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    Colony of Vancouver Islandball

    The Colony of Vancouver Islandball was a crown colonyball of British America-icon.png British Americaball. It merged into Colony of British Columbiaball in 1866. Nowadays, he is just an island in British Columbia-icon.png British Columbiaball who wants to be a separate province from him. Antisocial towards most of Canadaball.

    He has a collection of Japan-icon.png Japanball’s lost doujins that washed ashore from the other side of the Pacific Ocean after the 2011 tsunami. Vancouver Islandball is renowned for his trees and beautiful beaches that attracts many tv series to be filmed there. Many celebrities come there for vacation. When not in the spotlight it is picking up severed feet washed ashore and practising yoga.



    • Japan-icon.png Japanball - Pacific coast brother in arms! Ignore Vancouverball, Chinaball makes everything too expensive to live there.
    • Murica-icon.png USAball - Big brother of Canadaball. Likes to visit us often to film movies and television. Often taken on fishing trips during the summer.
    • 3-icon.png 3ball Fellow neighbours. Often found wandering around drunk in the afternoon and collecting welfare checks. Have secret fishing techniques that make them revered in some communities and respected for their resourcefulness.


    • China-icon.png Chinaball - Big and scary. Hates Canadaball for being caught spying and wants to have a trade war.
      Hoping they don't remember the time we put them in all in a leper colony to die.
    • Alberta-icon.png Albertaball - Redneck brother next door. Thinks it is the best province in Canada because oil. Hates me and British Columbia for not wanting to run a pipeline through their territory to sell to Chinaball.
    • CSA-icon.png CSAball - Turncoat rednecks from the South. Not welcome here.


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