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    Well...Guess it's time Togo-icon.png To-Go home!

    Togoball is a worm countryball in Western Africa. His clay borders that of Benin-icon.png Beninball, Ghana-icon.png Ghanaball and Burkina Faso-icon.png Burkina Fasoball. Like his neighbours, he cannot into much relevance.

    He is a member of the Atlantic-Congo family (AKA West Africans).


    Togoball is descended from West African 8-icon.png 8balls, as are all his brothers. He became known as Togolandball in 1884, after German Empire-icon.png German Empireball (Or Reichtangle if on Facebook Polandball) captured him during the Scramble for Africa. After German Empire-icon.png German Empireball was defeated and killed during the Great War, British Empire-icon.png Britainball took some of Togoball's clay, while Togolandball was forcefully adopted by France-icon.png Franceball in 1921. He was finally given independence in 1960, whereupon he became even less relevant than before. It is said that Togoball lost his eye in a fight over some clay with Benin-icon.png Beninball. No one knows who won the fight, except for Nigeria-icon.png Nigeriaball who charges to tell the story.


    Notice: the reason he is speaking french is that he doesn't like the english language


    • Benin-icon.png Beninballe - Frère et camarade adopté forcé du bal de la France (Translation: Brother, and fellow (forced) adoptee of Franceball.)
    • Western Togoland-icon.png Western Togolandball - Meilleur frère! Je te protégerai contre les stupides et Ghana-icon.png les mauvais danseurs de cercueil! (Translation: Best brother! I will protect you against stupid and bad coffin dancer!)
    • Chile-icon.png Chileballe - Nous sommes des vers et des voleurs de mer (Translation: We are worms and sea thieves)
    • France-icon.png Franceballe - (Forced) Mère adoptive. est un bon parent! Je t'aime! (Translation: Adoptive mother. Is of Good parent ever! I Love you!)
    • Nigeria-icon.png Nigeriaballe - Mon voisin et ami anglophone. (S'IL VOUS PLAîT DONNEZ-MOI OLI) (Translation: My English-speaking neighbor and friend. (GIB OIL PLOX))
    • USA-icon.png Etats Unisballe - Même si vous parlez anglais, nous sommes toujours de bons amis puisque tout le monde l'aime (Translation: Even though you speak English, we're still good friends since everyone likes him.)
    • Bulgaria-icon.png Bulgariaballe - Merci pour rekt ce Ghana-icon.png cercueil danseurs (Translation: Thanks For rekt that Coffin Dancer.)


    • Germany-icon.png Allemagneballe - Papa. Pas vraiment un bon parent, mais il me va toujours. (Translation: Papa. Not really a good parent, but he's still okay to me.)


    • UK-icon.png Royaume Uniballe - A aidé à se débarrasser de la tumeur sur l'argile en 1921. MAIS VOUS EST DE SCUM ANGLAIS STUPIDE! (Translation: Helped get rid of tumor on clay in 1921. BUT YOU IS OF STUPID ENGLISH SCUM!
    • Ghana-icon.png Ghanaballe - Je me suis débarrassé de la tumeur ennuyeuse sur l'argile, je suis content que Bulgaria-icon.png Bulgariaballe te rek par 10-0 !! . (Translation: Got rid of annoying tumor on clay, Im glad Bulgariaball Rekt Yuo by 10-0!!.)
    • Burkina Faso-icon.png Burkina Fasoballe - Voisin ennuyeux qui prétend que je lui vole sa mer. (Translation: Annoying neighbour who claims that I steal its sea.)
    • Canada-icon.png Canadaballe - ENCORE UN AUTRE PAYS PARLANT ANGLAIS ???? !!!! ENLEVER LA POUTINE !!!! Mais dieu merci, vous pouvez aussi en français. (Translation: YET ANOTHER ENGLISH SPEAKING COUNTRY????!!!! REMOVE POUTINE!!!! But thank god you can into French language too.)
    • Australia-icon.png Australieballe - RETIREZ LE KANGOUROU! 'Pays anglophone si ennemi. (Translation: REMOVE KANGAROO! English speaking country so enemy.)
    • New Zealand-icon.png Nouvelle Zelandeballe - Quiconque parle anglais mais le Nigéria est mon ennemi. (Translation: Anyone who speaks English but Nigeria is my enemy.)
    • Kosovo-icon.png Kosovoballe - J'ai retiré vos reconnaissances alors retournez à Serbia-icon.png Serbieballe, Le Kosovo est la Serbie.(Translation: I withdrew yuor recognitions so go back to Serbiaball, Kosovo is Serbia.)
    • Tonga-icon.png Voleur de pertinence - LE TEMPS DU TOGO POUR TOUJOURS! TU VOLES MA CHANCE DE DEVENIR PERTINENT! Togotogotogotogotogotogotogotogotogotogotogotogo vous obtiendra (Translation: TOGO TIME FOREVER! YOU STEAL MY CHANCE OF INTO RELEVANCY AND MY NAME! Togotogotogotogotogotogotogotogotogotogotogotogo will get you...​​​​)
    • Palestine-icon.png Palestineballe - Je t'ai reconnu mais tu me déteste parce que je soutiens Israel-icon.png Israëlcube Contre Toi Alors retourne à ton argile qui appartient. (Translation: I recognized yuo but i help Israelcube against yuo so back to yuor clay.)
    • English-icon.png Commonwealthballe - Un autre club qui parle anglais supprimer anglais vous Supprimer la reine!! (Translation: Another Club that who Speak English!! Remove Queen!!!)


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