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    Kiribatiball (pronounced "Kiribasball"), officially the Republic of Kiribatiball, is a countryball in Oceania. It currently has great relations with its sibling Tuvaluball and is famous for both occupying all 4 of the world's hemispheres, and receiving the new year first. It is otherwise incredibly irrelevant. And when it is mentioned, no one can even pronounce its name right. Namibiaball and Laosball can relate. It is also into sinking; Maldivesball can relate.

    Australian dollars are used as currency in its clay.


    Kiribatiball is descended from Mongoliaballs in Micronesiaball, where it is of learnings of martian arts with coconut armor, pufferfish helmets, and shark-teeth clubs. It was first adopted by  Spanish Empireball in the 1500s as part of the Spanish East Indiesball.

    However, it became  Reichtangle's adopted child in 1886 until its master was defeated in 1918 by UKball, who promptly renamed it British Gilbert and Ellice Islandsball (very silly).

    Empire of Japanball kidnapped and raped it in 1941, but it was rescued by USAball in 1944, and then given independence by its third adoptive parent in a hundred years, in 1979. It is yet to become of relevance.

    On 20 September 2019, Kiribatiball broke ties with Taiwanball and recognized Chinaball.

    Flag colour[edit]

    Colour Name RGB CMYK HEX
    Venetian Red 200, 16, 16 C0-M92-Y92-K22 #C81010
    Cyber Yellow 248, 208, 0 C0-M16-Y100-K3 #F8D000
    Indigo Blue 24, 48, 112 C79-M57-Y0-K56 #183070
    White 255, 255, 255 N/A #FFFFFF



    • USAball - Is of good friend, but stop mispronouncing my name! It's pronounced "Kiribas", not "Kiribati!" However, I like Geography Now because Paul pronounced my name correctly.
    • Fijiball - Good friend! Lends me their land to help with the blub.


    • Polandball - Look, I am sorry that one of my cities stole yuor name.
    • - I withdrew yuor recognition, but with what happened with my sister I probably will recognize you again so, neutral?
    • Chinaball - Although I recognize you, I won’t forgive you for threatening my sister and you’re currently being a threat so I probably will withdraw recognition.



    Polandball Wiki has a gallery of artwork, comics, GIFs, and videos of Kiribatiball.

    Click here to see it.



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