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    My head is a hurricane

    Saturnball ate his son isn't actually a ring god a gas giant and is the 6th planet in the Solar System. It has a vast ring system, which probably resulted from a former moon that wandered within its Roche limit. It is the second-largest and most massive planet in the Solar System, after the other planetball, Jupiterball. It is also the target for numerous human space probes. (Like Cassini and Voyager 1). It also makes a demonic screech sometimes.

    It also hosts a large moon system, which it greatly adores. At least 62 major moons have been discovered, with seven of them massive enough to into hydrostatic equilibrium.

    Saturn is trying to spot a human-made probe called Cassini because it heard rumors from its moons that Earth will sent a spy probe to Saturn and watch every activity Saturn does. On September 15, 2017, Saturn killed Cassini by Anschlussing it.

    It is said that its rings may disappear, someday...


    Saturnball, being a gas giant, is composed mainly of hydrogen and helium. While it does have a thick atmosphere, most of the hydrogen and helium within it is not in a gaseous phase. Instead, pressures crush them into a liquid slush, and further down hydrogen is compressed so much, it transforms into a conductive metallic state. This metallic hydrogen layer is thought to generate Saturnball's magnetosphere, and also surrounds its silicate core.

    Orbit - Rotation

    With an average orbital speed of 9.68 km/sec, Saturnball takes about 29.5 years to complete one orbit around the Sun. TBA


    As of 23 April 2024, Saturnball can into 146 moons. Many are small and likely captured asteroidpotatoes. Some can into round, and the largest— Titanball—is larger than Mercuryball.

    1. S/2009 S 1potato
    2. (various moonlets)
    3. Panpotato
    4. Daphnispotato
    5. Atlaspotato
    6. Prometheuspotato
    7. Pandorapotato
    8. Epimetheuspotato
    9. Januspotato
    10. Aegaeonpotato
    11. Mimasball
    12. Methonepotato
    13. Anthepotato
    14. Pallenepotato
    15. Enceladusball
    16. Tethysball
    17. Telestopotato
    18. Calypsopotato
    19. Helenepotato
    20. Polydeucespotato
    21. Dioneball
    22. Rheaball
    23. Titanball
    24. Hyperionpotato
    25. Iapetusball
    26. S/2019 S 1potato
    27. Kiviuqpotato
    28. S/2005 S 4potato
    29. S/2020 S 1potato
    30. Ijiraqpotato
    31. Phoebepotato
    32. S/2006 S 20potato
    33. S/2006 S 9potato
    34. Paaliaqpotato
    35. Skathipotato
    36. S/2007 S 5potato
    37. S/2007 S 7potato
    38. S/2007 S 2potato
    39. S/2004 S 37potato
    40. S/2004 S 47potato
    41. S/2004 S 40potato
    42. Albiorixpotato
    43. S/2019 S 2potato
    44. Bebhionnpotato
    45. S/2007 S 8potato
    46. S/2004 S 29potato
    47. S/2019 S 3potato
    48. S/2020 S 7potato
    49. S/2004 S 31potato
    50. Erriapuspotato
    51. Skollpotato
    52. Tarqeqpotato
    53. S/2019 S 14potato

    For the full list, check here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Moons_of_Saturn#Confirmed


    • Jupiterball - Let's set aside our differences and be friends! (We have a lot in common- ~60 moons each), Gas giants and we are big, so we are ok.
    • Earthball - Where is Cassini? Oh, right.......
    • Uranusball - That ice giant with a funny name, I like making fun of it.
      • - Keep making fun of "ur anus" you'll see what will happen
    • Titanball - Cold moon with a thick atmosphere, my best moon yet. i only like him cuz avengers
    • Haumeato - A dwarf planet that has rings... Interesting... Sorry I have mistaken you for a potato.


    • “I said ya, the more rings you get, the more moons you get!”
    • “Silly, I don't have aliens! But Thanos was born on one of my moons



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