State of Syriaball

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State of Syriaball was a France-icon.png French mandate stateball in Syriaball.

History[edit | edit source]

On 1922, the State of Damascusball, State of Aleppoball, and Alawite Stateball was merged into a single State of Syria-icon (1924-30).png federation, with Sanjak of Alexandretta added in 1923. But this federation was dissolved following the seccesion of Alawite Stateball in 1924, the remaining states were later united into a single state.

In 1930, a new constitution was drafted, which gave birth to the State of Syria-icon (1924-30).png First Syrian Republicball.

How to draw[edit | edit source]

1. Draw the ball
2. Draw three horizontal lines, fill the middle with white and the rest colored green
3. Add the French Canton
4. Add eyes and voila!

Gallery[edit | edit source]