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    Kingdom of Odoacerball, also known as Kingdom of Italyball, was a Germanic successor stateball of the Western Roman Empire created by the Germanic officer Odoacer, who was crowned Rex Italiae (King of Italy) by his army.


    In the final years of the Western Roman Empireball, the empire was ruled by Germanic officers, who commanded the empire through weaker puppet emperors, as they could not directly hold the position of emperor on their own. In 475 CE, the Magister militium Orestes, head of the Germanic foederati, drove the then-emperor Julius Nepos from Ravenna and declared his son, Romulus Augustus, the emperor (though he would never be recognized as emperor outside of Italy).

    Odoacer was a high ranking Germanic officer under Orestes during the revolt. The Germanic foederati demanded that Orestes grant them land in Italy for their services, and after being refused, they turned to Odoacer to lead a revolt against Orestes. Orestes was killed, and Odoacer's army declared him to be Rex Italiae. His army then captured Ravenna and forced Romulus Augustus to abdicate the thrown, being sent away to live in the countryside. The Roman Senate sent back the imperial insignia to the Byzantine Emperor Zeno, who granted Odoacer the title of Patrician and allowed him to rule in Italy on his behalf, though he requested that Odoacer receive Julius Nepos back as the true Western Emperor, which Odoacer refused, though he would print coinage in Nepos' name.

    After achieving power, Odoacer set out to consolidate their power. Through diplomatic actions, Odoacer seized control of Sicily from the Vandal King Gaiseric. At the same time, the former Western Roman Emperor Julius Nepos was assassinated in Salona, who's assassins were tracked down and murdered on Odoacer's orders, then taking control over Roman Dalmatia, one of the few remnants of the Western Roman Empire proper. Odoacer was supported by the Roman Senate throughout his reign, and in return, he helped to enhance much of their old prestige and influence.


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