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    Not to be confused with the province of West Papuaball. The province of Indonesiaball

    West Papuaball is a rip-off of Cubaball, Puerto Ricoball and Liberiaball separatist Indonesian countryball in Oceania wanting for independence, who is currently administered under two provinces: West Papua Provinceball and Papua Provinceball.


    Pre-Colonial Period

    Papuan habitation of the region is estimated to have begun between 42,000 and 48,000 years ago. Diverse cultures and languages have developed in the island due to geographical isolation; there are over 300 languages and two hundred additional dialects in the region. Ghau Yu Kuan, a  Chinese merchant, came to Papua around the latter half of 500 AD and referred to it as Tungki, the area where they obtained spices. Meanwhile, in the latter half of 600 AD, the Sumatra-based empire of  Srivijayaball (7th century–13th century) referred to the island as Janggi. The empire engaged in trade relations with western New Guinea, initially taking items like sandalwood and birds-of-paradise in tribute to Southern Qiball, but later making slaves out of the natives. It was only at the beginning of 700 AD that traders from  Abbasid Persiaball and   Gujaratball began to arrive in what is now Papua and call it Dwi Panta or Samudrananta. During the 14th century, Papua was said to be the eighth region of the  Majapahitball Empire.

    Colonial Period

    On 16 May 1545, Yñigo Ortiz de Retez, took possession of the land for the  Spanish Crown, in the process giving the island the name by which it is known today. He called it Nueva Guinea owing to the resemblance of the local inhabitants to the peoples of the Guinea coast in West Africa. With the increasing Dutch grip on the region, the Spanish left New Guinea in 1663. In 1660, the  Netherlandsball recognized the Sultan of Tidore Sultanateball's sovereignty over New Guinea. New Guinea thus became notionally Dutch as the Dutch held power over Tidore. To prevent further  UKball presence on Papua the Dutch proclaimed control over New Guinea. At much the same time, Britain claimed south-east New Guinea, later known as the Territory of Papua, and  German Empireball claimed the northeast, later known as the Territory of New Guinea. The German, Dutch and British colonial administrators each attempted to suppress the still-widespread practices of inter-village warfare and headhunting within their respective territories. In 1901, the Netherlands formally purchased West New Guinea from the Sultanate of Tidore, incorporating it into the  Netherlands East Indiesball.

    Modern Era

    Following the  Indonesian National Revolution, the Netherlands formally transferred sovereignty to the United States of Indonesia, the successor state to the Netherlands East Indies, on 27 December 1949. However, the Dutch refused to include Netherlands New Guinea in the new Indonesian Republic and took steps to prepare it for independence as a separate country. In response to Indonesian aggression, the Netherlands government stepped up its efforts to prepare the Papuan people for self-determination in 1959. Following the Act of Free Choice plebiscite in 1969, Western New Guinea was formally integrated into the Republic of Indonesia. Instead of a referendum of the 816,000 Papuans, only 1,022 Papuan tribal representatives were allowed to vote, and they were coerced into voting in favor of integration. While several international observers including journalists and diplomats criticized the referendum as being rigged, the USAball and Australiaball support Indonesia's efforts to secure acceptance in the UNball for the pro-integration vote.

    How to draw

    Drawing West Papuaball is simple:

    1. Draw the basic circle shape
    2. Draw a red left stripe with a white star.
    3. Divide the rest into 13 blue and white stripes.
    4. Draw the eyes and you've finished.

    Flag Colors

    Color Name RGB CMYK HEX
    Electric red 221, 0, 0 C0-M100-Y100-K13 #DD0000
    Sea blue 0, 102, 153 C100-M33-Y0-K40 #006699
    White 255, 255, 255 N/A #FFFFFF



    • Papua New Guineaball - Sibling, we live together on the same clay. But recognize me!
    • Senegalball - Kebab, diplomatic friend.
    • FSAball - The true Syria! But please support me plox.
    • Acehball - Former separatist who wants independence from Indonesia. I helped it when it fought against Indonesia. Sadly it is not separatist anymore.
    • South Malukuball - It also wants independence from Indonesia. Sadly it is of gone.
    • Kosovoball - Since Indonesiaball hates yuo, I will support yuo.
    • Crimeaball - Yuo are of Russian Clay.
    • Monacoball - It hates Indonesia because stealing its flag.
    • North Sulawesiball - It also wants independence from Indonesia, but lately has been slacking off and being spoiled by Indonesiaball. Why are you being lazy sibling? Don't you want independence too?!
    • Vanuatuball - Thank you for supporting my independence!
    • Benny Wenda - Yuo are true hero, but sadly This bastard calls you a terrorist.
    • Israelcube - It doesn't like Indonesia because of Palestine but good thing I'm not reconized Palestineball. Please support me, OK? I also support you to destroy Hamas.
    • Angolaball - Another African country that hates Indonesiaball because of the things it has done to East Timorball! But support me plox!
    • Jamaicaball - Caribbean weed man who hates Indonesia! But please also support me plox!




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