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    Kenyaball, officially the Republic of Kenyaball, Kenya fit deez nuts is a countryball in East Africa. It is known for having the best anthem in Africa to be "The birthplace of Humanity", because some historians believe the human race started within it land (Ethiopia-icon.png Ethiopiaball disagrees). It can into lions, safaris, and into tourist monies which also made it quite rich and much more relevant than it neighbors (his clay was the site of the third season of Survivor).

    It is also the famous place of the Walt Disney movie “The Lion King”. (Although for that one Tanzania-icon.png Tanzaniaball disagrees)


    Kenyaball is a fairly somewhat new country, but the people on its clay date back to a long time. In fact, it was probably here where the ancestor of all balls originated. Fossils of balls can be found here, dating from 350,000 to 2.5 million years ago. This is why Kenyaball is known as the "birthplace of humanity". Eventually, Bantuballs and balls of Nilotic origin immigrated to Kenyaball's clay, where they became many different ethnic groups. Today, ethnic groups of Bantuball origin are the Luhyaball, Kambaball, and more, while balls of Nilotic origin are the Samburuball, Turkanaball, and many more, perhaps the most famous, the Maasaiball.

    City-states in the Swahili coast such as Malindi Kingdomball and Mombasa-icon.png Mombasaball have seen effective trading ports, however Kingdom of Portugalball's and Kilwa Sultanateball interference had slow down the economy of the cities.

    These nations mostly lived in peace, until Europeanballs came in 1888. German Empire-icon.png Germanyball had an interest in its clay, and colonized him, but decided to give it to British Empire-icon.png UKball instead. Kenyaball was first named British Kenya-icon.png British East Africaball, then British Kenya-icon.png British Kenyaball. After building the Kenya-Uganda Railway (and getting attacked by hungry lions), Britain sent started growing tea and coffee there, which made him rich, but British Kenyaball didn't get any profits, and could not into rich. Then, Kenyaball started the Mau Mau Uprising, to try to kick Britainball out, so it could into independent, but it failed. After the Uprising though, in 1963, Kenya-icon.png Kenyaball became fully independent, since Britainball did not want any more uprisings.

    After that, Kenyaball started into safaris and tourist monies. But, Kenyaball was very unstable, and could not always into democracy and free elections. Today, Kenyaball is democratic, and can into tourism but there is still a lot of poverty and corruption on his clay. but his brothers can into helpings him with poverty.

    Kenyaball can also into middle-distance and long-distance running, he is really good at it. He also once sent a hockey team to Canada-icon.png Canadaball, and one of the greatest road cyclists of the modern era was born on his clay (though he races for UK-icon.png UKball).



    • UK-icon.png UKball - He used to colonize me before. But yuo killed my people! But still, thanks for your SAS Operator who helped Kenyan Hostages in the 2019 Nairobi Attack.
    • USA-icon.png USAball - Your 44th president is of Kenyan descent! We have always been good friends.
    • Somaliland-icon.png Somalilandball - I support you against my worst enemy, as long as we maintain unofficial relations. Recently I decided to allow flights between our capital cities.
    • Tanzania-icon.png Tanzaniaball - My best friend! We can into safaris and tourist monies! The Lion King IS MY MOVIE THOUGH!!!
    • Uganda-icon.png Ugandaball - Poor brother who cannot speak Swahili as goodas I do. Sometimes he accuses me of supporting his rebels, but otherwise, we are good brothers.
    • China-icon.png Chinaball - Good trading partner. We even have a Chinese community here. But yuo will pay for COVID-19 outbreak.
    • Ethiopia-icon.png Ethiopiaball - Neighbour. We both like to run. I let his forces stay in my clay to fight off Italy-icon.png pasta and in return he let me do the same against UK-icon.png tea. I feel quite bad for him since he is landlocked and he have some crazy neighbors. We both hate that Somalia-icon.png STUPID PIRATE. I AM THE LAND OR ORIGINS AND YOU NEED TO ADMIT IT!!!! I AM HUMANITY NOT SOME APE'S WORLD FROM 3 MILLION YEARS AGO!!! I also support him against Egypt-icon.png El Sisi in his river the blue Nile.
    • Japan-icon.png Japanball - Thank you for launching my satellite model for during in 2018 scientific experiment.
    • UAE-icon.png UAEball - We helped Ethiopia-icon.png our neighbor to fight against Tigray-icon.png these stupid separatists who wanted independence from him.
    • Indonesia-icon.png Indonesiaball - Obama-icon.png Barack Obama lived here when he was young and his stepfather is of Indonesian!


    • EU-icon.png EUball - I pretty much don't know about you but why did you have to apply sanctions to Ethiopia-icon.png My friend?
    • Ukraine-icon.png Ukraineball - My government seems to show sympathy for you in the current conflict with Russia-icon.png Russiaball.
    • Zimbabwe-icon.png Zimbabweball - Your shitty 2008 election WAS SO FLAWED! But otherwise, Mugabe is out of power and we have an agreement to promote tourism to each other.
    • South Sudan-icon.png South Sudanball - I helped him gain independence. We are alright we have signed a peace deal, but AGAIN WHY DID YOU COPY MY FLAG?! Also, Kenya-icon.png Ilemi Triangleball is mine, not yours.
    • Taiwan-icon.png Taiwanball - I also don't know him that much, but at least we're friends with Somalilandball. He's not the real China though.


    • ISIS-icon.png ISISball - I'm so glad you finally died. NEVER COME BACK!
    • Somalia-icon.png Somaliaball - MY WORST ENEMY (Besides Al-Qaeda-icon.png TERRORISTS)! A pirative little evil head known as "Somalia" colonized by Italy-icon.png pizza. I cannot deal with it causing problems to me and the rest of its neighbours.
    • Botswana-icon.png Botswanaball - How dare you force me the ICC like that! Also, one of your provinces stole my name!!
    • Egypt-icon.png Egyptball - Can you please stop being so rude and arrogant to Ethiopia-icon.png my dear friend on the dam? Though other than that i don't have anything against you.
    • Kosovo-icon.png Kosovoball - You're part of Serbia. But I may recognize you in the future.
    • Tigray-icon.png Tigrayball - Shut up you separatist, go back to Ethiopia.

    How to draw

    Drawing Kenyaball is almost simple:

    1. Divide the basic circle shape into three horizontal stripes using white lines
    2. Color the stripes of black, red and green
    3. Draw a Maasai red and black shield on the center
    4. Draw two white arrows behind the shield
    5. Draw the eyes and you've finished.


    Polandball Wiki has a gallery of artwork, comics, gifs and videos of Kenyaball.

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