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    Roanoke Colonyball or the Lost Colonyball is a failed colonyball located in present day east North Carolinaball. He is known for his mysterious abduction by Aliens dissaperience and was sort of what scared Kingdom of Englandball from settling a colony. Only after the trauma wore off, was England able to try his hand at another colony in 1607, Jamestownball (Virginia).


    England had been getting decently jealous of European expansion in the Americas, mainly dominated by Spanish Empireball and Portuguese Empireball so they were willing to try their hand at it too. Not to mention, but there were rumors of gold and extreme wealth..

    On April 9th, 1585, Kingdom of Englandball set sail from Plymouth and eventually landed in North Carolina. A decent settlement was made, but after bad relations with Natives were made and a fammine started tickling at the population, they decided to go back to England to resupply.

    Half of the Roanoke Colony went back to Englandball, but couldn't return due to Englandball being at war with Spanish Empireball.

    Once the war was over, the colonists were able to return back to the colony. When they got there however, nothing was there except the remains of the abandoned colony and a tree with the word "CROATOAN" carved into it. They are many theories of what happened, such as the colonists becoming Native Americans, the colonists moving somewhere else, or simply was anschlussed by 6balls.

    How to draw

    1. Start drawing a normal Englandball, white with a red cross
    2. Remove it's upper-right head and fill it in with blood or other
    3. Maybe add in some gore, more blood, scratches, whatever just make it look creepy, deformed or weird
    4. Congratulations! You did it!


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