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    French Indiaball was a colonyball of the  French Empireball. It was not concentrated on all of India, but many small colonies.


    When the French first came to India, they set up their bases in a lot of territories, however, they never wanted to expand. The French traveled across the Cape of Good Hope and colonized a small island near Madagascar on the way. They landed on the Coromandel Coast to make some factories and settlements. The French had good relations with Bengal Sultanateball and Sultanate of Mysoreball, who ceded them some of their territories. This laid the foundation of Pondicherry. After the end of the 7-Year's war, all these territories were ceded to British East India Company. After the end of the Napoleonic Wars, Pondicherry, Yanam, Mahe and Karikal were given back to the French.

    The independence of Indiaball on 15 August 1947 gave impetus to the union of Franceball's Indian possessions with former British India. The lodges in Machlipatnam were ceded to Indiaball in October 1947. An agreement between Franceball and Indiaball in 1948 agreed to an election in Franceball's remaining Indian possessions to choose their political future. Governance of Chandernagore was ceded to India on 2 May 1950, then it was merged with West Bengalball on 2 October 1954. On 1 November 1954, the four enclaves of Pondichéry, Yanam, Mahe, and Karikal were de facto transferred to Indiaball and became the Union Territory of Puducherryball. The de jure union of French Indiaball with Indiaball did not take place until 1962 when the French Parliament of Parisball ratified the treaty with Indiaball.




    How to draw

    Drawing French Indiaball is kinda hard

    1. Draw a red circle.
    2. Draw the French Flag at the top left corner with a white border.
    3. Draw a white circle at the bottom with a blue Om Sign
    4. Draw the eyes and you are done!


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