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    Sandzakball is an old Bosniak territory that was taken away from it by Serbiaball and Montenegroball. Sandžak is sad because of it, and it wants to unite again with Bosnia and Herzegovinaball but can't because Serbiaball is threatening to attack them again.


    In 1455, Despotate of Serbiaball was conquered by Ottoman Empireball and many inhabitants converted to Islam. That's basically how Bosniaball, Bosniaks, and Sandžakball were born.

    In 1865, Sandžakball became the Sanjak of Novi Pazarball, it was a Sanjak that belonged to Ottoman Empireball.

    In 1912, Sandžakball was captured by Serbian and Montenegrin troops during the First Balkan War and it was divided between Serbiaball and Montenegroball.

    During World War I, Sandžakball was controlled by Austria-Hungaryball.

    During World War II, Sandžakball was controlled by the Anti-Fascist Council of Peoples Liberation of Sandžak.



    • Bosnia and Herzegovinaball - My parent. Sometimes I want to unite with it.
    • Turkeyball - Muslim sib. It supports my autonomy/independence.
    • Albaniaball - Another Muslim sib. Albania supports my autonomy/independence sometimes too.
    • Kosovoball - A third Muslim sib. Kosovo supports my autonomy/independence sometimes too.


    • Serbiaball - It tried to remove my parent in the Bosnian War and won't let me unite with Bosnia. Well fuck you, I'll unite with Bosnia and then we will join Natoball and kick your ass!
    • Albaniaball (not really...) - some Albanians want to make Sandžak part of Greater Albania.

    How to draw

    Draw Sandzakball isn't difficult:

    1. Draw the basic circle shape
    2. Draw the coat of arms of Sandzak in the center
    3. Draw the eyes and you've finished.

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