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    Everybody in Uganda knows Kung Fu.
    — "Who Killed Captain Alex?" commentary

    Ugandaball knuckles, officially the Republic of da wae Ugandaball's first action movie, is the guy who cannot into good CGI a great meme countryball in East Africa. It is bordered by the east to Kenyaball, to the north by South Sudanball, to the west by Democratic Republic of Congoball, to the south-west by Rwandaball, and to the south by Tanzaniaball. He can into Jesus Kung Fu with Brazilball to destroy the Big Ben.

    It is well known for Wakaliwood, which made the famous "Who Kiiled Captain Alex?" a movie with low quality yet very comedic. It also can into removings homosex and hunts for them with his LGBT remover friend, Russiaball.

    It used to can into rich, but after a dictatorship, and many wars Uganda became poor. Ugandaball is actually so poor that 1 US Dollar is equivalent to 3,200 Ugandan Shillings. Despite this, most of Ugandans have access to the internet. People also call it lazy which is true. At least it can into Kung fu.


    Before da wae (pre-1894)[edit]

    Before the birth of Jesus, Uganda was a native of not-very-tall people. The natives were smart and intelligent. There were Niloticballs in the north, and Bantuballs in the south.

    In the 9th century, the Empire of Kitaraball is born. Kitaraball claimed in traditional oral stories that it was a child of the fallen Kingdom of Aksumball, but not even Ethiopiaball or Ugandaball themselves would believing it. At least Ugandans back then knew about Ethiopiaball. Somewhere before the 15th century, the Luoball tribe invade from Kenyaball's clay and kill Empire of Kitaraball and assimilating the people. Bunyoroball is born out of Empire of Kitaraball's clay and was ruled under Luoball's Babiito dynasty. Bunyoroball grew weaker and lost Tooroball.

    Bugandaball discovered how to into kingdom in 1376. It was only until the 19th century where Bugandaball became a regional power. Bugandaball would had a naval fleet in Lake Victoria. Arabballs from Zanzibarball spread their religion, and other sweet trade for slaves. Swahili Arab influence made Ugandaball is a bit kebab like Dagestanball. From the 1860s, Egypt Eyaletball spent agents (spies) to the kingdoms.

    Later, the Great Imperial Tea discovered where the Nile river flows. British Empireball eventually sent the IBEACOball to the region, so Bugandaball and others plotted against the British. After the revolt failed, king Mwanga II was imprisoned to Seychellesball. IBEACOball later gave its clay directly to its creator. British Ugandaball was then born so that it was assgined to sign treaties incorporating Tooroball, Ankoleball, and Bunyoroball into the protectorate.

    Britain guides da wae! (1984-1962)[edit]

    Tea modernized the country, building schools and hospitals to fight diseases. Rajballs migrated for work labor, and Bugandaball, Tooroball, Ankoleball, and Bunyoroball would all pay taxes to Ugandaball. At WW2 it was later given arms to fight the fasict spaghetti monster in Ethiopiaball.

    From Post-WW2 to the early 50's Ugandaball, started wanting independence. Unlike rebellious neighbor Kenyaball Ugandaball decided to gain trust from it's father to host elections through some demands.

    Independent for it's wae; First Republic (1962-1971)[edit]

    Officially on October 9 of 1962, Ugandaball became an independent dominion, but just a year they said "the queen does not know da wae" and became federalist. It can now into Commonwealthball still. Being jointly ruled by the UNC and KY, Bugandaball was in charge of Ugandaball. Kenyaball sent over workers to help it its east African brother. Indiaballs heavily invested in African coffee and tea production in Jinjaball which uplifted the country’s economy and Ugandaball became a rich country. Before everything went downhill, Ugandaball was one of the richest countries of East Africa (or Swahililand).

    Apollo Milton Obote, the prime minister starts to introduce socialist ideals undet a one-party state. Bugandaball gets offended and the two end up getting into a lot of disagreements. Ugandaball grew more strict and centralized control of the tribal kingdoms. Bugandaball leaves to UKball. The Kababa was well loved by the population, so Obote was even more hated for this step forward. To worsen things the national army turned against the government. Obote was taken hostage, so UKball got involved. The prime minister had to install more loyal fighters, and this is where Idi Amin comes into the army, but later on Idi Amin Amin rebelions too. This lead to the 1971 coup.

    Going another wae; Second Republic (1971-1979)[edit]

    UKball gave Amin weapons because it wanted to distract Ugandaball from borderline socialism. After the coup, Obote who was in Tringapore's clay for a Commonwealth summit meeting convention, was notified and fled to Tanzaniaball. A good friend of Obote, Julius Nyerere helps him at will to overthrow Idi.

    Amin was racist towards the Indiaballs in Uganda, so he gave them 90 days to pack up and leave. To "fix things", he gave all the jobs to unexperienced locals, which crashed the economy in no time. Exiled militants launched an invasion from Tanzaniaball. Ugandaball asked its ally Israelcube to send supplies. But when Israelcube declined, Ugandaball then went to Libyaball and USSRball instead.

    With the defeat of the insurgency, Ugandaball despised Tanzaniaball and their friendship broke. When Ugandans found out they couldn't no more make buiness profit, they resorted to smuggling from Kenyaball. Amin was brutal in Ugandaball, using police to torture defectors and this led to sanctions against Ugandaball. By the late 70s, the only partners of trade with Ugandaball were the president's closest muslim allies.

    In fact, Palestineballs hijacked one a Israeli populated airplane. When they landed in Uganda's clay, Ugandaball gave the terrori- I mean hijackers shelter. With no option left, Israelcube secretly sent air forces to Kenyaball's clay and was insisted to land at the airport from the border. Israelcube managed to successfully evacuate the passengers and the hijackers were killed as well as the Ugandan troops.

    The army grew dissatisfied, and started their own operations to otherthrow the leader in Operations Dada Idi and Mafuta Mingi. But Ugandaball wanted to finally take on its revenge on the Tanzanians. The Uganda-Tanzania War was ignited when Ugandaball invaded and occupied Kageraball. Tanzaniaball and the Ugandan National Liberation Front did a counter-attack and started to enter its clay.

    The preceding led to Amin ousting out of the country. Remaining loyalists to the old remige fought until the 90s, but many were cleared.

    Ugandan Knuckles in the Bush War (1980-1986)[edit]

    The Ugandan provision government is created. The 1980 elections reelected Apollo Milton Obote, but Obote is accused of rigging the election and many warlords spawn all over the country, with the intention of removing Obote. This was the Ugandan Bush War.

    Uganda goes through a personality disorder, leading to many innocent lives being costed. Some fronts of the opposition; NRM, UFM, and UNRF joined forces to create the "Ugandan Popular Front". In 1985, the president is overthrows and the junta makes peace with the rebel coalition. But no negotiation was met Okello and the "Ugandan Popular Front" and Okello was other thrown too.

    Today; Fourth Republic (1986-)[edit]

    The Holy Spirit Movement, a religious rebellion group had been promoting ideas of Alice Auma's religious views in Acholiland, such as Alice claimed to be a prophet. Ugandaball reacted by crushing the movement, but this only gave birth to Lord's Resistance Armyball. LRAball was a religious fanatic & ended up spreading in Acholiland region. Lord's Resistance Armyball had committed slavery, murder, and sexual violence, even to this day.

    Ugandaball can into removings HIVs (Uganda was one of the most HIV infected countries at the time). Most pre-colonial kingdoms were restored in 1993. {I|LRA}} Lord's Resistance Armyball was forced to cease war from the Bigombe talks. The Ugandan constitution is created.

    In 2005, LRAball forces atracks neighboring Congo-Kinshasaball. Another truce is signed between Uganda and the LRA, but 5 years after it spread to neighboring countries of Uganda. USAball made a film of it named "Kony 2012", exposing it Worldwide. USAball and African Unionball had their troops active in Uganda, but USAball stopped the intervention in 2017.

    In 2007, Ugandaball finally finished paying the debt to Tanzaniaball. It also suffered from increasing inflation in 2011. But the country recovered and the supply and demand haven't been that bad otherwise. In the 2017 parliament, the Ugandan government was fighting wherever to change the presidential term. The cause was Yoweri Museveni had been re-elected 5 times. In the end, nothing changed. Ugandaball can't into democracy.

    Nowadays, Ugandaball is known for his low-budget Wakaliwood movies made with less than a $200 budget. It also can into many women in its parliament. Recently in the last few years, Uganda had appected loans from Chinaball, but upon forgetting, Chinaball took custody of its airport one day. As of July 2021, Ugandaball was attacked by Al-Shababball's suicide bombers. Ugandaball continues fighting the ADF outside its border, this time with the help and support of Congolese forces. As of 2022, it planning to immunize 8 million of its people against polio.

    Flag colors[edit]

    Main colors[edit]

    Color Name RGB CMYK HEX
    HTML black 0, 0, 0 C0-M0-Y0-K100 #000000
    Sizzling Sunrise 252, 220, 4 C0-M16-Y98-K1 #FCDC04
    Rosso Corsa 217, 0, 0 C0-M100-Y100-K15 #D90000

    Emblem colors[edit]

    Color Name RGB CMYK HEX
    HTML White 255, 255, 255 C0-M0-Y0-K0 #FFFFFF
    Quick Silver 156, 166, 156 C6-M0-Y6-K35 #9CA69C



    • Great Wayball - IT KNOWS DA WAE! FOLLOW ME MAH BRUTHAS! *Click Click*
    • Kenyaball - Trade partner and brother. We have beef with each other in the past, but we get along now. Sorry. People on YouTube debate over which one of us is better (especially in sports and tourism), and we all know its me.
    • Indiaball - Glad Indians are coming back in my cities again! I really love your tea!
    • Chinaball - Trade partner, they let me borrow monies. Soon I'll have many Chinese, more than Kenya. But don't take the airport plox.
    • South Sudanball - I helped them escape from Sudanball.
    • USAball - We are good brothers and I like its cartoons. Though he kinda supports this guy, Some of his states don't. It also hates this scum But are you restricting my government?
    • Tanzaniaball - Sorry for being your enemy in the past. We can into being friends again, can we But why do yuo recognize the fake country of Kosovoball?
    • Russiaball - We are trade partners. We remove homosex together! Crimeaball is yours. but please don’t try to start an apartheid with Ukraine. I may not like it very much, but hurting the children there is of very bad.
    • Canadaball - My brother. But please stop having homosex in your clay.
    • UKball - Father who likes my movies.
    • Saudi Arabiaball - Thanks for taking care of that dictatorial monster Idi Amin. And it also hates homosex!
    • Palestineball - You suroppted Idi Amin, but I recongize you.
    • Franceball - I didn't know them that much when I was young, but it taught me some french and converted me to Catholicism. also thanks for that cultural party.
    • Libyaball - I of buliding a mosque in my clay for its former leader Gaddafi. Also helped in my muitiple personality disorder.
    • North Koreaball - Sentings of its soldiers to deal with fightings in my clay during the Bush War. It's been wacky though.
    • South Koreaball - Same thing I said with North Korea, but more preferable.
    • Belarusball - Sister of Russiaball. She likes to beat up HIM although it's legal in her clay.
    • Jamaicaball - Caribbean guy who makes good music and violates stupid l*zzies to cure them of their sin!
    • Serbiaball - It also hates Homosex but it's legal in its clay. And I don't even recognize the fake country of Kosovoball as well!
    • Israelcube - Thanks for the military help with Sudan's rebels. The whole airpalne invasion is behind us. Also you almost existed instead of me
    • Nigeriaball - Just like Russiaball and Serbiaball, it hates homosex like us. But unlike them, it kills homosex in Northern Nigeria.


    • Democratic Republic of Congoball - We used to be enemies in the Congo Wars but today, it helps me fight common enemies in its clay.
    • Rwandaball - We teamed up many times, but why do like the homosex?!?!?
    • Ukraineball - I recognize the Crimea referendum, but I am neutral on your invasion. I do have sympathy for you tho. I hope you can into peace again…


    Consitutional kingdoms[edit]

    How to draw[edit]

    Drawing Ugandaball would be simple, were it not for the particularly difficult crane emblem in the centre:

    1. Divide the basic circle shape into six horizontal stripes of this black, this yellow, this red and the same with the other three stripes.
    2. Draw a white circle superimposing in the centre.
    3. Draw a crane inside the white circle.
    4. Draw the eyes and you have finished.


    Polandball Wiki has a gallery of artwork, comics, GIFs, and videos of Ugandaball.

    Click here to see it.

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