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    Remember the Persian Empire? Yup, said the Persians making a new one
    — Bill Wurtz, history of the entire world, i guess

    Sassanidball/Sassanian Persiaball, also known as the Neo-Persian Empireball, and officially the Empire of Iraniansball, was of last non-Muslim Persian empireball. It fought a lot with Byzantine Empireball and even managed to take clay in Egypt and Armenia at first, but eventually lost it. After wars with Byzantine Empireball made it very weak, it was conquered by Rashidunball and turned into kebab. It reestablished Persia as a major superpower in the ancient world.


    After Parthia's vassal, Persis became the ruler of Persia, Persis changed its name to Sassanid, which was named after the House of Sasan.

    It continued what its parent Parthia did, fighting SPQRball, taking on the Roman Empire and beating them in numerous battles, and shaming the Romans as they also managed to capture Emperor Valerian, who became the first Roman Emperor to be captured in the battlefield.

    It even made Persian territory larger. It did conquests Central Asia, Oman, Syria, Yemen and Egypt. It wanted to be how its parent, Achaemenid did. It loves rivaling Byzantine. Its best friend was the Ancient Quraish tribes in Mecca.

    In 309, the first golden era of the Sassanid Empire came as Shapur II ascended to the throne. His reign was the longest in Iranian history and also saw the military resurgence of his empire, pursuing a harsh religious policy (persecuting the Christians). In the east around 325, Shapur II regained the upper hand against the Kushano-Sasanian Kingdom and took control of large territories in areas now known as Afghanistan and Pakistan.

    He defeated nearby Arab tribes at first, using a small but effective military force. He then defeated the Romans in a series of battles but were unable to gain territory as their sieges failed. During his Roman campaign, nomadic tribes from Central Asia attacked Transoxiana which is important for the control of Silk Road. He quickly left the Roman frontier and met the nomads, who were quickly crushed and Shapur annexed this territory and carved out a new province.

    Cultural expansion followed this victory, and Sasanian art penetrated Transoxiana, reaching as far as China. Shapur, along with the nomad King Grumbates, started his second campaign against the Romans in 359 and soon succeeded in retaking Singara and Amida. In response, the Roman emperor Julian struck deep into Persian territory and defeated Shapur's forces at Ctesiphon.

    He failed to take the capital, however, and was killed while trying to retreat to Roman territory. His successor Jovian, trapped on the east bank of the Tigris, had to hand over all the provinces the Persians had ceded to Rome in 298, as well as Nisibis and Singara, to secure safe passage for his army out of Persia.

    From around 370, however, towards the end of the reign of Shapur II, the Sasanians lost control of Bactria to invaders from the north: first the Kidarites, then the Hephthalites, and finally the Alchon Huns, who would follow up with the invasion of India.

    These invaders initially issued coins based on Sasanian designs. Various coins minted in Bactria and based on Sasanian designs are extant, often with busts imitating Sassanian kings Shapur II (r. 309 to 379) and Shapur III (r. 383 to 388), adding the Alcon Tamgha and the name "Techno" in Bactrian script on the obverse, and with attendants to a fire altar on the reverse.

    From Shapur II's death until Kavad I's first coronation, there was a largely peaceful period with the Romans (by this time the Eastern Roman or Byzantine Empire) engaged in just two brief wars with the Sassanian Empire, the first in 421–422 and the second in 440. Throughout this era, Sasanian religious policy differed dramatically from king to king.

    Despite a series of weak leaders, the administrative system established during Shapur II's reign remained strong, and the empire continued to function effectively. In 470s, Sassanid started to fight Byzantineball, because Byzantine is Roman and Christian, while it was Zoroastrian. In 480s, it declared war on the Hephthalites three times but the Hephthalites beat the Sassanian army into shit. King Peroz was dead, and Kavadh came to claim the throne and did.

    In 531, the great emperor Khosrow Anushirawan came to power and would eventually make the empire rich and powerful again. He fought against Belisarius and Justinian I, he won but the Romans took revenge on them by giving them a taste of their own medicine, especially at Dara (530).

    In 579, Khosrow Anushirawan died and the empire started to decline.

    In early 600s, he declared war against the Byzantines for killing the emperor, Maurice. Maurice was a close friend to the reigning shah, Khosrow II and use that pretext as war. He suceeded in conquering Syria, Jerusalem and Egypt.

    However, a governor named Heraclius deposed the usurper and started a counterattack, defeating the Sassanids a lot and also, the Sassanid generals started fighting one another for personal glory.

    The Byzantines besieged the capital Ctesiphon for the 6th and last time(the Romans already besieged the city 5 times). Seeing no other choice, the Sassanids accepted the humiliating peace treaty and started a civil war, which severely weakened the empire further.

    In 632, a Caliphate named Rashidun was established in the Arabian Peninsula. Although the Sassanian Government didn't consider them a threat, a string of victories for the Arabs led by renowned general Khalid ibn al-Walid finally forced the Sassanids to be serious.

    The shah, Yazdegerd III, recruited a large army of 50,000 troops headed by military general Rostam Farrokhzad to fight the Arabs. However, that army was beaten and Rostam himself didn't survive.

    The Battle of Nahavand sealed the fate of the empire completely and the Sassanian government fled to Tang Dynastyball, ending years of Zoroastrian domination within Persia and starting a new age in Iranian culture.



    • Caucasian Albaniaball - Little Caucasian friend who helped me fighting Byzantine.
    • Palmyrene Empireball - Friend who helped me against Rome, a guy named Aurelian however conquered it.
    • Ancient Meccaball - Best Arabic friend. Latta and Uzza paganism was a good religion. I supported it against kebabs.
    • Guptaball - Thanks for gibing me war elephants.
    • Maukhariball- Clever friend who was one of the successors of war elephant friend & bought chess to my clay and paid me tribute once!
    • Piruz Nahavandi (Abu Lu'luah ) - Good guy! He used to be my soldier. After I died, he stalked to Nabawi Mosque and killed Rashidun's caliph (Umar bin Khattab). Thanks once again!
    • Dabuyidball - My last child who stand in Zoroastrianism before Abbasidball anschlussed it.
    • Taugastball - This Chinese dynasty let my court take refuge in China when stupid kebab conquered my homeland. I thank it for that!
    • Lakhmidsball - My buffer state vassal. However, his king didn't let the shah marry his daughter so I taught it a lesson and that is to conquer it.
    • Saffaridball and Buyidball - My kebab child. But I like it, cause it rebelled against the caliph in my clay.
    • Parthiaball - My Central Asian adoptive parent. At least it rescued Persia from the Roman Empire.
    • Achaemenidball - My stronk parent. I wanna be like it and give its clay back.


    • Gokturkball - Turkic buddy who helped me anschlussed Hephthalites. But why yuo made ALLIANCE WITH BYZANTINE TO FIGHT ME?!!!


    • SPQRball - My adoptive parent's worst enemy and the ancestor of  Byzantineball. I even fought you and captured your king valerian when I was young.
    • Byzantine Empireball - Became my main rival after Rome’s death. Gib me my glorious Persian Empire back! Remove Romans and their silly religion about a guy on a cross! What if we made an alliance? We are the victims of kebab invasion and we could gib all of world Constantinople shall be of mine! 530-570 and 602-617AD was the Best of my life and 622AD was the WORST of life!
    • Lakhmidsball- His king didn't let me marry his smokin' hot daughter. How DARE YOU! But atleast you're not kebab and I now regret my conquest.
    • Ancient Armeniaball - I split your clay between myself and Byzantineball, but yuo're no fun anymore and I annexed all of u, you have to be converted. Stop being Christians and join Zoroastrianism, or I will enforce you!
    • Kushan Empireball - A weak Afghan who had plenty clay.
    • Hephthalite Empireball - Turkic pest who took Khorasan from me! I anschlussed yuo with Gokturk's aid.
    • Rashidunball - Get away from me kebab! Stop invading me! I hate caliphs and kebabs.
    • Himyarite Kingdomball - Stop trying to destroy Ancient Mecca's Kakbah. Cause it is my friend. Take that, I anschlussed yuo in 570AD!
    • Kingdom of Aksumball - This bastard aided Himyarite elephant armies to destroy Mecca's Kakbah and tried to spread Christianity in the Middle East.


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