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    Bantuball is "help" in Indonesian and Malay was an ancient civilizationball scattered throughout Africa.

    The Bantus constitute an ethnolinguistic group located mainly in Sub-Saharan Africa and encompassing about 400 different ethnic subgroups. The unity of this group, however, appears more clearly in the linguistic scope, since these hundreds of groups and subgroups have, as mother tongue, a language of the Bantu family.

    Its eyes are replaced by 8balls and the star and crescent are removed so that it won't be mistaken by Libyaball.


    Bantuball started as an  8ball. Around 2,000 BC, Bantus started to migrate to Central and Southern Africa, displacing some of the  Khoisanball. The migration is said to have happened for 1500 years. Some Bantus live in places like Southern  Somaliaball or  Nigeriaball, but these countries themselves are not Bantu countries.

    Bantu Users

    The Bantu Languages Countries

    How to draw

    Drawing Bantuball isn't difficult:

    1. Divide the basic circle shape (provided it isn't made with circle tool) into three horizontal stripes, red, black and green
    2. Draw two 8balls for eyes and you're done. It's just like  Libyaball, but without the star and crescent.


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    Tsamina mina eh eh wakka wakka eh eh Tsamina mina zangalewa, This time for Africa!


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