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Dejimaball was a Trade Post of Dutch Empireball in modern-day Nagasakiball.

History[edit | edit source]

Dejimaball was an artificial island built by Tokugawa-icon.png Tokugawaball to relocate the Portuguese settlers and merchants from Nagasakiball. It became a settlement for Portuguese Empire-icon.png Kingdom of Portugalball until they were kicked out by Tokugawa-icon.pngTokugawaball in 1639, due to them trying to spread Catholic-icon.png Catholicism and because Tokugawa-icon.png Tokugawaball favored the Dutch-icon.png Dutch Republicball.

Before that, Dutch traders and merchants were able to roam freely around the island of Japan, even when the Sakoku policy was implemented eight years prior to their relocation, and settled in Hiradoball until 1641, when they were forced by the government to pack up and relocate to Dejimaball. They stayed there until 1854.