Tannu Uriankhaiball

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Tannu Uriankhaiball, is a historic region of the Mongol Empire-icon.png Mongol Empireball and, later, the Qing-icon.png Qingball. He is Tuva-icon.png Tuvaball in the past.

History[edit | edit source]

At first Tannu Uriankhaiball-icon.png Tannu Uriankhaiball was a region of Qing-icon.png Qingball, but in 1911 Mongolia-icon (1911-1924).png Mongoliaball declared independenсe from Qing-icon.png Qingball. Tannu Uriankhaiball was started being in zone inflation of Russian-Empire2-icon.png Russian Empireball, and become protectorate of Russian-Empire2-icon.png Russian Empire. But in 1923 Tannu Uriankhaiball became a Tuvan People's Republic-icon.png communst state.