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    Ainuball was a tribe in the Okhotsk Sea region, now it is a part of Japanball and few in Russiaball. It is living in Hokkaidoball and few in Russiaball.


    Ainuball started off as a 1balls that discovered Hokkaidoball and Sakhalinball as they decided to explore further south offshore of Siberia.

    Ainuball used to live throughout Hokkaidoball and the nearby Tohoku region of northern Honshu, Sakhalinball, Kurilball, and Kamchatkaball. Its life was calm and peaceful. In 1590 AD, it started being conquered by the Japanese Matsumae Clan. Japanball destroyed its culture, language, and identity. Ainuball many times tried to revolt but without success. Soon, Japanball believed that Ainuball was dead, and send a message about it to UNball, but some were still alive. In 1997 Japanball and the rest of the World finally accepted this fact. There are few Ainuball left, with an estimated 25,000 in Japanball and 1000 in Russiaball (2019). However, there could be as much as 200,000 Ainuballs left, as many of them are not aware of their heritage. Their numbers are declining due to low birthrates and mixing with Japanball and Russiaball.


    • Japanball - My frenemy. It colonized and screwed me over in the past, but it did officially recognize the Ainuball a few years back. It also let me perform in the 2020 Olympics, though that got canceled. Damn you covid!! The bear kamuy will haunt you now!11
    • Hokkaidoball - My main homeland, though Japanballs outnumber us there.
    • Kamchatkaball - Most of the the very few of us left in Russiaball live there.
    • Russiaball - Another frenemy. Like Japan, it colonized me pretty hard. Some Ainuballs still live in its territory, though it won't admit it.
    • Nivkhball - Well... I once invaded it's clay in Sakhalinball... Sorry Nivkh, Also in the last few years we are friend because we are both oppressed by Russiaball.


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