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    Don't forget little Liechtenstein!
    — Geography Now

    Roy Liechtensteinball, officially Moneyball Tongueball the Principality of Liechtensteinball is an American artist part of Switzerlandball a European microstateball and the richest countryball in the world. It is sandwiched in between the bigger countryballs of Switzerlandball and Austriaball, and is doubly landlocked. The countryball is divided into 11 municipalityballs, including the capital Vaduzball which acts as a municipalityball as well, giving it a total area of 160 square kilometers, making it the 191st largest countryball in the world. As of 2021, it maintains a population of about 36,749 inhabitants. It is also the last remaining part of HREball that managed to survive to this day. It is the 3rd least urbanized countryball in the world after Burundiball and Papua New Guineaball. Only 14% of people in Liechtenstein are in urban areas, mostly Vaduz and Schaan.

    Flag Colors

    Main Colors

    Color Name RGB CMYK HEX
    Resolution Blue 0, 39, 128 C100-M70-Y0-K50 #002780
    Lava 207, 9, 33 C0-M96-Y84-K19 #CF0921

    Emblem Colors

    Color Name RGB CMYK HEX
    Bright Sun 255, 217, 59 C0-M15-Y77-K0 #FFD93B
    Black 0, 0, 0 C0-M0-Y0-K100 #000000





    • Haitiball - Was forced to change its flag because of this guy. 1936 never forget! Haha, your weightlifter withdrew. CHICKEN! Change your flag or anchluss!! Yuo copied flag!
    • Czechiaball - Gib back my castles you scum! Liechtenstein stronk!
    • UKball - ANTHEM STEALER!!! Yuo stealing my anthem!!! GRRRR... wait I have a national anthem???
    • Slovakiaball - Tell yuor twin to get mein castles back!
    • Alaskaball - I should have bought you dammit!


    • It's only german-speaking country with monarchy
    • It was one of double landlocked countries along with Uzbekistanball
      • The fact that Liechtenstein is also only smallest landlocked country[1]
    • Liechtenstein has been shared with Switzerland for examples are
      • Liechtensteinball had using Switzerlandball's currency Swiss franc as official currency
      • Before 1999, Liechtenstein has used Swiss telephone numbering plan (+41) which is dialled as +41 75 from outside Switzerland and Liechtenstein, Now as +423
    • Liechtensteinball is always loves Switzerlandball because of very good relations even both has customs and monetary union
    • The fact that Liechtenstein were often shared with Swiss cultures



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    es:Liechtensteinball pl:Liechtensteinball ru:Лихтенштейн zh:列支敦士登球 pt:Liechtensteinball

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