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    Republic of Guinea Pigsball (Guinéeballe in French) is an animal countryball in Africa. Often times, some people would call him "Guinea-Conakryball" because there are other Guineas in the world. Guineaball has into Ebola with Sierra Leoneball and Liberiaball. It is not to be confused with any other Guinea

    Guinea was a republic. Directly elected by the people, the president is the Head of State and Head of Government. The unicameral National Assembly of Guinea is the legislative body of the country, and its members are directly elected by the people. The judicial branch is led by the Guinea Supreme Court, the highest and final court of appeal in the country. However recently there was a military coup and became a military Junta due to USA-icon.png USAball and now he looks like Myanmar-icon.png Myanmarball and his neighbour Guinea-Bissau-icon.png Guinea-Bissauball is look like Thailand-icon.png Thailandball of africa and Sierra Leone-icon.png Sierra Leoneball is look like Bangladesh-icon.png Bangladeshball of Africa

    Guinea is a predominantly Islamic country, with Muslims representing 85 percent of the population. Guinea people belong to twenty-four ethnic groups. French, the official language of Guinea, is the main language of communication in schools, in government administration, in the media, and among the country's security forces, but more than twenty-four indigenous languages are also spoken (Fula being the most spoken of those). Guinea also has good relationships with the Atlantic–Congo language family.


    The land that is now Guinea belonged to a series of African empires until France-icon.png France colonized it in the 1890s, and made it part of French West Africa-icon.png French West Africa. Guinea declared its independence from France on 2 October 1958. Between independence and the presidential election of 2010, Guinea was governed by a number of autocratic rulers. Sometime in February 2014, an outbreak of Ebola started in Guinea's clay. The pandemic later spread to Liberia-icon.png Liberia and Sierra Leone-icon.png Sierra Leone, despite numerous officials believing it was contained. Most countries closed flights to Guinea, but Belgium-icon.png Belgium made specific arrangements to help aid the pandemic. No one seems to know how it spread to Guinea's clay to begin with.

    Recently, in 2021, he got supsended by African Union-icon.png African Unionball with Mali-icon.png Maliball after another coup and his president is now captured by the military.



    • Turkey-icon.png Turkeyball - Another economic partner and my BFF. He helped bulid my economy during hard times.
    • China-icon.png Chinaball - Ecomonic partner from east asia.
    • Russia-icon.png Russiaball - European friend who gibs me weapons.
    • Sierra Leone-icon.png Sierra Leoneball - Anglo neighbour.
    • Senegal-icon.png Senegalball - Northern Neighbor.
    • Morocco-icon .png Moroccoball - I support you against Western Sahara-icon.png faker.
    • Tanzania-icon.png Tanzaniaball - we're both hate Belgium-icon.png Belgiumball for Giving COVID-19 To our Clay
    • USA-icon.png USAball - Thanks for helping my government!
    • Israel-icon.png Bakba - I used to hate yuo, but in 2016 you gib me lots and lots of help when I hab Ebola outbreak. I recognized yuo that year. Yuo is so nice! I'm sorry I no into Recognition with yuo until then. What a good Friend! Altho why yuo into Kebab Removal?
    • Myanmar-icon.png Myanmarball - We're both getting Coup, but stop killing innocent muslim.


    • Liberia-icon.png Liberiaball - Never flood me with the stinky refugees every again, not my business!!!
    • France-icon.png Franceball - Mother, Did you get mad over my independence YOU HAVE TO BURN DOWN MY HOSPITALS AND INFRASTRUCTURES?! Now you have to give supples! But remeber, FIRST AFRICAN NATION TO BE INDEPENDENT FROM YUO WOOOO!
    • Somaliland-icon.png Somalilandball - Our leaders met in my capital, but I might wait a bit before I can actually recognize you. We both like Israel-icon.png Israel though. Once he and I recognize yuo we can into friends.
    • Palestine-icon.png Hummus - I recognize yuo, but I friend of Israel-icon.png Babka now, sorry. No hard feelings. But good luck on your soon to come independence



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