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    Rafahball is one of the five governorateballs of  Gazaball,  Palestineball.


    Israel-Hamas War

    After Israelcube invaded Gazaball in October 2023, many refugees fled to Rafahball's clay, making it the most populous city in Palestineball. In February 2024, Israelcube announced plans to invade Rafahball's clay, which was opposed by many countryballs including Israelcube's allies like burger.

    However, on 6 May, Israelcube told Gazans to evacuate eastern Rafahball's clay ahead of a ground invasion, so they can bomb them in the west. Meanwhile, Hamas accepted a ceasefire proposal by Qatarball and neighbouring Egyptball. Because of that, some Gazans celebrated, including in Rafahball. Unsurprisingly, Israelcube rejected that proposal, calling it unacceptable; after that, Israelcube bombed Rafahball's clay, causing confusion in Gazaball since they had a chance for a ceasefire, and they started evacuating from its clay.

    On 7 May, Israelcube bombed western Rafahball, killing 27 people, and invaded eastern Rafahball, seizing the Rafah border crossing on Egyptball's border, blocking the humanitarian aid to Gazaball from Egyptball.

    On 8 May, Israelcube reopened the Kerem Shalom border crossing instead, resuming the aid to Gazaball, However, no aid has entered according to UNball. In Rafahball's clay, Israelcube reached it's outskirts, with Hamas saying that heavy fighting is coming. Israelcube's military says it has "uncovered terrorist infrastructure", and killed a number of Hamas fighters as it advances.

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