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    Vanuatuball has a pretty cool name (formerly known as New Hebridesball) is a countryball in Oceania. He was an Anglo-French Condominium until 1980. During World War II, he was suffering from a threat of Japanese-Empire-icon.png Japanese influence, New Hebridesball sided with the combined might of the UK-icon.png British (under Sir Winston Churchill) and France-icon.png Free French (under Charles de Gaulle) forces.


    Vanuatu was first taken over by 7-icon.png Melanesiaball. The first Europeans to find Vanuatu were Spain-icon.png Spainball who was led by Portugal-icon.png Portugalball to Vanuatu-icon.png Vanuatuball's clay.

    Vanuatuball was owned by France-icon.png Franceball and UK-icon.png UKball from 1880 to 1980, when it gained its independence.

    In December 4, 2020, he can into relevance.

    He mosty hates Natural Disaster and Most likes Australia-icon.pngNew Zealand-icon.png two of UKball's Children and he also hates Indonesia-icon.png Indonesiaball for west Papuaball He will get Revenge about it

    Relationships (wetem)

    Friends (yumi)

    Enemies (enemi)

    Trivia (Tuvie)

    • he is worship with Peince philip in his clay.
    • they are inverted of bungee jumping this is why USA-icon.png USAball likes it
    • In real life UN-icon.png UNball claims that he likes doing meddle in business of Indonesia-icon.png Indonesiaball.
    • Smoking is not popular in his clay.
    • he is also world most happiest country in Oceaniaball.
    • It was world-class dive site on his clay Take that Loser!!


    Polandball Wiki has a gallery of artwork, comics, gifs and videos of Vanuatuball.

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    Vanuatu-icon.png Empire Republic of Cycloneland Vanuatu Memes Vanuatu-icon.png
    Provinces Malampa-icon.png MalampaballPenama-icon.png PenamaballSanma-icon.png SanmaballShefa-icon.png Shefaball (Port Vila-icon.png Port Vilaball) • Tafea-icon.png TafeaballTorba-icon.png Torbaball
    Former entities 7-icon.png NativesFranceville-icon.png FrancevilleballFranceville-icon.png Anglo-French Joint Naval CommissionballNew Hebrides-icon.png New Hebridesball

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