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    Ive been in Beninball, also and formerly known as Da homiesball Dahomeyball is a countryball in Western Africa. They can rarely into relevance. They speaks French since their adoptive mother was Franceball.

    They are a member of the West African family. They are also not to be confused with the Benin Empireball

    In the French language Benin is a masculine noun. However, like all the others countryballs, the character does not have a specific gender (because many other languages, such as English for example, do not usually give gender to countries).


    Beninball is a descendant of West African 8balls.

    In 1580, the Yoruba dynasty of Kingdom of Whydahball was born. It sold many slaves to many Europeans like the Kingdom of Portugalball. If that didn't please them, the king sold his wives. Because of this, the royal family became rich. But sadly everyone else was in poverty due to corruption.

    2 decades later, Kingdom of Dahomeyball was founded by the Fonball tribe. Oyo Empireball occupied it in 1730.

    From 1721, Portuguese Empireball bulit the Fort of São João Baptista de Ajudá in the city of Whydah. It would be returned to Beninball after its independence.

    In 1892, Franceball killed Kingdom of Dahomeyball and forcefully adopted its son French Dahomeyball.

    It spent the next 68 years known as French Dahomeyball until it was given independence in 1960, whereupon it became known as Republic of Dahomeyball. After the 1972 coup, Mathieu Kérékou took power and Dahomeyball then became the socialist PR Beninball in 1960. It then stopped being socialist in 1990 and became what we know as Beninball today. It is currently suffering from a recent Ebola outbreak in its neighborhood, and still cannot into much relevance.

    Flag Colors

    Color Name RGB CMYK HEX
    Spanish Green 0, 136, 80 C100-M0-Y41-K47 #008850
    Bright Gold 252, 210, 15 C0-M17-Y94-K1 #FCD20F
    Cadmium Red 233, 9, 41 C0-M96-Y82-K9 #E90929

    How to draw

    Draw Beninball is very simple:

    1. Divide the basic circle shape into two vertical stripes.
    2. Color the left one of this green
    3. Divide the other stripe into two horizontal stripes.
    4. Color them of this yellow and this red
    5. Draw eyes and you've finished.





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