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    All stupid planets rotate anti-clockwise.

    Venusball is the 2nd planet in the solar system. It is one of the main targets of USAball's probes and sides with Mercuryball as they both have no moonballs, a feature commonly made fun of by the outer planetballs. However, some say that it used to be the owner of Moonball until an impact with a large object caused it to be launched towards Earthball. But this is probably not true.

    It is ~460,264,737 km² in surface area, with a slightly smaller diameter than Earthball.

    Though further from Sunball than Mercuryball, it is the hottest planetball because of clouds and atmosphere of greenhouse gasses. It was once believed to have 6balls, but not anymore. Scientists believed Venusball was once much like its twin planetball, but due its to closeness to Sunball, they were all killed. Maybe they of move to Eartball. Because of these similarities, they believe  Earthball will be more like Venusball in the future, if not worse. It is actually upside-down and has a retrograde rotation due to Venusball Anschlussing a Mars-sized protoplanetball head-on.


    Venusball has an extremely thick, carbon dioxide-dominated atmosphere. Clouds completely cover its surface, obscuring anyone's view of its surface. The clouds are very reflective, making Venusball one of the brightest objects in the night sky. Because of this, it is nicknamed "Morning Starball" or "Evening Starball," even though Venusball cannot into star.

    In September 2020, phosphine, a substance produced by Earthball's anaerobic life, was detected in the Venusian atmosphere, creating a strong chance for 6balls to exist in its atmosphere, although nothing has been confirmed yet.

    Orbit - Rotation[edit]

    Venus rotates in the opposite direction of other planets. Along with  Uranusball, it has a retrograde rotation, which is the slowest rotation of any other planet, taking a period of 224.65 days to complete an orbit. It orbits the Sun at an average distance of about 0.72 AU. Perhaps another famous feature of Venusball is that its rotational period is longer than its year. 


    SPQRball believed it to be a goddess of beauty, love, fertility, prosperity, sex, and desire. It was a symbol of Roman culture, art, and beauty.

    Other cultures and other civilizations with ties to the Romans would pick this up and it would be official later on.


    • Sunball: Yuo of needs to chill.
    • Earthball: Look, I know we're twins and all, BUT HOW DARE YUO OF STEAL MY MOONBALL! And stop calling me your "Evil Twin" for crying out loud, unless you of prove it.
    • 6balls: Come back, plox!
    • Mercuryball: We cannot into moonball! But I of still hotter than you.
    • Marsball: i don't hate yuo nor like yuo

    How to draw[edit]

    Drawing Venusball is of very easy:

    1. Draw a circle
    2. Fill with a colour from Venus's Atmosphere
    3. Add two eyes and you're finished
    4. You can also add a bow tie if yuo feeling' fancy.

    A real life photo of Venus for reference


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