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    Stop global warming or I'll give you a global warning!
    — Antarcticaball

    Antarcticawallball Antball with no ants is an ice wall surrounding Earth-icon.png Earthdisk that is guarded by NASAball a continent located around the South Pole of the Earth-icon.png Earth. Antarctica is almost entirely covered in a thick layer of ice and snow and animals. Ever since its discovery, there are UK-icon.png New Zealand-icon.png France-icon.png Norway-icon.png Australia-icon.png Chile-icon.png Argentina-icon.png Spain-icon.png USA-icon.png Russia-icon.png Japan-icon.png China-icon.png Peru-icon.png South Africa-icon.png Poland-icon.png Romania-icon.png some claiming on its clay (such as British Antarctica-icon.png the British). It has been a separate continent for around 40-80 million years, but has only been a frozen desert for 20 million years.

    It hates the Flat Earth Society so much for denying its existence by thinking it is a giant ice wall (cough cough), but it has been proved that it's not, as Antarcticaball is home to a lot of micronations. It also hates Kentucky-icon.png conspiracy theorists who say it is hiding Planet Nine-icon.png Planet Nine from the view of Humanity-icon.png humans.

    Antarcticaball cannot speak any languages, as most humans are not native to it. Only a few countryballs understand Antarcticaball. Those ones are Norway-icon.png Norwayball, Germany-icon.png Germanyball, New Zealand-icon.png New Zealandball, Greenland-icon.png Greenlandball, South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands-icon.png S. Georgiaball, Iceland-icon.png Icelandball, Ohio-icon.png OhioRawr (who is fluent in all languages), and Falklands-icon.png Falklandsball.

    History[edit | edit source]

    Around 183 million years ago (MYA), Antarctica broke off from Gondwana. Antarctica had a temperate climate as it moved south. Around 160 MYA, African Union-icon.png Africa split off from Antarctica, followed by India-icon.png India 125 MYA.

    Around 53 MYA, Australia-icon.png Australia separated from Antarctica. South America was the last continent to split from Antarctica, doing so around 30 MYA.

    Around 14–10 Antarctica, CO2 levels dropped, covering the poles in ice. This included Antarctica, which was now firmly contained the south pole.

    Humans first landed on Antarcticaball in the 19th century. Since then, various countryballs have sailed to the continent. On October 31, 1956, USA-icon.png USAball became the first countryball to reach the South Pole. On December 1, 1959, the Antarctic Treaty was signed, which banned military activity (including testing) and says all claims on the continent are invalid; Antarctica was reserved for scientific research and nature conservation only. In the 1970s, scientists spotted the ozone hole over Antarctica. The hole grew to its largest in September 2006; however, the hole is shrinking.

    Future[edit | edit source]

    The Antarctic Treaty will expire in 2048. If climate change continues, Antarctica will continue to melt, potentially endangering its ecosystem. About 125 million years from now (MYFN), Antarctica will split in two and move northward before Anschlussing Madagascar-icon.png Madagascar and Australia-icon.png Australia. In 250 MYFN, the southern tip of South America will wrap around African Union-icon.png Africa and Antarctica. 2001 models reveal that East Antarctica will be attached to South America, and West Antarctica attached to Australia-icon.png Australia.

    Antarctica in comics[edit | edit source]

    Since 2013, Antarctica is always shown with a thick blue-white scarf and snow goggles. The flag it uses is the unofficial Flag of Antarctica (Graham Bartram Design).

    Antarctica was a very uncommon character in comics for a long while. However, in mid-April 2014, this character has been popularized on Polandball. The Antarctica flair has also become more popular. First of all, Antarctica communicates only with signals with symbols (Ø = no, ✔ = yes, etc.). This is because Antarctica does not have any (official) language. Because Antarctica has no permanent population, there is no politics. Antarctica is not interested in any political ideology, nor in taking clay or other stuff some other countries want.

    Antarctica is also mostly interested in scientific research. Because this, hence many research bases are located in Antarctica. Antarctica just chills out there. It doesn't bother anybody.

    Claims on Antarctica[edit | edit source]

    Official Claims[edit | edit source]

    Unofficial Claims[edit | edit source]

    Former Claims[edit | edit source]

    Nearby Antarctic Territories[edit | edit source]

    Gallery[edit | edit source]

    Polandball Wiki has a gallery of artwork, comics, GIFs, and videos of Antarcticaball.

    Click here to see it.

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