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    Kingdom of Saxonyball

    Kingdom of Saxonyball was a German Confederation stateball.


    Kingdom of Saxonyball was born as a 2ball, adopted by Germaniaball, Franciaball, East Franciaball, HREball, Rhine Confederationball, German Confederationball, North German Confederationball and German Empireball

    The kingdom was created after Prussiaball's humiliating defeat in the 4th Coalition War, and it received some Prussian lands in the Treaty of Tilsit, thus becoming a membner of the Confederation of the Rhineball along with all other German stateballs (except Austriaball & Prussiaball).

    Saxonyball would help Franceball in the following campaigns against other great powers, but nearly every battle Saxonyball fought ended in an unmitigated disaster, except for the occasions when it fought with other allies. Saxonyball shared with Badenball and Württembergball some success against Austrian troops at the battle of Linz-Urfahr, followed by a friendly fire incident at Wagram, where the Saxon troops attacked themselves, since they wore similar uniforms to those of Austriaball, allowing the Austrians to retake the village Aderklaa. Then, Saxonyball tried to invade Bohemiaball, followed by an Austrian counterattack which conquered his entire country, only being saved by the decisive French victory at Wagram. Saxon troops supported their Bavarian counterparts in the Tyrollean rebellion, suffering heavy casualties from Tyrolean partisans, and only being able to defeat them with French help.

    Saxonyball gained little territory from Austriaball in the Treaty of Schönbrunn. The poor performance against Austriaball made it clear that Saxonyball needed a French-like army, and so made reforms.

    Saxonyball took part in the French Invasion of Russiaball of 1812, where he lost his entire army to Russian forces at the battle of Kobrin. For the rest of the disastrous campaign, he would be carried by Austriaball, fighting at the battles of Gorodechno and Wolkowisk. Saxonyball joined Franceball's retreat from Russiaball.

    Saxonyball suffered a lot in 1813. With the intial Coalition defeats at Bautzen and Lützen, Saxonyball was forced to fight with Franceball in his own territory. Saxonyball later changed sides at the battle of Leipzig, but still, it was treaty as loser in the following Congress of Vienna, as unlike Bavariaball (which joined just one month after Austriaball's declaration of Franceball), Saxonyball only joined the Coalition in the late stages of the battle of Leipzig, and his king Frederick Augustus I surrendered to Prussiaball.

    Aside from Franceball, Saxonyball probably had to face the harshest peace terms in the congress, by losing 60% of territory and 40% of his population to Prussiaball. Although, Prussiaball actually wanted to annex his entire country (and Russiaball wanted and succeed to annex Polandball), but Austriaball, Britainball and Franceball prevented that at the last moment. Even though all minor powers had very limited to no rights to have a say in the congress, Saxonyball's king was not even allowed to come at Viennaball. Saxonyball would also lose his status as a middle power. When Napoleon returned for a short time, Saxonyball mobilized 16K troops.

    In 1831, Saxonyball would become a parliamentary monarchy. Follwing the lost Austro-Prussian War (where Saxonyball was Austriaball's only helpful ally), Saxonyball joined North German Confederationball. Saxonyball supported and won with Prussiaball the Franco-Prussian War.






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