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    Chernobylball, also known as Chernoball, is a blown up cityball of Ukraineball that existed during the times of Soviet Unionball, and blowing up is the only reason he is of ANY relevance even if dead. He has three eyes due to radiation. The cityball was uninhabitable by radiation until 2002, when tourists started to come for a somewhat dark guide spot. Some survivors of the incident still reside in villages on the outskirts of Chernoball

    Everybody knows Chernoball for exploding even though the power plant was so much closer to Prypyatball for some reason.


    Chernoball was born a 2ball, adopted by Slavsball, Kyivan Rusball, Grand Duchy of Lithuaniaball, Kingdom of Polandball, Russian Empireball, Soviet Unionball, in which he blew up in that era and finally Ukraineball. In 2022, Russian forces invaded and took over its clay for a while before Ukraineball retook it.


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