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    Caribball or Kalinaball was a native tribe on Northern South America & Caribbeans. 

    They are indigenous peoples of the Lesser Antilles, who gave the name to the Caribbean Sea. Its origin would be in the south of the West Indies and on the north coast of South America.

    In the past although men spoke the Carib languages, their attacks on neighboring tribes resulted in so many Taínos captives that it was not uncommon for women to speak the Arawak languages.

    Today they only speak English or French (their language is now a dead language).


    Caribball evolved from a 3ball, and conquered in 1616 by Dutch Empireball, Spanish Empireball & UKball.
    It is believed that the Caribballs have left the tropical forests of the Orinoco, in Venezuelaball, to settle in the Caribbean. In the centuries preceding the arrival of Christopher Columbus in the Caribbean archipelago in 1493, the Caribballs may have expelled the Tainoballs from the northern region of the Lesser Antilles.

    The islanders also sacked and traded with the Tainoballs. The Caribballs were the source of the gold that Columbus found  the clay of the Tainosballs; the gold was not fused by the 3balls of the islands, but was obtained by trade from the tribes of the continent. The Caribballs were skilled sailors and shipbuilders, and apparently owed their hegemony in the Caribbean due to the domination of the arts of war. The Caribballs of the islands was regarded as more egalitarian, socially, than that of the Tainos. Although there were village chiefs and war leaders, there were no large states or aristocracies.

    Today, the Caribballs and their descendants continue to live in the Antilles (mainly in Dominicaball). Some Caribballs remain on the American mainland, in countries such as Venezuelaball, Colombiaball, Guyanaball, Brazilball, French Guianaball, Surinameball in South America, and Belizeball in Central America. 


    Anti-Kool-Aid and Suicidal woman Co-operative Republic of Guyanaball
    Regions Barima-Wainiball Essequibo Islands-West Demeraraball Demerara-Mahaicaball Mahaica-Berbiceball East Berbice-Corentyneball Cuyuni-Mazaruniball Potaro-Siparuniball Upper Takutu-Upper Essequiboball Upper Demerara-Berbiceball Guayana Esequibaball Georgetownball (capital)
    Former entities Arawakball Colony of Demeraraball British Guyanaball
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