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    Kingdom of Bavariaball

    Kingdom of Bavariaball was a German stateball. He is ancestor of Bavariaball and Trilluminati.


    Kingdom of Bavariaball was born as a 2ball, later adopted by Germaniaball, Franciaball, East Franciaball and then HREball. He would soon break away from the HREball after its defeat at the hands of First French Empireball, eventually allying with him before the Napoleonic France’s fall. Soon it would later enter association with the German Confederationball before it would collapse due to dispute between Austria and Prussia. Eventually Bavariaball would join with Prussiaball along with the other Southern nearby Germanballs to form the German Empireball to battle against Second French Empireball.

    Within it, Kingdom of Bavaria was allowed to have some autonomy like the other Kingdoms and would began to personally start up projects such as two lavishly castles and the Neuschwanstein Castle, which were known for its beautiful appearance and gave their King, Ludwig II, the nickname: “The Swan King” and “The Fairy-Tale King”. However his ministers tried to restrain him since he was using his Royal renueve and extensive borrowing to do so and was denounced as insane. He would be dethroned and was replaced by his brother Otto, whom couldn’t exactly rule cause of his mental illness, causing him to lead the Kingdom indirectly through his Regents, which his last Regent, Ludwig, would declare himself as the new King of Bavaria and removed Otto’s Crown, becoming Ludwig III.

    However, things soon didn’t go well for the Kingdom of Bavariaball, as when WWI hit, he joined the other states of in the war along the Central Powers, but when German Empireball lost against the Entente and was forced to change into Weimar Republicball. Leading Kingdom of Bavariaball to be removed from the throne alongside the other Imperial German Stateballs, ending the rule of the Kingdom and was replaced by the Socialist People's State of Bavariaball.


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