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    For Rus drinking - fun, we can't live without it
    Nestor Litopysets, in his chronicles "The story of past years"
    [Olga of Kyiv] had quite the track record of being just a total badass. For example, the Drevlians [...] once sent twenty men to Kyiv in order to convince Olga to marry their prince, under the pretense that, if they did marry, the prince could claim her rule over Kyiv. In response, she had all twenty of them buried alive.
    Sam O' Nella

    Kyivan Rus'ball, also known as Kievan Rus'ball, was a mighty historical countryball in Eastern Europe. They sprouts EASTERN SLAVIC POWER! They was a somewhat loose confederation. They were destroyed by the Mongol Empireball.

    Kyivan Rusball is also Ukraineball in their childhood and teenage years.


    He was founded by Vikings from Scandinavia and the Slavs that lived in the area. He used to follow Slavic Paganism, but converted to Orthodox Christianity in 988 AD and became friends with Byzantineball. In 1054, Yaroslav the Wise died and Kyivan Rusball began to weaken. In 1240, the Mongols from the eastern steppes of Mongol Empireball invaded and killed Kyivan Rusball.

    Nowadays, all his clay belongs to Ukraineball, Russiaball Belarusball, and Southeastern Finlandball.


    Russiaball and Ukraineball have a conflict because both of them recognize themselves as the only successors of Ancient Rus. In the past, all countryballs recognized Russiaball as the only successor of Kyivan Rusball through only Vladimir-Suzdalball and Grand Duchy of Muscowball are from their clay, but when Ukraineball became independent, they said that they are the only successor of Kyivan Rusball because Kyivball and several other old Rus cityballs are on his clay. Ukraineball also says that Russiaball rewrote the history and they are the successor of Golden Hordeball because a lot of Russian lands are from Horde's old clay. Russiaball says that Ukraineball is not a real nation since "the Rus' moving in East and Golden Hordeball's clay was conquered/peacefully taken by him" even if it's has been an invasion of Kyivan Rusball by Golden Hordeball, the part of Mongol Empireball. When Ukraineball was under Russiaball their name was "Little Russiaball" and Russiaball called themself "Great Russiaball," because to "own" Ukraineball as a "part of them" . Also, Russiaball has many other old Rus cityballs but they're got created after Kyivan Rus started to expand more land. Belarusball as Russiaball's puppet can't say anything in this argument.





    • Mongol Empireball - YOU'RE THE MOST HORRIBLE NIGHTMARE I HAVE EVER HAD IN MY LIFE! You took everything I had, my land, my wealth! Now because of you my ancestors are fighting with each other!!! I wish you to burn in depths of hell for rest of your life!!!
    • Golden Hordeball - Damn you for wrecking me with the mongols and putting your rule on my clay!
    • Khazariacube - Nomads! I will destroy them!

    How to draw

    Draw Kyivan Rusball is quite simple:

    1. Draw the basic circle shape
    2. Color the circle blue
    3. Draw another circle in the middle and color it yellow
    4. Decorate it with yellow dots around the yellow circle
    5. Draw yellow ukrainian trident (tryzub) inside of the yellow circle
    6. Draw the eyes and you've finished.


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