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    Let my people go.
    — Moses

    United Kingdom of Israelcube was an ancient countryballcube in the Middle East. It can also be used to represent ancient Hebrews.


    Biblical version

    According to the Bible, it originated as a 4ball in northeastern Egyptball and but then were made slaves by it until Moses freed them.

    After Moses died, the Israelitecubes conquered Canaanball and divided into 12 tribecubes ruled by judges until they decided to unite, and thus Kingdom of Israelcube was born.

    It was ruled by 5 kings, Saul goodman, Eshbaal, David (who had previously defeated Goliath), Solomon (made Jerusalemcube a wealthy city) and Rehoboam.

    It fought Philistiarawr often, due to both claiming the same land.

    In 930 BC, the Northern 10 tribecubes rebelled and established Kingdom of Samariacube, the rest became Kingdom of Judahcube.

    Historical version

    Around 1000 BCE, Israelitecube tribes came, settled in the region and formed the Kingdom of Israelcube, which lasted 90 years before being divided into two seperate states: Kingdom of Samariacube (that was still officially called Kingdom of Israelcube) and Kingdom of Judahcube, both of which survived for about 400 years before being anschlussed. Kingdom of Samariacube was taken by Assyriaball and Kingdom of Judahcube by Babylonball.




    How to draw

    Drawing the Kingdom of Israelcube is simple.

    1. Draw a transparent or white cube/hypercube
    2. Draw a black Menorah on the front or above.
    3. Draw the eyes and you're finished!



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