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    I may be worth half a cent, but you can't break me.
    — Surinamese proverb

    Surinameball has a surname is a countryball in South America. He is the only country in South America to have Dutch as an official language. It also has developed a very weird mix of lenguages creole language called Sranan Tongo. It can into being the smallest and most sparsely populated countryball in South America. It is also a poor country and it likes it.


    It was colonised by the Netherlandsball until 1975. First it was colonized by the Kingdom of Portugalball. They did actually nothing. Later in the 16th century, UKball discovered Suriname. Later, the Dutch Republicball traded with the UKball for Surinameball and UKball has now New York Cityball. The Dutch Republicball used first 's, and they starved. Then the Dutch started to bring 's to Surinameball and use them as slaves. That continued long. But in the beginning of the 18th century, the French First Republicball took over the Batavian Republicball (The Netherlands) so, the UKball had Suriname for three years. Later, the Dutch Republicball came back. It continued again.

    In 1863, slavery was abolished. And later, the Dutch Republicball has brought people from Indiaball, Indonesiaball and Chinaball. They we're no slaves. In 1975 Suriname became independent from the Netherlandsball.

    In 1982 the Netherlandsball liked it until he killed 15 people in the Murders and USAball also started to hate it slightly. In 1985 some 3balls revolted and Surinameball thought: "Hey, I can crush them like bug." And it did not "crush them like bug", causing 10,000 3balls to flee into neighbouring French Guianaball. Now it is of Dutch and irrelevant. Just like Guyanaball, he has a large Indian (South Asian) population. It cannot into space. It can into surname

    Flag Colors

    Color Name RGB CMYK HEX
    Japanese Laurel 55, 126, 63 C56-M0-Y50-K51 #377E3F
    White 255, 255, 255 N/A #FFFFFF
    Cadmium Purple 180, 10, 45 C0-M94-Y75-K29 #B40A2D
    Deep Lemon 236, 200, 29 C0-M15-Y88-K7 #ECC81D


    Friends (Vrienden)

    Neutral (Neutraal)

    • Franceball - Bonjour! Tell your child to recongize my claims!
    • French Guianaball - It's my cousin and a FRENCH SON OF A B**** THAT DOESN'T RECOGNIZE MY F****** CLAIMS JUST LIKE Guyanaball.
    • Guyanaball - My cousin, it doesn't recognize my claims but IT'S OKAY I CAN SIMPLY LEAVE YOU OUT OF MY SUPER-ULTRA-MEGA-AMAZING SHERIF PARTY!!
    • Thailandball - I went to Bangkok alone for a stupid match?

    Enemies (Vijanden)


    Polandball Wiki has a gallery of artwork, comics, GIFs, and videos of Surinameball.

    Click here to see it.

    zh:苏里南球 pt:Surinameball

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