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    Muhogo wa Jang'ombe, sijauramba mwiko
    Usitukane wakunga, na uzazi ungalipo
    — Bi Kidude

    Tanzaniaball, officially the United Republic of Tanzaniaball, is an East African republicball, full of wildlife. It can into the highest mountain in Africa. It also can into slaughtering albinos.

    Also it is the clay which is filmed from the Lion King even though Kenyaball disagrees.


    The Tanzanian territory was firstly inhabited by  8ball, these became  Bantuball. Later it became Kilwa Sultanateball and got rich off of Zanzibarball, a trade port in the Indian Ocean. Its first high developed settler was the Sultanate of Muscatball in  Zanzibarball.  German Empireball settled the continental land, instead. This latter was given to UKball after World War I. The Omani territory became independent as Sultanate of Zanzibarball.

    In 1961,  Tanganyikaball became independent from British colonization and, in 1964, united with Zanzibarball, that was a People's Republic, to form a united countryball, Tanzania.

    Tanzania has similar national anthems to South Africaball and Zambiaball, which they sometimes have arguments over who the rightful owner of it truly is.

    Because of its Swahili roots, Tanzaniaball created East African Federationball too, among with  Kenyaball and others.



    • East African Communityball - Swahililand pals!
      • Kenyaball - Brother colonized by UK still of good. BUT YOU ARE FAKE LION KING I AM REAL LION KING!!!
      • Ugandaball - We are now of good trade partners and we are constructing a pipeline to extract oil from its clay. STILL WHAT THE FUCKINGS WAS THIS FOR?! REMEMBER 1979! BEST YEAR OF MY LIFE!
      • Rwandaball - The rich one of our club. Please negotiate with your opposition groups tho.
      • Burundiball - Rwandaball's unstable twin. Stop sending refugees plox.
      • Democratic Republic of Congoball - Thanks for joining EAC! Welcome to the Swahili club!
    • South Africaball - I plan to do business with them as we have high commissions, but I don't like how they rippings off my anthem!
    • USAball - I love you for popularizing HAKUNA MATATA! What a wonderful phrase!
    • Russiaball - You gib lots of military and economic aid. Yeah.
    • Chinaball - You gib lots of vestment.
    • UKball - Parent.
    • Germanyball - Other parent, colonized me for some time until UKball took me away from them. It taught me some Anglican stuff.
    • Indiaball - Trading partner. Also, Freddie Mercury descended from it!
    • Zambiaball - I am helping bulid a railroad in his clay, bt why did you copy the tune of my anthem?
    • Kosovoball - I am the only east African that recognizes you.


    • Malawiball - I invited yuo to the EAC, join plox! (Also the lake belongs to me)
    • Omanball - It colonized Zanzibar in the past. Although I won't forgive you for slavery you brought Arab culture and music to my clay.


    • Tasmaniaball - YOU STOLE MY NAME!!!


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    es:Tanzaniaball pt:Tanzâniaball zh:坦桑尼亚球

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