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    In Eritrea in key positions - president, government, police - everybody's the same color. It's a country run by its people. No racial class, everybody feels a part of it.
    — Nipsey Hussle
    Eritrea-icon.png Eritreaball, Killing innocent civilians
    ኤርትራ ኤርትራ ኤርትራ፡

    በዓል ደማ እናልቀሰ ተደምሲሱ፡ መስዋእታ ብሓርነት ተደቢሱ።

    Eritrea-icon.png Eritreaball, singing its anthem

    Eritrea-icon.png Eritreaball, officially the North Korea-icon.png North Koreaball of Africa State of Eritreaball, is a sovereign state and single-party presidential republic/Authoritarian Dictatorship in the Horn of Africa. Its clay is composed of eight subdivisions known as regions, along with the capital Eritrea-icon (division).png Asmaraball, giving it a total area of 45,406 square miles, making it the 105th largest countryball. With a population of 3.62 million as of 2021,[1] Eritrea-icon.png Eritreaball is the 118th most populous countryball and one of the very unpopular human migration destinations.

    Its violent nature and lack of cooperation in free trade make it a challenge to be considered any good in any international organizations and alliances. Despite this, it was able to join the UN-icon.png UNball and become a member of the African Union-icon.png African Unionball.

    It has not held a national election since independence. It loves killing people that support its opposition and is considered by some to be the one official countryball worse and more brutal than North Korea-icon.png North Koreaball. The human rights is so terrible that many of Eritreaballs try to escape the country to migrate to Europe and Ethiopiaball. Eritreaball hates this because it is very poor (it actually has the money to give the people a somewhat better life but doesn't because it doesn't care about them). It has no real friends (besides Ethiopia-icon.png Ethiopiaball because it helps them in a war against rebellious Tigray-icon.png Tigrayball) as it is very insane but the closest thing would probably be a largely inactive terrorist organization.

    Its national day is May 24th.

    It was ranked as a lowest countryball in Freedom Press Index in 2021.

    History[edit | edit source]

    Much of Eritreaball's earliest history dates back to Egyptian times when it was a part of Ancient Egypt-icon.png Ancient Egyptian Empireball, in the territory known as the Land of Pwene. Once Ancient Egyptian Empireball died and became irrelevant, the tribes of Ethiopia-icon.png Ethiopiaball and Israel-icon.png Israelcube united to form D'mt-icon.png D'mtball, a kingdomball of mixed indigenous and other Semitic origins. D'mt-icon.png D'mtball was founded around the region of Tigray-icon.png Tigrayball, following the years, as it had internal splits, Kingdom of Aksum-icon.png Kingdom of Aksumball united it with Amhara-icon.png Amharaball.

    Eritreaball's territory after the decline of Kingdom of Aksum-icon.png Kingdom of Aksumball became Medri Bahri-icon.png Medri Bahriball, a local Tigray monarchy that would be a constituent entity of Abyssinia-icon.png Ethiopian Empireball through most of its history. Medri Bahri-icon.png Medri Bahriball would end up occupied by Adal-icon.png Adal Sultanateball for some time, and this is the origins of Eritreaball kebab removing spirit. After Abyssinia-icon.png Ethiopian Empireball defeated Adal-icon.png Adal Sultanateball in war and retook Medri Bahri-icon.png Medri Bahriball, Ottoman-icon.png Ottoman Empireball started to come near Eritrean territories and started a long period of disputes between Ethiopia and the Ottomans for the area.

    Medri Bahri-icon.png Medri Bahriball was an important trade post in the region, Portuguese Empire-icon.png Portugalball described it as a descendant of Kingdom of Aksum-icon.png Kingdom of Aksumball. When new war between started between Adal-icon.png Adal Sultanateball and Abyssinia-icon.png Ethiopian Empireball, Medri Bahri-icon.png Medri Bahriball mostly aided Abyssinia-icon.png Ethiopian Empireball, with Portuguese Empire-icon.png Portugalball using its ports to arm Amharaballs.

    Ottoman-icon.png Ottoman Empireball was upset with it and in the middle of the century tried to get more territories in Eritreaball, but ended up defeated and Medri Bahri-icon.png Medri Bahriball became loyal to Abyssinia-icon.png Ethiopian Empireball again, together, they removed kebab, with Ottoman-icon.png Ottoman Empireball withdrawing definitely from Eritrean territory. Since then, Abyssinia-icon.png Ethiopian Empireball has been regarded as the first country in history to ever remove kebab.

    For many many years Medri Bahri-icon.png Medri Bahriball remained in the process it had been in: aid Abyssinia-icon.png Ethiopian Empireball in removing kebabs, such as the Sultanate of Aussaball of Afar-icon.png Afarball. Finally change came in the 19th Century. Abyssinia-icon.png Ethiopian Empireball had a Tigray Emperor, Yohannes IV, and after he was crowned, internal conflicts between Tigrayball clans started, with Medri Bahri-icon.png Medri Bahriball allying with Khedivate of Egypt-icon.png Khedivate of Egyptball and Ottoman-icon.png Ottoman Empireball against Abyssinia-icon.png Ethiopian Empireball.

    At this time, Italian-Empire-icon.png Kingdom of Italyball started to expand to the region and exercise influence, Medri Bahri-icon.png Medri Bahriball allied with the Italians and fought on their side against Mahdist Sudanball to consolidate territorial domain. Italian-Empire-icon.png Kingdom of Italyball then tried to do their first intervention in Eritreaball but were defeated by Abyssinia-icon.png Ethiopian Empireball in the Battle of Dogali, resulting later in Tigrayballs loyal to the Emperor occupying Medri Bahri-icon.png Medri Bahriball.

    Italian-Empire-icon.png Kingdom of Italyball started doing deals within Ethiopiaball in order to sabotage Emperor Yohannes, notably with Negus Menelik of Shewa, that received Italian weapons to rebel against him. However, following the death of the Emperor in the war against Mahdist Sudanball, Menelik didn't have to wage war to siege power, Italian-Empire-icon.png Kingdom of Italyball then took the opportunity to occupy Eritreaball. Abyssinia-icon.png Ethiopian Empireball then signed a treaty that allowed Italian-Empire-icon.png Kingdom of Italyball to occupy those territories as their leaders were still loyal to Yohannes, and that's how Eritreaball stopped being Medri Bahri-icon.png Medri Bahriball and became Italian Eritrea-icon.png Italian Eritreaball.

    As Emperor Menelik took control of Abyssinia-icon.png Ethiopian Empireball, Tigrayballs almost accepted an Italian proposal to invade Abyssinia-icon.png Ethiopian Empireball to topple him down. However, they realized Italian-Empire-icon.png Kingdom of Italyball was just using them to conquer all of Abyssinia-icon.png Ethiopian Empireball, so Tigrayballs allied with Menelik against Italian-Empire-icon.png Kingdom of Italyball during the First Italo-Ethiopian War. In the first year of the war, they tried to drive the Italians out of Eritreaball in a rebellion launched by Dejazmach Bahta, but they were defeated. After it, Italian-Empire-icon.png Kingdom of Italyball moved on to invade Abyssinia-icon.png Ethiopian Empireball and this time was the one who got defeated.

    After the war, Abyssinia-icon.png Ethiopian Empireball and Italian-Empire-icon.png Kingdom of Italyball mutually recognized their borders, with Emperor Menelik not invading Italian Eritrea-icon.png Italian Eritreaball. Italian-Empire-icon.png Kingdom of Italyball then could finally do stuff on its colony. During WW1, Italian-Empire-icon.png Kingdom of Italyball recruited many native Eritreanballs to fight on their fronts. Their rule would last until WW2, where Italian-Empire-icon.png Kingdom of Italyball invaded Abyssinia-icon.png Ethiopian Empireball in a violent war using machine guns, airplanes, and even poison gas, creating Italian East Africa-icon.png Italian East Africaball that was composed by Ethiopiaball, Eritreaball and Somaliaball with the exception of French Somaliland-icon.png French Somalilandball and British Somaliland-icon.png British Somalilandball.

    Then, UK-icon.png UKball had beaten Italian-Empire-icon.png Kingdom of Italyball during the East African campaign and placed Eritreaball under British military administration and allied forces so its fate could be determined. In the absence of administration of Eritreaball's statues, UK-icon.png UKball's administration continued for the remainder of WW2 until 1950 when USA-icon.png USAball passed a resolution with the agreement of UK-icon.png UKball formulating the creation of an autonomous Eritreaball within the restored Abyssinia-icon.png Ethiopian Empireball. In 1952, Eritreaball became independent from UK-icon.png UKball and was made an autonomous part Abyssinia-icon.png Ethiopian Empireball.

    In 1961, a war in Eritreaball started, with Eritreaball being fully annexed in 1962 by Abyssinia-icon.png Ethiopian Empireball after a separatist movement called ELF-icon.png ELF started to attack the Ethiopian army. The ELF-icon.png ELF was mostly made by former members of the colonial army of Italian Eritrea-icon.png Italian Eritreaball that were still loyal to it. While the unionist sentiment with Ethiopiaball was strong in Eritreaball, as Abyssinia-icon.png Ethiopian Empireball didn't improve the region through the years, it failed to secure support from Eritreanballs, therefore the ELF-icon.png ELF had some growth. The ELF-icon.png ELF would be supported by Arab League-icon.png Arab Leagueball in opposition to Abyssinia-icon.png Ethiopian Empireball's friendship with Israel-icon.png Israelcube.

    During the 70s, the ELF-icon.png ELF had become more leftist and this angered the most conservative members, so a split happened, with the formation of a socialist faction known as the EPLF-icon.png EPLF. The two factions started to fight each other for the leadership of Eritreaball independence movement, and the EPLF-icon.png EPLF emerged victoriously, they had received aid from Cuba-icon.png Cubaball. With the beginning of Derg-icon.png Dergball, the situation in Eritreaball was likely to improve, with Eritrean commander Aman Andom assuming the leadership of the Derg. However, after he got purged following internal conflicts inside of the organization, separatists in Eritreaball used that as a pretext to start a new insurgency. Just like those in Tigrayball, they would become part of the Hoxhaist and Maoist opposition to the government, that later started a period of terrorism and ended up purged and split into different factions.

    Both the TPLF of Tigrayball and the EPLF-icon.png EPLF looked after PSR Albania-icon.png PSR Albaniaball and China-icon.png Chinaball for help as Soviet-icon.png Soviet Unionball backed Derg-icon.png Dergball. But they showed to have few ideological affiliations and started to relate with USA-icon.png USAball and UK-icon.png UKball that wanted to sabotage Derg-icon.png Dergball, in this period they to get a lot of weapons and financial aid. The war in all of Ethiopiaball got worse in this time as a consequence of the Ogaden War, Derg-icon.png Dergball couldn't exercise direct power in most of Eritreaball, so it spent most of the period between the end of the 70s and half of the 80s trying to crush the separatists, but had no major success.

    In the end of the 80s Soviet-icon.png Soviet Unionball announced it would stop supporting PDR Ethiopia-icon.png PDR Ethiopiaball (the successor of Derg-icon.png Dergball) war efforts. Following the end of the Cold War, the opposition front to PDR Ethiopia-icon.png PDR Ethiopiaball known as EPRDF took control of Addis Ababa-icon.png Addis Abababall and overthrew the communist leader Mengistu Haile Mariam. As the EPLF-icon.png EPLF had backed them and was a close ally of the TPLF that dominated the coalition, they started to engage in independence talks in 1991 under the supervision of the USA-icon.png USAball, that had been backing its independence efforts. In 1993 following a referendum under the supervision of the UN-icon.png UNball that was overwhelmingly in favor of independence, Eritreaball gained its independence with former combatant Isaias Afwerki becoming the president. The EPLF-icon.png EPLF became the PFDJ, the party that currently dominates Eritreaball politics.

    However, it all started wrong for the newly independent state. First, because a huge economic crisis emerged after Ethiopia-icon.png Ethiopiaball changed the style of the money that Eritreaball was flooded in and following the war it had with Yemen-icon.png Yemenball, who stole the clay in the Hanish Islands, without trade because of the war and no money in the treasury Eritreaball became one of poorest nations in the world, with huge inflation. Following the years Eritreaball felt like everyone was trying to sabotage it and take its territory, he also felt abandoned by those who pretended to care about it like USA-icon.png USAball. A lot of internal struggles happened in the 90s and it ended with the war against Ethiopia-icon.png Ethiopiaball in 1998, increasing its deadly hatred and giving origin to the conflict between the two countries that would persist until 2018. The bad experience of the time significantly shaped Eritreaball's current personality.

    The 2000s were also difficult for Eritreaball, the economic situation got worse and it started to be isolated and blocked from most trade organizations. The countries around it such as Ethiopia-icon.png Ethiopiaball, Sudan-icon.png Sudanball and Djibouti-icon.png Djiboutiball in which he went to war in 2008 all would have some sort of border skirmishes with Eritreaball, even Egypt-icon.png Egyptball managed to find problems with it. As if it was not enough, Gulf countries such as UAE-icon.png UAEball, Saudi Arabia-icon.png Saudi Arabiaball and Qatar-icon.png Qatarball all plotted against Eritreaball as they have interests in controlling the straits of Aden in Yemen-icon.png Yemenball.

    Eritreaball grew increasingly paranoid and more isolated from the world, and the government started to take some insane internal measures, resulting in a migrant crisis, Eritrean citizens will try to escape the country in hopes of getting something better but will most likely end up doing horrible services in Europe and the Gulf countries, or in detention camps in Israel-icon.png Israelcube. EU-icon.png EUball also started to crackdown on Eritrean citizens that were sending money to the country, worsening everything as there was no foreign currency in the country anymore. On top of that, ethnic and religious problems started to appear in the country, being fomented by Ethiopia-icon.png Ethiopiaball and others, and there is a real risk of the country's Balkanization.

    As of 2018, with the changing of government in Ethiopia-icon.png Ethiopiaball, Eritreaball made peace with it and solved the border issues, now relations between the two are very good. Friendship with Ethiopia-icon.png Ethiopiaball allowed Eritreaball to normalize and start friendly relations with Somalia-icon.png Somaliaball and Djibouti-icon.png Djiboutiball as well. This is all very important to Eritreaball, as finally they are having good relations with its neighbours, the Horn of Africa is finally seeing some peace and cooperation.

    Eritreaball now is backing its ally Ethiopia-icon.png Ethiopiaball in the Tigray Military Intervention, as they hate the TPLF for what happened in the past few decades when they ruled Ethiopiaball. Eritreaball also has also seen some discreet improvements within all these years, with its capital city Asmaraball being the main example.

    Personality Traits[edit | edit source]

    Eritreaball is not too bad of a countryball as it seems (though is not loyal enough to anyone other than itself to prove it) when you are friendly with them, that usually tries to find ways to show off its incredible strength. It is misunderstood, as it wants to protect itself from ending up like Somalia-icon.png Somaliaball. The countryball usually interacts with other regional countryballs, mainly those fairly close to the Arabian peninsula. It stays away from what Ethiopiaball does, and it is clear to tell that is because Eritreaball's parent, Ethiopiaball, somewhat hates Eritreaball to a likely extent. This is due to weakness caused by the relevance of Eritreaball as well as the fact that since the relevance of Eritreaball, it has widely been mocked by all the other countryballs who really buy USA-icon.png USAball and EU-icon.png EUball's propaganda, but some countryballs see it as a stronk ball that dosen't need to economically rely on others or simp to the west. Eritreaball is very similar to North Korea-icon.png North Koreaball but without much military power. Many of their civillians have some military experience, due to it being mandatory for them to attend military camp after high school.

    Flag Colors[edit | edit source]

    Main Colors[edit | edit source]

    Color Name RGB CMYK HEX
    Dark Pastel Green 11, 172, 35 C94-M0-Y80-K33 #0BAC24
    Medium Candy Apple Red 235, 4, 51 C0-M98-Y78-K8 #EB0433
    Tufts Blue 60, 140, 220 C73-M36-Y0-K14 #3C8BDC

    Emblem Colors[edit | edit source]

    Color Name RGB CMYK HEX
    Ripe Mango 251, 197, 36 C0-M22-Y86-K2 #FBC724

    Relationships (ዝምድናታት)[edit | edit source]

    Friends/Closest allies (በጣም የቅርብ አጋሮች)[edit | edit source]

    • Italy-icon.png Italyball - My parent. It accepts my immigrants and fed me spaghetti, now we're pretty friends. It was one of the first countries to recognize me! During its occupation, I experienced a great economic boom. But also a friend of Burger so… f***ING KILL!
    • Ethiopia-icon.png Ethiopiaball - Former enemy. Now we get along with each other very well. We plan to integrate our arms in order to cooperate against the parasites in Tigray-icon.png Tigrayball. We also share the same culture and we eat injera together. Our people really love each other too. Good to know you really see who USA-icon.png burger truly is.
    • Chile-icon.png Chileball - It is just like me, we both take our neighbors' coastlines. You take the land after independence while I take the land when gained independence.
    • Ethiopia-icon Cube.pngUSA-icon.png Tiffany Haddish - My condolences for your late father, thanks for attending my 28th independence day back in 2019, and I gave you citizenship in return. She had peace with my dictator living in the country and has nice foreign relations. She gibs aid and supports dictatorship, our best celebrity.
    • Cameroon-icon.png Cameroonball - It and I don't recognize Palestine-icon.png Palestineball as a real country
    • China-icon.png Chinaball - We trade a lot.
    • Russia-icon.png Russiaball - New friend, I support them on Crimea-icon.png Crimeaball and they give me support! In return, I support Putin on the crisis in Ukraine.
    • Somalia-icon.png Somaliaball (After 2015) - My Pirate brother who I am now friends with. We were part of the Italy-icon.png Same empire

    Neutral (ገለልተኛ)[edit | edit source]

    Any countryball that hates ISIS-icon.png ISISball and Yemen-icon.png Yemenball.

    • North Korea-icon.png North Koreaball - Can into isolation like me, and we have a similar government, and its military has helped out mine but we're not really friends yet because it's scared of me...?
    • Turkmen-icon.png Turkmenistanball - Similar personalities, and we have trading roots.
    • Florida-icon.png Floridaball - American version of me, our personalities are similar.
    • African Union-icon.png African Unionball - Helped me get independence from Ethopiaball, but also imposed sanctions on me, our relations can improve now.
    • Iran-icon.png Iranball - We started diplomatic relations, both like Ethiopia-icon.png Ethiopiaball and hate that USA-icon.png backstabbing burger imperialist, but why do you believe in Shia-icon.png a religious sect that my dictatorship does not recognize? KILL
    • UAE-icon.png UAEball - I hate it for plotting against me in 2012, but thanks for the help fighting against Tigray-icon.png Tigrayball. KILL!
    • Israel-icon.png Israelcube - We kept cordial relations, since it hates Yemen-icon.png Yemenball, and doesn't apply sanctions on me. But stop putting my people into detention camps and giving asylum to the opposition. I also do not recognize Palestine-icon.png Palestineball and so does Cameroon-icon.png Cameroonball too.
    • Western Togoland-icon.png Western Togolandball - Thanks to the white rectangle defacing the horizontal red center band of your flag, you're almost a flag stealer to me. Oh, and thanks for stealing Azerbaijan-icon.png Azerbaijanball's flag. KILL!

    Enemies (ጸላእቲ)[edit | edit source]

    • Djibouti-icon.png Djiboutiball - Has no diplomatic relations with me. ALSO, THAT DOME IS MINE! AND ALSO A PUPPET OF THOSE CAPITALISTS! f***ING KILL!
    • Jamaica-icon.png Jamaicaball - You made a religion out of worshipping an idol who did starvation and tortured to my country. KILL KILL!!!
    • Saudi Arabia-icon.png Saudi Arabiaball - Plotted against me in past and still didn't apologize. KILL!
    • UN-icon.png UNball - REMOVE SANCTIONS!!! KILL!
    • USA-icon.png USAball - Aided me to get independence, but then left me alone and backed with Ethiopia-icon.png Ethiopiaball, also gave sanctions and said I was a threat. You also sanctioned Ethiopia-icon.png ETHIOPIA??? Together, #Nomore, NO MORE AGAINST BURGER IMPERIALISM! Outside of ISIS-icon.png ISISball, I hate them. KILL, KILL, f***ING KIIIIIIIILL!!!!
    • EU-icon.png EUball - Filthy sanction applier KILL!
    • Sudan-icon.png Sudanball - This guy funds Islamic terrorists in my clay! ALSO, f*** OFF FROM MY BORDERS!! KILL!!
    • LGBT-icon.png Gay and Lesbian Kingdomball - NOOO!! DO NOT COME TO MY COUNTRY!! YOU WILL BE KILLED IF YOU COME!!
    • Palestine-icon.png Palestineball - We used to be allies, but you sided with Yemen-icon.png that poor ass hell kebab, KILL!!! But be grateful I spared your wretched life as my dictator supported your self-determination and independence.[2] At least we both like Iran, but still, I won't forgive you for siding with this s***hole kebab that is Yemen. Yet again, KILL!
    • Lebanon-icon.png Lebanonball - It hates me for not recognizing Palestine-icon.png Yemen's kebab helper that Ethiopia-icon.png Ethiopia recognizes. f***ING KILL! At least you also like Iran just like that Yemeni helping dickhead above.
    • Tigray-icon.png Tigrayball - Train wreck of a sibling, we were allies once, but it betrayed me. I support Ethiopiaball against you. No independence for you! KILL!
    • South Azerbaijan-icon.png Iranian Azerbaijanball - STUPID FLAG STEALER. KILL!
    • Zaire-icon.png Zaireball - It was arguing with Rwanda-icon (1962-2001).png Rwandaball during the First Congolese War so I decided to lend a hand in overthrowing its president, REMOVE MOBUTU!! KILL!!!
    • Ukraine-icon.png Ukraineball - Crimeaball belongs to Russia-icon.png Russiaball. KILL
    • Abyssinia-icon.png EVIL BALL - He would not let me have independence and forced me to be a peasant in it for centuries. NEVER COME BACK AGAIN! Kill Kill KILL!!!
    • Somalia-icon.png Somaliaball (before 2015)- You make fun of me for being corrupt. Look at you. Even our father didn't help you. KILL!

    Gallery[edit | edit source]

    Polandball Wiki has a gallery of artwork, comics, gifs and videos of Eritreaball.

    Click here to see it.

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    See also[edit | edit source]

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