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    I hate Asteroids, All my terrestrial homies hate asteroids. I'll crush asteroids.

    Jupiterball is an orange cyclops planet and fat the fifth planetball from Sunball and is the largest and most massive planetball in the Solar System. It is of outer planetballs and can into gas giant, along with Saturnball. Being a gas giantball, it is composed mostly of hydrogen and helium, with a possible silicate core.

    Jupiterball is relatively large, in terms of diameter and mass. One of its most defining features is the Great Red Spot, a massive cyclone that has raged for at least three centuries. It also has a tenuous ring system, mostly comprised of small dust particles. The ring system is slowly growing, and it may get bigger and become quite spectacular.  Earthball sometimes calls it a failed starball, which often angers Jupiterball (the lower limit for brown dwarfballs is 13 Jupiterballs).

    Jupiterball has been visited by several unmanned probes: Pioneer 10 and 11, Voyager 1 and 2, GalileoCassini, Juno, and New Horizons, which used Jupiterball's large gravity well to accelerate its journey to Plutoball.


    Like other gas giantballs, Jupiterball is composed mainly of hydrogen and helium. Other impurities in his atmosphere give its atmosphere the brown, white, orange, and tan colors. Below the thick atmosphere, due to high pressures, it is thought that there is an ocean of liquid hydrogen floating on top of a layer of helium-neon rain. Even further below is thought to be mainly metallic hydrogen down to the core, which is thought to be mainly silicates/metals several Earthballs in diameter. the core is most likely compressed so much it makes Venusball seem depressurized exotic elements.

    Orbit - Rotation

    Jupiter's semi-major axis is about 5.2 AU, and it has a low eccentricity and inclination. Its axial tilt is also very small, at only ~3.13°. Its rotational period is the fastest out of any major planetball, rotating once every ~9.925 hours.


    Jupiterball has 95 known moons, the highest amount in our solar system even though most of them are irrelevant.

    1. Metisball
    2. Adrasteaball
    3. Amaltheaball
    4. Thebeball
    5. Ioball
    6. Europaball
    7. Ganymedeball
    8. Callistoball
    9. Themistoball
    10. Ledaball
    11. Himaliaball
    12. Lysitheaball
    13. Elaraball
    14. Diaball
    15. Carpoball
    16. S/2003 J 12ball
    17. Euporieball
    18. S/29003 J 3ball|S/2003 J 3ball
    19. S/2011 J 1ball
    20. S/2003 J 18ball
    21. S/2010 J 2ball
    22. Thelxinoeball
    23. Euantheball
    24. Helikeball
    25. Orthosieball
    26. S/2016 J 1ball
    27. Iocasteball
    28. S/2003 J 16ball
    29. Praxidikeball
    30. Harpalykeball
    31. Mnemeball
    32. Hermippeball
    33. Thyoneball
    34. Anankeball
    35. Herseball
    36. Aitneball
    37. Kaleball
    38. Taygeteball
    39. S/2003 J 19ball
    40. Chaldeneball
    41. S/2003 J 15ball
    42. S/2003 J 10ball
    43. S/2003 J 23ball
    44. Erinomeball
    45. Aoedeball
    46. Kallichoreball
    47. Kalykeball
    48. Carmeball
    49. Callirrhoeball
    50. Eurydomeball
    51. Pasitheeball
    52. S/2010 J 1ball
    53. Koreball
    54. Cylleneball
    55. S/2011 J 2ball
    56. Eukaladeball
    57. S/2017 J 1ball|S/2017 J 1ball
    58. S/2003 J 4ball
    59. Pasiphaeball
    60. Hegemoneball
    61. Archeball
    62. Isonoeball
    63. S/2003 J 9ball
    64. S/2003 J 5ball
    65. Sinopeball
    66. Spondeball
    67. Autonoeball
    68. Magacliteball
    69. S/2003 J 2ball
    70. Valetudoball






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