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    Rakhine Stateball, previously known as Mrauk Uball, is a Sea worm stateball of  Myanmarball. Major ethnicity is   Rakhine, or Arakanese, in the area. Right now, Rakhine Stateball is in a small quarrel civil war with Myanmarball's armies. He wishes for autonomy. His clay is bordered by Chin Stateball, Bago Regionball, Ayeyarwady Regionball and the Chattogramball district in Bangladeshball.

    He used to be Kingdom of Mrauk Uball and traded with  Portugalball. Some Portugalballs became mercenaries and they successfully shielded an attack from  Toungooball.
    He hates the Rohingyaball since they steal his clay for Bangladeshball and terrorists.

    They are more influenced by Indiaball than Myanmarball because of location. His flag is the actual Polish flag with an Indian symbol called a Shrivasta in the middle. 

    They had an island called "Ramree Island" where Empire of Japanball full Nightmare of Crocodiles.





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