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    Mikkeli Provinceball was a provinceball of Grand Duchy of Finlandball and then Finlandball. Over a quarter of its clay was water area and it had the most lakes out of all the other provinceballs.


    In 1634 Viborg and Nyslott Countyball was born. Then it was split into Viaborg Countryball and Nyslott Countyball during 1641–1650 and merged again now called Viborg and Nyslott Countyball.

    In 1721, following the Great Northern War, the southern parts of the counties of Viborg and Nyslott Countyball and Kexholm Countyball were ceded by the Treaty of Nystad to the Russian Empireball. The remaining clay were joined into the new Countyball of Kymmenegård and Nyslott Countyball.

    In 1775 Kymmenegård and Nyslott Countyball was split, the southern part become Kymmenegård Countyball and the northern Savolax and Karelia Countyball.

    When Finlandball was conquered by Russian Empireball Tsar Nikolai I formed Mikkeli Provinceball form northern part of Kymmenegård Countyball and southern part was attached to Uusimaa Provinceball.

    Parts of the Mikkeli Provinceball were transferred to the Central Finland Provinceball in 1960. In 1997 it was merged with Kuopio Provinceball and Northern Karelia Provinceball into the new File:Eastern Finland Province-icon.png Eastern Finland Provinceball.

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