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    <tabber> |-|Personal=

    "If its 12AM in the morning, but the sky is dark, is it really morning at all?"
    Me saying some stupid stuff

    I´m TheElectricBomb, TEB for short. I´m known for being a moderator of the Polandball Wiki (PBW) and a member of Shiningflair´s Discord staff. I'm currently trying to live a healthier mature life by being proactive and cut time online. But I will be here when needed.


    If you are here, I shall welcome you. I am a historian writer who improves and invests in pages very often so much I waste my nights on finishing my contributions sometimes. I'm your average Afro-American dude who also likes history, art, and polandball. I also visit Polcompball and Fanon Wikis.

    If you want to talk to me, go to my discussion page.


    I joined the old wiki to spread info that had not been covered or not talked about, for example, I studied days and weeks for African history (sometimes spending time developing smaller unknown pages such as Xinjiangball) which is pretty irrelevant and unknown to most learners of history. I mastered editing in a few days but practiced more for many weeks. I remember Collisions was a mod in the old wiki, and whenever I saw some sussy behavior I would report it to them. Eventually, Fandom announced to banchluss shut down the old wiki, I was mildly anxious. A lot of people were yelling at fandom and were screaming in the Discussions. I waited days to hear new announcements, but then I noticed people spreading links about some "new wiki" that is a replicate of the old one on Miraheze. I got the link to here and became a guest. The old mods requested everyone to move the old wiki and lock the pages of the old wiki. When the old wiki finally died (me watching it die and get shut down), I moved here around August 2021.

    People from the old wiki were very mad about Fandom, I witnessed it on the new wiki's chat. Eventually, for weeks I was unnoticed by most but, I started to become very active and befriended ComradeRabbit95 (the first friend on here, I still miss him no homo) and we did a collaboration on this page. My relevancy here (it's very high and that scares me) gave me more friends like File:Edit(user)-icon.png 8randomedits and File:ThisCommieGuy777-icon.png ThisCommieGuy777 (we both have common interests in African countries) and others who friended me out of comfort or inspiration like Deki, Bonnie the bunny, and probably everyone else in my friends section. I may be sometimes too focused on 3rd world countries because I really need that juicy historical background.

    I was given magic mod powers thanks to glorious god Agent Isai. So I helped remove unnecessary pages while at the same time trying not to hog all the power to myself. I delete pages that are peopleballs (they aren't government entites) to provisional/transitionary governments (at in) fictional countries, so except pages to be deleted, and complain if it's too much of a problem.

    Anyways, overall as a member and admin of the wiki, I see to now isolate myself from comment sections of controversial entites, or to at least joke around. I don't like to act agressive/rude to people I haven't got to know.

    Sometimes I wonder.....

    Why did I have so many edits???


    On PB Wiki

    Running the system; Get PBW back running again. My first designated task will be at the Administrator´s noticeboard, I will respond to every question that hasn´t been answered to me to ensure everyone´s wishes have been met. When all is clear, I will delete any old threads and archive recently closed ones.

    On Discord

    I will on the #wiki channel, although I show up to chat on #art and #general.



    User Relationships

    Pages I plan to contribute to:

    Pages I finished contributing to:


    My Art

    Art of me

    |-|Countryballs of the World=


    North America

    • Canadaball - You may be a very nice country a little too nice, but for hell sake quit fucking killing the natives! They did nothing wrong!
    • USAball - The USA exploits third world places like the Middle East and Africa, supported dictators Pol Pot and Mobutu Sese Seko (don't have time to mention others), overthrew Muammar Gaddafi and many other good leaders, killed 3balls and is repressive against 8balls and other minorities sometime, supported terrorists in Afghanistanball ( Taliban and Al-Qaeda that would turn against them, all leading to the destruction of the planet. I just wish America would stop policing the world. Also, America is becoming a hellhole, violent too sometimes. Muricans' are cool as people tho.
    • Mexicoball - TACOS!!! I think Mexicans are pretty cool, especially our favorite screaming dude Sr. Pelo.


    South America


    • UKball - bRi'Ish pEeoPel beE lIeK Leaving the fourth Desutches Reich EU and making them shit their pants was pretty based. Salute to the Brits for that. But is very cringe for taking part in neocon interests and for spanning your giant ass on all 7 continents.
    • Spainball -
    • Franceball - I dislike how French praise imperialism. While imperialism bulit stuff, just ask their colonies. Either way I can't fully hate you as a country, your culture was based and so was the history, sorta.
    • Netherlandsball - Land of tulips and dams. Are many of the people here high or was that a stereotype?? You colonized New York.
    • Belgiumball - Funny waffle man, why must you slaughter Congolese children? :C
    • Germanyball - Funny language, and good songs. A lot of immigrants too. But I hate the EU, their sanctions on random countries and pressure against Poland are unreasonable and unjustified. GDR was surprisingly based for a Communist country, rock on, Ostalgle!
    • Polandball - No matter how many times they were suppressed, they kept up the good fight until they achieved one goal. Eternal freedom from oppressors. 1830, 1846, 1848, 1863, 1939.... those were all times Poland fought for freedom. I may or not like its current politics, but never bow down to the wholeness of EUball.
    • Serbiaball - Fuck you islamophobe! Defend kebab!1!! reeeee War crimes and rakja. Good accordion players too. Quoting Rabbit's comment on Yugoslaviaball: "Tito did plenty of good stuff for Yugoslavia. He freed the country from the fascist rule, united all ethnicities, and made the country have a good, stable economy. Based." Overall you shouldn't have genocided minorities but you should try to return to your old glory!
    • Ukraineball - I heard some controversy about the Azov movement... but I'm neutral on the invasion.
    • Russiaball - Don't know much other than vodka, nostalgia for communism, created Tetris, support of Syriaball, Iranball, Chinaball, and many other countries. It has this little satanic bitch, hates Homosexuals, and is repressive against protestors. But, uhhhhhh, about Ukraine.....


    • Moroccoball - ComradeRabbit was from here. Damn, I still miss him. You can keep Western Sahara though. Moroccan tea, history, and culture must be beautiful.
    • Algeriaball -
    • Tunisiaball - Shame that the Romans destroyed Carthage.
    • Libyaball - Muammar Gaddafi did some bad stuff in his life, and was a dictator (I dislike (most) dictators), but ruled Libya as an African leader should. He said "no" to westerners wanting to take advantage of his country and his continent til' the terrorist organization killed him for it. Now Libya is a disorganized mess.
    • Egyptball - Cope harder, Ethiopia deserves to benefit from the Nile too! There's always water for you, look at the fucking Mediterranean!
    • Ethiopiaball - The dam is yours. This country has a rich history yet the poverty and civil war against the savage TPLF are weakening the nation. Also, that bitch EU is sanctioning you? And America is helping Tigray? SO UNFAIR!!!!
    • Eritreaball - How did you get human rights worse than the DPRK?! What the fuck?! You should reform your social policies. That way, you won't have to be called the North Koreaball of Africa.
    • Senegalball - I have some ancestry from here too. Still researching some history. Also congrats on beating Egypt in AFCON.
    • Gambiaball - You can be anschlussed by Senegalball, it is very stupid to have your country based on a river.
    • Maliball - Once rich as heck, now poor as heck. I wonder why. Great job of kicking out neo-colonial influence. Hopefully, the country's junta will be like former president Modibo Keïta and do good for Mali. ECOWAS should be helping Mali, not sanctioning them wtf?
    • Burkina Fasoball - Take a shot every time this country gets a coup. Bring back Sankara :(
    • Nigerball -
    • Nigeriaball -
    • Chadball -
    • Cameroonball -
    • Republic of the Congoball - The other Congo. Ironically richer and more democratic than the other one.
    • Democratic Republic of the Congoball - This is one of the poorest counties in Africa, all thanks to the CIA and this tiny fucker. Years of brutal man-slaughter, Congo wanted a self-reliant country. Bitch denied Congo's economic independence, and the CIA cared heavily after Lumumba became sympathetic to the Soviets. An assassination target, Patrice Lumumba was killed, this guy was put in power and let the USA and Belgium take as much wealth, as well as stupid borderline fascist policies. Rwanda invaded and the country is filled with violence. When will the Congo have peace and prosperity?
    • Rwandaball - Once genocidal hellhole to one of the richest and cleanest of Africa, I'm amazed. Paul Kamage is authoritarian, he knows how to run a country. You should invest in Burundiball sometime. Gosh, why be a neoliberal? and why
    • Ugandaball - Was a great country from the start, but fucking ruined it. Hope he BURNS in hell. Uganda isn't getting anything done anymore, Musenevi is dumb and incompetent af. but at least it produced "Who is Captain Alex?" which was pretty good to watch.
    • Kenyaball - Respect for the Mau Mau uprising, super based!!! Have a friend from here too.
    • Tanzaniaball - Socialism is very interesting for the country, it is the most developed out of East Africa CoUgH cOuGh RwAnDa. Dar es Salaamball is a place I want to travel to.
    • South Africaball - A county with many races and cultures, such a combination! But no you are enabling racism against the minority? What happened to ending apatheid? You wouldn't want to be like Zimbabwe would you not? (Do Boers still even exist here?)
    • Zimbabweball - As I said with SA, Mugabe was a bit too far on the whites and Ndebele ppl. I get Ian Smith was racist as hell like his followers who deny Rhodesia is an apartheid state, but you could've been less corrupt and racist yourself when you took power. Your new president's promises of reforming this place is guessed to be failing apart. Nice history otherwise.


    East Asia

    • Chinaball - Beautiful culture, cool Buddhist art, interesting history, really smart people. At first, I thought China was an ethnocentric place that disrespects human rights still kinda is. But many Chinese I met are nice and provided answers to the communist rule. Everything is perfect there, but can't deny or downplay the Uyghur genocide, Timammen Square, the Great leap forward, or the Cultural revolution...
    • Taiwanball - The other China. Stop worshipping Chiang kai-Shek, he was just as authoritarian like Mao and was incompetent on the Mainland. Me, neutral to who should unify Chinaball and Taiwanball, I don't prefer any over the other. The Democratic Progressive Party, the current threat wants to separate an island that's been of China since the Ming and Qing. How would you try in taking back your land?
    • North Koreaball - BEST KOREA!!! I'm joking, lol. Kim Il-Sung was a good chap, he provided living standards! But after him, the nation got worse. Cringe. This country needs more freedom of speech, but definitely not from burgerland. Explore DPRK
    • South Koreaball - K-Pop is alright, everyone just fucking hates the stans. Korean food seems tasty, like Korean dumplings and spicy noodles I might want to try soon. I do not like you were once a reactionary puppet state, Syngman Rhee literally collaborated with the Japanese soldiers that abused Korean women. North & South Koreas should merge into one united Korea, and force foreign powers out of Korea.
    But it can't compare to  best Korea!!
    • Japanball - Anime girls, and weird popsicles made from spaghetti. I imagined Japan as a utopia that offers a bunch of merch for foreigners and a really impressive culture from the 1700s. But everyone's a bit ol' moody there and suicide be real! But Japanese creativity is a bit weird, just look at this!

    Middle East

    • Saudi Arabiaball - RESPECT YOUR OTHER RELIGIOUS MINORITIES FOR CRYING OUT LOUD!!! The amount of wealth here came from oil, but that's the only good thing about you. First, you should give better rights, ESPECIALLY TO WOMEN AND MINORITES. Second, stop destroying poor Yemenball with Iranball, they did nothing wrong to you. Third, Sharia law is definitely not my taste!
    • Israelcube - .... Why? Why murder innocent Palestinian kids, treat Palestinians as China does to Uyghur Muslims? I will never hate you outside of politics, as you bring in the interest.
    • Palestineball - Palestine should be independent, not because I hate the conflict with Israel, but also I want to see the country becoming a successful example that good always win.
    • Iraqball - Once a beautiful place, but ruined by the USA and cringe jihadists. I hope it gets back to its glory.
    • Iranball -

    Indian Subcontinent

    • Pakistanball - Shitbot420! Shitbot420! If we ignore their contribution to.. you know.. I think Pakistan is interesting. I wonder if they share similar culture to Iran like they do with Afghanistan and Indiaball.
    • Indiaball - Online hackers I think Indian food is something to try out. I might get diarrhea from all the spices the same way after I eat taco bell, but it will be worth the taste.
    • Myanmarball - The Serbiaball of southeast Asia, except Serbia stopped murdering muslims. Rohingyas need protection, you bitch!

    Malay Peninsula

    • Malaysiaball - Not much, but cool capitial and diversity. Why are you a racist?!
    • Indonesiaball - Soekarno over Suharto. Altleast Soekarno didn't massacre Christians, Atheists, and minorites.
    • Cambodiaball - What the hell was Pol Pot smokin'?

    Central Asia

    • Afghanistanball - This is what happens when you suffer 20 years of occupation by these dudes and have certain countries fund terrorists that slowly eat up the country. Taliban's interpretation of Islam is cringing and makes poor Muslims look bad.
    • Tajikistanball - LMAO, jokes are illegal in this country?! That's more pathetic than the withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan!!

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