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    Acehball is a province of Indonesiaball. It used to be separatist until 2005 and it wants to revive its sultanate in Indonesiaball and to Retake Andaman and Nicobar Islandsball from Indiaball just like Philippinesball (Suluball) wants to retake Sabahball from Malaysiaball.

    It can into being a special province of Indonesiaball and it can into Sharia law.


    Acehball born as a 1ball. Despite its strategic location it was rarely into relevant when it was under Sriwijayaball until the founding of Islamic Samudera Pasai Sultanateball in the ~13th century. In that era, it was visited by both Ibn Batutah and Marco Polo who described that it was of rich clay. Kingdom of Portugalball said that it is of turning the eastern coast of Sumatra into kebab.

    Samudera Pasai Sultanateball is succeeded by Aceh Sultanateball in 1511, the same time Kingdom of Portugalball asnchlussed Malacca Sultanateball. They later developed rivalry until Dutch East India Companyball took over Malacca in 1641. Aceh Sultanateball could into prosperous because it was the world's largest black pepper exporter.

    In 1824 UKball listed Aceh Sultanateball as their possession when they exchanged now-Indonesian territories to Netherlandsball with now-Malaysian territory. Netherlandsball did not do anything to Aceh Sultanateball until 1871 when UKball signed new treaty which granted Netherlandsball full control over Aceh.

    When Aceh Sultanateball opened relations with USAball in British Tringapore, Netherlandsball said this was a "violation" and invaded Aceh, thereby started Aceh War the longest military campaign in Dutch East Indiesball. Aceh Sultanateball collapsed in 1874, but the war continued.

    To help anschlussing Aceh, Snouck Hurgronje, a Netherlands scholar, visited Aceh in 1893 under the disguise "Abdul Gaffar". He analyzed Aceh's condition at the time and after that, suggested Netherlandsball to separate between chiefs and nobles (ulee balang) and religious scholars (ulama). This method became successful because after that many Acehnese stopped fighting and many ulee balang joined Netherlandsball's effort. Although instabilities and insurgencies continued until 1942.

    Empire of Japanball arrived in Aceh in April 1942 and immediately met hundreds of revolts which only ended after they left in 1945. When Indonesiaball declared independence, Aceh immediately joined, and many wealthy Acehnese who survived the war donated gold and airplanes for Republic's war effort. It must be noted that Netherlandsball skipped Aceh during their operations to reclaim Indonesiaball.

    In 1948, Soekarno, Indonesia's president, feeling indebted for Aceh's help, promised greater autonomy and permission to use Sharia law for Aceh. But it broke its promise in 1951 when Aceh merged into North Sumatraball without any local Aceh leaders. Angered, Aceh declared itself part of rebel Negara Islam Indonesia. Although Indonesiaball declared Aceh as its own province in 1956, the rebellion continued until 1962 when its leader Daud Beureueh surrendered.

    In 1970s foreign companies began encroaching Aceh's new potential: oil. This, alongside the alleged unequal distribution of wealth because of Indonesiaball's policies, deemed unacceptable by Acehnese so they rebelled again, creating the Aceh Sumatra National Liberation Front (ASNLF) or better known as Gerakan Aceh Merdeka (GAM) in 1976. GAM become stronger in early 2000s because of Indonesiaball's post-Reformasi political turmoil. In 2003 Indonesiaball declare martial law in Aceh, killing thousands.

    In 2004 a great tsunami swept Aceh, killing 170.000 people. Because of this, there's no better option for GAM and Indonesiaball than negotiate on the international discussion. After that, in 2005 GAM's spokesman officially declare GAM's dissolution. Acehball becomes a special region of Indonesiaball in 2006, this status allowed Acehball to apply Sharia law.

    Today Acehball living in peace, eats Roti Cane as usual, and is a good kebab. It can into oil and tourist!. It also hates PUBG.

    How to draw

    Drawing Acehball isn't very difficult:

    1. Color the basic circle shape of red
    2. Draw a white star and crescent in the centre
    3. Draw black (white-frimbriated) lines as in Israelcube
    4. Draw slant-eyes (or normal eyes if you want) and rice hat and you've finished.

    But for drawing the non-separatist one is very difficult.

    1. Draw a circle.
    2. Fill it with green.
    3. Draw the emblem of Aceh.
    4. Draw the eyes and you've finished.





    es:Acehball pl:Acehball

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