Luhansk Oblastball

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Luhansk Oblastball was an oblastball located in Ukraine-icon.png Ukraineball. In 2014, Luhansk-Republic-icon.png a pro-Russian part of the oblastball declared independence, and later killed by/fell to separatist Luhanskball in early July, 2022, and later came back in early September, 2022

History[edit | edit source]

Luhansk Oblastball was a 2-icon.png 2ball, adopted by Panslavic-icon.png Slavsball, Kievan Rus-icon.png Kyivan Rusball, Russian-Empire-icon2.png Russian Empireball, Soviet-icon.png Soviet Unionball and Ukraine-icon.png Ukraineball.

In 2014, a part of Luhansk Oblastball was taken over by Luhansk-Republic-icon.png Luhansk People's Republicball. The oblast later fell during the 2022 Russian invasion of Ukraine, in early July, and later came back in early September, 2022

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