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    Equatorial Guinea-icon.png Equatorial Guineaball, officially the Dictatorial Republic of Equatorial Guineaball, is a small countryball in African Union-icon.png Africa. It is part of the Bantu-icon.png Bantu family and it craves oil. It is the only Spanish-icon.png Spanish speaking countryball in African Union-icon.png Africa. It is also surrounded by Cameroon-icon.png Cameroonball and Gabon-icon.png Gabonball who speak a lot of French and this is why it can speak some French-icon.png French and Portuguese too, in addition to Spanish-icon.png Spanish and its native languages. It is also the only African Union-icon.png African country that considers Spanish-icon.png Spanish a national language. It can also into lowest IQ, and that is responsible for a "former president".

    History[edit | edit source]

    (Note: This page will be updated someday)
    Equatorial Guineaball was an 8-icon.png 8ball that evolved in a Bantu-icon.png Bantuball. Its history begins there, commonly. Before the Europeans came, he lived quietly without many problems. In the year 1471, Portuguese Empire-icon.png Portugalball settled the island of Bioko.

    In 1641, Dutch Empire-icon.png Netherlandsball set up a factory to continue the "business" of its empire. When Portuguese Empire-icon.png Portugalball found out about this, it re-established itself in the coast of Guinea until the year 1778 when Portuguese Empire-icon.png Portugalball to gave custody to Guineaball to Spanish Empire-icon.png Spainball signed a treaty in which, among all its changes in exchange for Sacramentoball in Uruguayball. The island was administrated by Viceroyalty of Rio de la Plata-icon.png Viceroyalty of Rio de la Plataball.

    British Empire-icon.png British Empireball meanwhile, founded Spanish Bioko-icon.png Fermando Poo to fight against slavery (although it still trafficked in slaves) until not too long before Spainball found the island and exiled the British. This is why Equatorial Guineaball can speak English well.

    Guineaball became a group of Spanish protectorates, until in 1926 becoming Spanish Guinea-icon.png Spanish Guineaball. Those were difficult times, since Spain-icon.png Spainball had no wealth and it was impossible for them to support Spanish Guinea-icon.png Spanish Guineaball. It soon began to ask for independence but Spain-icon.png Spainball prevented so. UN-icon.png UNball upon seeing this began to put pressure on Spain-icon.png Spainball to accept its independence, until finally in 1968 it became independent.

    Nowadays, Equatorial Guineaball has been a fully independent state since 1968. It is a dictatorship ruled and one of the worst countries for freedom of expression in Africa (after Eritrea-icon.png Eritreaball). For the first few years, it became Africa's most brutal dictatorship (Democratic Kampuchea-icon.png Democratic Kampucheaball would be amazed with) with Equatorial Guinea-icon.png Equatorial Guineaball killing people with an IQ over 2 digits under Francisco Macías' reign. Although after Francisco Macías was ousted by his own nephew in the coup of August 1979, the country was still under a dictatorship, classical Africa.

    Like its neighbour, Gabon-icon.png Gabonball, it can into oil but all the money goes to a small minority of its population who is very rich.

    In 2003, Gabon-icon.png Gabonball attacked the Mbanié, Cocotiers, and Conga islands in Corsico Bay, leaving a dispute between the two. As a result, Gabon-icon.png Gabonball and Equatorial Guinea-icon.png Equatorial Guineaball went to the International Criminal Court at The Hague-icon.png The Hagueball (Netherlands-icon.png Netherlandsball's clay) to talk out the situation. Still to this day, there had been no solution yet.

    In 2004, unhappy UK-icon.png UKballs in its clay were suffering to invest in its clay, so they planned a coup against Equatorial Guinea-icon.png Equatorial Guineaball, but with the support of Zimbabwe-icon.png Zimbabweball, many were arrested and the coup failed.

    In 2017, it is no longer considered irrelevant (except for its citizens) and now it can into relevant.

    In 2021, it experienced an explosion in its clay and is trying to bounce back.

    Relationships[edit | edit source]

    Equatorial Guineaball has no friends nor real enemies due to its irrelevance and its very hostile attitude to foreigners (it closed its borders and doesn't want tourists in its clay). The only countryballs who it talks with are Spain-icon.png Spainball and USA-icon.png USAball.

    Friends[edit | edit source]

    • Spain-icon.png Spainball - Parent, but f* ck you for supporting that 2004 coup, yuo puta!.
    • Ukraine-icon.png Ukraineball - Good friend, and Crimea is Ukrainian.
    • Zimbabwe-icon.png Zimbabweball - Undemocratic friend. Thanks for arresting British participants in the coup.
    • Portugal-icon.png Portugalball - Uncle who taught mi how to do HUE.
    • Nigeria-icon.png Nigeriaball - It is rich and has lot of oil, too!
    • Israel-icon.png Babka - I am going to put my embassy in Jerusalem-icon.png Jerusalemcube soon. It gibs mi lots of aid after I hab explosion.
    • Angola-icon.png Angolaball - Half-sibling who loves oil and hates democracy like yo!
    • São Tomé and Príncipe-icon.png São Tomé and Príncipeball - Irrelevant and inoffensive sibling in the Atlantic. I am the only one who likes it besides HUE siblings.
    • USA-icon.png USAball - You are of the only country who gets Visa-free access, so you can buy oil! It thinks I'm okay, even though I am a dictatorship.
    • Lebanon-icon.png Lebanonball - I give them aid to recover from the explosion.
    • Mexico-icon.png Mexicoball - Largest sibling in la familia. Many of mis ministers payed visits here. We launched cooperation agreements of education!
    • Dominican-icon.png Dominican Republicball - I like Cardi B. We are the only Afro-Hispanics left because stupid Haiti-icon.png Haitiball left the family.
    • El Salvador-icon.png El Salvadorball - My sibling who calls me "Abuelas Negras," which means "black grandmother."
    • Argentina-icon.png Argentinaball, Uruguay-icon.png Uruguayball - White siblings of South America.
    • Philippines-icon.png Philippinesball - Asian sibling!
    • Palestine-icon.png Palestineball - I recognize you, but I like Israel-icon.png Israelcube for giving me aid, no offense.

    Enemies[edit | edit source]

    • Cameroon-icon.png Cameroonball - Accuses me of abusing workers in mi clay!
    • Tunisia-icon.png Tunisiaball - It accuses me of cheating the 2018 World Cup, but I didn't. I won fair and square! Also, why do you hate Spain-icon.png mi madre so much?
    • Gabon-icon.png Gabonball - My oil is the best oil of Central Africa! ¡Y además, sal de mis islas, corrompido de mierda! Ironically, I am corrupted, too!
    • Haiti-icon.png Haitiball - Pay your goddamn debts to Dominican-icon.png mi primo amigo. Also, why did you leave la familia?
    • Singapore-icon.png Tringapore - ¡DEJEN DE BURLARSE DE MI BAJO CALIDAD DE INTELIGENCIA! At least we cannot into democracy.
    • Japan-icon.png Japanball - Same thing as I said to Tringapore!!

    Trivia[edit | edit source]

    • It is the smallest child of Spain-icon.png Spainball.
    • It is the only Spanish-icon.png Spanish-speaking countryball in African Union-icon.png Africa.
    • It has one of the worst human rights in UN-icon.png UNball and Earth-icon.png Earthball.
    • It was also the lowest IQ in the world the average IQ is below 60
    • It is the one of the richest countryballs in African Union-icon.png Africa, but only the government gets the wealth; not the people.

    How to draw[edit | edit source]

    Drawing Equatorial Guineaball is almost simple:

    1. Draw a left blue arrow in the basic circle shape
    2. Divide the rest into three horizontal stripes
    3. Color them of green, white and red
    4. Draw in the white stripe the coat of arms of Equatorial Guinea.
    5. Draw the eyes, and you've finished.

    Flag colors[edit | edit source]

    Color Name RGB CMYK HEX
    Microsoft edge Blue 0, 115, 206 C100-M43-Y0-K19 #0073CE
    Slimy green 62, 154, 0 C59-M0-Y100-K39 #3E9A00
    White 255, 255, 255 N/A #FFFFFF
    Lust 227, 33, 24 C0-M85-Y89-K10 #E32118

    Emblem colors[edit | edit source]

    Color Name RGB CMYK HEX
    Pearl Copper 116, 67, 39 C0-M42-Y66-K54 #744327
    Orange brown 164, 102, 36 C0-M37-Y78-K35 #A46624
    Pantone green 0, 155, 56 C100-M0-Y63-K39 #009B38
    School bus yellow 255, 216, 0 C0-M15-Y100-K0 #FFD800

    Gallery[edit | edit source]

    Polandball Wiki has a gallery of artwork, comics, gifs and videos of Equatorial Guineaball.

    Click here to see it.

    See also[edit | edit source]

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