Venezuela-icon.png Hugo Chavez - Best Venezuelan President ever! Thank yuo for taking down that Fourth Republic of Venezuela-icon.png damn anti-Chavist and American puppet. Venezuela's current president Maduro-icon.png Nicolas Maduro can al-into cutting ties with that Israel-icon.png kosher masallah! You also support and recognize me and I’ll support you back against that stupid capitalist Juan Guaidó. again, thank you for turning Venezuela into a socialist and chavist country, not capitalist. I hope you’re doing well. As a result, I like you a lot! Long live Maduro and Venezuela!! 🇻🇪
      • Bashar al-Assad-icon.png Bashar al-Assad - Best Syrian president and Anti-Imperialist friend! He said will help me to become a country. You contiuned Syria's socialist legacy and you supported my independence/freedom thank yuo so much! It’s very super sad that he is attacked by both Murica-icon.png burger, NATO-icon.png terrorists and many others who are against him. He also fight who were against him and made his own country rich.
      • Evo Morales-icon.png Evo Morales - I like you very much, very amazing socialist!!! Thank yuo for making Bolivia socialist just like Syria! He is allies with my fiends and enemies with my enemies which is very super epic!!! Sadly, he recognizes Israel-icon.png kosher I hope he can cut ties with him soon. At least he supports my freedom like the others. Other than that... LONG LIVE SOCIALISM AND COMMUNISM!!!!!!!
      • Malaysia-icon (songkok).png Teuku Abdul Rahman - One of the Best Malaysian Prime Minister in the world also thanks for removing Straits Settlements-icon.png Stinky Burger puppet of UK Colony and supporting my independence, Kami anak Malaysia 🇲🇾!!
      • Sheikh Mujibur Rahman-icon.png Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman - He was my best friend. Thank you for opposing Israel-icon.png this occupier. You are the reason why Bangladesh-icon.png Bangladeshball is independent. Thank you again for supporting my freedom. He was the best friend of Yasser Arafat-icon.png my liberator. Rest in Peace great leader. You couldn't see my freedom, so sad (because you died in 1975, and I became independent in 1988).
      • Ho Chi Minh-icon.png Ho Chi Minh - One of the best Vietnamese president to exist! Thanks for annexing that South Vietnam-icon.png dumb capitalist and western puppet and fighting, then winning against Murica-icon.png burger. He made a commie South Vietnam, but made one full Vietnam which is socialist. Thank yuo for all of your doings, and sadly improve relations with USA-icon.png burger after the Vietnam war, but I don’t really care that much. Seems Morden Vietnam is sure doing really well with fast-growing growth economy, high gdp, pulsating energy, best openness business, etc!
      • Yasser Arafat-icon.png Yasser Arafat - He is my liberator. Rest in Peace. Sadly Israel-icon.png my occupier calls you a terrorist.

    Anyone who recongizes me:


    • Morocco-icon.png Moroccoball - Why did you recongize Israel-icon.png that Zionist??? I'm not comfy with your government, but 'your people love us. And thanks for sending me food and other stuff to al-help my people! Also at least it hates this Kosovo-icon.png asshole and motherfucker. But I support Western Sahara.
    • Angola-icon.png Angolaball - I'd heard you aren't kebab remover, yes? Let's be friends then.
    • CAR-icon.png Central African Republicball - It recognizes me, but it can into remove kebab!!! It at least hates this Kosovo-icon.png fake asshole!
    • Saudi Arabia-icon.png Saudi Arabiaball - What is wrong with you?! Why you hate Iran-icon.png Iranball more than Israel-icon.png fake country? He’s more of a threat than anybody out there! And stop recognizing Kosovo-icon.png faker! Well at least we can sorta get along and thanks for recognizing me.
    • Azerbaijan-icon.png Azerbaijanball - We have common firends. But why you recongize both me and fake cube? You are also one of Israel's closest Muslim allies.
    • Turkey-icon.png Turkeyball - You say you support me, but why were you the first Muslim country to recognize Israel-icon.png Kosher and Kosovo-icon.png fake country? That's pretty traitorous if you ask me... well at least you're more critical of them now.
    • Czechia-icon.png Czechiaball - Why did you vote no in UN? But I like Poland-icon.png your friend. GO POLAND !!!
    • EU-icon.png EUball - Israel-icon.png Zionist simp that does not recognize me and is a puppet of USA! REMOVE EU NOW! (But some of its members Recognize me and thanks for human and food aids,We're both hate UK-icon.png UK!)
    • Libya-icon.png Libyaball - Why did yuo have to kill my Gaddafi Libya-icon.png Friend, and afterwards, why the fuck do you also recognize Kosovo-icon.png fake asshole and motherfucker of a country? Still, good job for opposing Zionism.
      • Libya-icon.png : What's? USA-icon.png USA and NATO-icon.png NATO killed Gaddafi Libya-icon.png Jamhariya, not me! And plus, it was Khaled Saad Alfallah, a member of my parliamentary delegation, who wanted to recognize Kosovo right after the collapse of the Gaddafist Jamahiriya and the transition of my current government.
    • Greece-icon.png Greeceball - Likes me but doesn’t recognize me. But at least we both like Cyprus-icon.png Cyprusball, hate Kosovo-icon.png Northern Cyprus-icon.png these pieces of shit and its North Macedonia-icon.png fake Macedon.
    • Armenia-icon.png Armeniaball - It don't recognize me but we both love Russia-icon.png Russiaball. Also it hates this Kosovo-icon.png fucking asshole. Many of your armed groups in the past supported me as well.
    • Mexico-icon.png Mexicoball - Hates the Kosovo-icon.png motherfucker, but why do you not recognize me?! You are also friends with USA-icon.png the burger?!!
    • Togo-icon.png Togoball - They recognize me, but also that Israel-icon.png dumb cube, but yuo still hate this Kosovo-icon.png fake asshole anyway.
    • Philippines-icon.png Philippinesball - Why you hate China-icon.png Chinaball and South Africa-icon.png South Africaball and yuo being friend with Israel-icon.png dat fuck?? Still thanks for hating this Kosovo-icon.png fucking motherfucker. And thanks for recognize!
    • Denmark-icon.png Denmarkball - I like yuor Legos. Stop supporting Kosovo-icon.png asshole rival tho.
    • Jamaica-icon.png Jamaicaball - Same as Greece and Mexico but it hates my Kosovo-icon.png fucking asshole rival.
    • Norway-icon.png Norwayball - It's people like me and they give aid. But it still recognizes this Kosovo-icon.png fucking asshole.
    • Canada-icon.png Canadaball - At least she's not like that USA-icon.png USAball. Still, please recongize me as legitimate clay! And thanks for recognizing my right to self-determination, YEAH!
    • Portugal-icon.png Portugalball - Doesn't recognize and likes Kosovo-icon.png stinkbug, but likes my Jordan-icon.png big brother.
    • Joe Biden-icon.png Joe Biden - Thanks for removing Donald Trump-icon.png Trump but stop helping Israel-icon.png Scum Kosher and this Kosovo-icon.png asshole!
    • Costa Rica-icon.png Costa Ricaball - It recognize me but i hear that you are the first country to recognize that Kosovo-icon.png Burger monster!!
    • Austria-icon.png Austriaball - Although we don't have a close relationship, it does support me with useful aids and gibs advice on how to peacefully end the war with Evil Occupier. It also is not friendly with this fake asshole and this genocidal monster nowadays. And it also told me that I can into doctor student for peace negotiations because of George Habash al-Hakim who was of Palestinian doctor. It also helps to inform the world that there are Christians in my clay. Shukran!
    • Hungary-icon.png Hungaryball - JERK! NEVER FORGET Theodor Herzl! CREATOR OF Israel-icon.png ZIONISM!!!! AND ALSO NEVER FORGET George Soros-icon.png SOROS EITHER!!!! But other than that you are fine and thanks for the aids! Still, plox let in Somalia-icon.png Libya-icon.png Syria-icon.png Iraq-icon.png migrants.
      • Hungary-icon.png But I don't even like Soros.
      • Palestine-icon.png Wait you hate this disgusting clown George Soros-icon.png George Soros!!? Then sorry about that you are my friend now.
      • Hungary-icon.png I know everywere George Soros-icon.png George Soros goes he brings his evil ideology of wokeism with him. He is also a fraudster as well. This documentary says it all about that clown George Soros-icon.png George Soros: [1]
    • Australia-icon.png Australiaball and New Zealand-icon.png New Zealandball - Both of their people mostly supports me. But your goverments need to gib diplomats to my al-Fatah government. But still both of them have recognized this Kosovo-icon.png Fucking Bitch.
    • Spain-icon.png Spainball - Hates Kosovo-icon.png this piece of shit but recognize!!
    • Germany-icon.png Germanyball - It doesn't recognize me but they gibs me humanitarian aids so thanks. They also hate Nazi-icon.png Nazism.
    • Albania-icon.png Albaniaball - Recognizes me but I fucking hate this Kosovo-icon.png motherfucker!
    • France-icon.png Franceball - We are of havings diplomacy and some relations with my president Mahmoud Abbas, but why did your Emmanuel Macron-icon.png president criticise Islam-icon.png Islam? Also why did YOU SUPPORT Israel-icon.png COLONISER DURING THE SUEZ CRISIS??! Anyway, I hope we can be friends one day. And why do you support this Kosovo-icon.png Fucking Asshole!!!!!! You are also an imperialist who colonised most of my African friends (Chad, Algeria, Tunisia, Mali etc.)
    • Vietnam-icon.png Vietnamball - Damn, it is friends with Israel-icon.png kosher and USA-icon.png burger. Still it at least hates this Kosovo-icon.png dickhead! Big thanks for charity aids too.
    • India-icon.png Indiaball - Gibs lots of aid, but his nationalists won't stop going on about how much it loves Israel-icon.png Kosher in youtube comment sections! Still at least it hates this Kosovo-icon.png fucking asshole.
    • Switzerland-icon.png Switzerlandball - Only recognizes me neutrally but I really like his chocolates! gib more pls!
    • Vanuatu-icon.png Vanuatuball - Stop supporting Israel-icon.png Israelcube and stop hating Indonesia-icon.png Indonesiaball, they did nothing wrong to yuo!! But they are one of the only 2 countries in Oceania to recongize me.
    • East Timor-icon.png East Timorball - Take 7-0!
    • Western Sahara-icon.png Western Saharaball - I know how yuo feel.... but you stole my flag. Still I really like you and admire you!!!!!!


    Those who does not recognize me. Especially these countries:


    • The world's oldest city, Jericho was founded in the 9th millennium BCE, is located in its clay in the West Bank.


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