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    ශ්‍රී ලංකා මාතා
    අප ශ්‍රී..... ලංකා නමෝ නමෝ නමෝ නමෝ මාතා (Thou Mother Lanka,
    Oh Mother Lanka we salute, salute, salute, salute Thee!)
    Sri Lankaball about to sing its anthem
    I fly like paper, get high like planes
    If you catch me at the border I got visas in my name

    Debtball Former Gotareich Ranilist Socialist Republic Sri Lankaball, formerly known as Ceylonball is a countryball in Asia, close to Indiaball. It has a very sussy main language (ඞ). It is also an island countryball in Southern Asia. Because of this, it is often mistaken often by Western countryballs for being part of Indiaball's clay or having a Tamil majority.

    Sri Lankaball is a proud countryball with its own clay, Sinhalese majority, being Indo Aryan descendants and terrorist removing while fond of tea and a good game of cricket. But Sri Lankaball is under massive and growing debt from Chinaball and is paranoid because its clay is connected to Indiaball's.Also paranoid about being militarized.


    Sri Lankaball has been in constant fights with Indiaball over clay.

    Because it is in the middle of a sea trade route, Sri Lankaball is frequently considering itself relevant. Invaded by Netherlandsball and Portugalball, who conquered many beaches throughout history, Sri Lankaball managed to hold off in forts at beaches.

    Later, a more powerful UKball conquered Sri Lankaball only to gift it with tea and cricket, which Sri Lankaball mastered over the years. Under UKball,  Ceylonball learned a lot and finally came into democracy naming itself as Sri Lankaball when Britainball left it to grow up.

    Learning to live alone, Sri Lankaball had troubles of communism and terrorism. After many years of a war with terrorists, Sri Lankaball managed to completely remove terrorism from its clay.

    Modern Day

    Sri Lankaball, having spied on Polandball's economic plans, welcomes all investors into clay to invest and prosper. It is heavily expanding in the tourism industry since many countryballs visit it on vacations. It is very into sending troops abroad to remove terrorism from great experience but is not a member of a military club-like NATO or SCO in order to maintain neutrality.

    Many Sri Lankaballs also often travels to visit Canadaball, Australiaball, New Zealandball, Tringapore, Hong Kongball, Qatarball, and UAEball for work.

    On Easter Sunday 2019, terrorists killed innocent Christians.

    Since that same year, Sri Lankaball has been dealing with the economic crisis, which has worsened over the years due to the Covid-19 pandemic and the war between Ukraineball and Russiaball. The crisis causes Sri Lankaball's to protest against the government.


    Loves cricket having learned from UKball, and grows and exports tea. Enjoys various other countryballs visiting it on vacations being very hospitable.

    Caution: Very proud and nationalistic when felt threatened. Shows very aggressive behaviour if provoked. Very offended when someone 'molesting' Buddha statue, because Sri Lankaball considers it blasphemous and incarceration. Having descended from Indo-Aryans is very proud about it. Very much like to be relevant.

    Flag Colours

    Main Colours

    Here are the flag colours from Wikipedia shown below:

    Colour Name RGB CMYK HEX
    Mango 243, 147, 23 C0-M26-Y90-K3 #F7B718
    Deep Jungle Green 0, 95, 86 C100-M0-Y9-K63 #005F56
    Princeton Orange 223, 117, 0 C0-M48-Y100-K3 #DF7500
    Vivid Burgundy 148, 30, 50 C0-M80-Y66-K42 #941E32

    Emblem Colour

    Colour Name RGB CMYK HEX
    Mango 243, 147, 23 C0-M26-Y90-K3 #F7B718

    Relationships/සබඳතා (saban̆datā)/உறவுகள் (Uṟavukaḷ)

    Allies/මිත්‍ර පාක්ෂිකයන් (mitra pākṣikayan)/கூட்டாளிகள் (Kūṭṭāḷikaḷ)

    • මාලදිවයින/மாலத்தீவுகள் - My sibling! we can into related language and very good friends. We also both hate Terrorist.
    • Russiaball - I look up to it as an older sibling since it had helped much to remove terrorism from clay and never hesitates to call for assistance whenever I'm threatened by larger balls.
    • Chinaball - It has helped a lot in the economy. But has colonised me with debt.
    • Germanyball - My relative through UKball, am a fan of German technology and has a wish if they consider it as fellow Aryans.
    • Israelcube - Half-sibling through UKball, it has given Sri Lankaball much help, advice, and equipment for fighting terrorists.
    • Japanball - It has invested much in Sri Lankaball, and I admire its technology, buying Japanese products for many things.
    • Netherlandsball - Grandparent!
    • UKball - Parent!
    • Commonwealthball - Is a part of.
    • SAARCball - Is a part of.
    • Cricketballs - Is very friendly with other balls who play cricket (except Indiaball who Sri Lankaball likes to beat of the complex relationship).
    • Pakistanball - Sibling, is of true friend. Helped us in getting rid of terrorist Tamils and gave us lots of guns.
    • Indonesiaball and South Africaball - My long lost Dutch siblings!
    • Jamaicaball - Flag has no red, blue, or white friend but different colours.
    • Cocos Islandsball - Another flag has no red, blue, or white friend but different colours.

    Neutral/Complex/උදාසීන/සංකීර්ණය (udāsīna/saṁkīrṇaya)/ நடுநிலை/சிக்கலான (Naṭunilai/Cikkalāṉa)

    • Cubaball - Cousin through UKball being a sibling of Spainball. I wish to be like it someday.
    • ඉන්දියාව/இந்தியா - Sibling. It has helped me on many occasions and troubled times. During the civil war on my clay, Indiaball helped me against the Tamil Elam terrorists. I is also very paranoid because it is in the 'Indian Ocean'. Indiaball has also in time to time shown 'Anschluss' behaviour. Maybe one day it will just claim Sri Lanka as its clay. But I already have China support oh wait- UH OH! YOU LOST LOL but wait OH YOU WON ALSO? I am sorry for helping him in 1971. SRI LANKA IS OF INDEPENDENCE!! Thanks for giving me economic aid. We both speak Tamil.
    • Portugalball - Old adoptive parent, now adoptive relative through UKball. I don't talk to it much anymore, but many of my people have Português-derived surnames like Da Alwis, Da Costa, Da Silva, Dias, Fernando, Fonseka, Mendis, Peiris, Perera, and Rodrigo.
    • USAball - Stepsibling through UKball, though many help got. Is not fond of constant bullying around the world and speaks against it.
    • Philippinesball - A friend met with USAball. Even though it sometimes called me Pirates of the Arabian Sea, we became better when I visted it in 2019. Also we got warships from dimsum together last July 2018.
    • Bhutanball - This guy hates me a lot. I don't know what I did to it, I'm probably just getting framed.

    Enemies/සතුරන් (saturan)/எதிரிகள் (Etirikaḷ)


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    Click here to see it.

    zh:斯里兰卡球 pl:Sri Lankaball pt:Sri Lankaball

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