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    Bruneian Empireball

    Bruneian Empireball Bruneian Empire-icon.png was a sultanate in Borneoball, controlling the coasts of Borneoball, some of the Philippinesball Philippines-icon.png and Belitung Islandball.



    Bruneian Empireball Bruneian Empire-icon.png was born as a 1ball 1-icon.png and inhabited the West Indies. In 1368 he was adopted as a vassal of Majapahitball Majapahit2-icon.png.


    Bruneiball Bruneian Empire-icon.png gained full sovereignty in 1425 and Under Sultan Bolkiah around the late 15th century, Bruneiball Bruneian Empire-icon.png expanded to it’s height, surrounding Borneoball and colonising Philippinesball Philippines-icon.png. From 1530 Brunei Bruneian Empire-icon.png traded with the Portuguese Portuguese Empire-icon.png. In 1578 Bruneiball Bruneian Empire-icon.png gave independence to Sultanate of Suluball Sultanate of Sulu-icon.png.


    In the late 17th century, European powers Dutch Empire-icon.png British Empire-icon.png Spanish Empire-icon.png started to expand into Bruneiball’s Bruneian Empire-icon.png surroundings. Around this time Sulu Sultanate of Sulu-icon.png cut of Bruneiball’s Bruneian Empire-icon.png trade routes. Eventually in 1888 Bruneiball Bruneian Empire-icon.png agreed to Britainball’s treaty and became a protectorate of him.

    Relations and opinions


    • Majapahit2-icon.png Majapahitball - My father, I got independence from him to start my empire!
    • Ming-icon.png Chinese writers - The Chinese Ming-icon.png wrote about me when I was a child. They were the only ones who wrote about me


    • Dutch Empire-icon.png European Spanish Empire-icon.png Imperialists British Empire-icon.png - YUO KILL MY EMPIRE CUZ YUO WANT SPICE. IDIOT

    How to draw

    1. Draw a circle.
    2. Color it yellow.
    3. Draw the eyes and you're finished


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