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    Islamic State of Afghanistanball

    Islamic State of Afghanistanball was an Islamic stateball proceeding after causing the fall of the communist DR Afghan-icon.png DR Afghanistanball. It was sent to exile to avoid being captured by the newly emerging extremist Taliban-icon.png Talibanball in 1996 who took most control of its clay. However, thanks to the resistance it defeated Taliban-icon.png Talibanball thanks to the resistance and the (2001) American intervention in Afghanistan it got to rule for a few more years till became a transitional state.

    History[edit | edit source]

    Islamic State of Afghanistanball had worked for the mujahedeen Soviet-Afghan War funded by both certain by the USA-icon.png Iran-icon.png China-icon.pngPakistan-icon.png anti-Soviet gang meant to fight the DR Afghan-icon.png commies of Afghanistan. The difficulty drew Soviet-icon.png Soviet Unionball insane from havoc (with it surprised worked) out of Afghanistanball's clay.

    At first, everything was at peace, but then the Taliban-icon.png Taliban took over and established the Taliban-icon.png Islamic Emirate of Afghanistanball with Pakistan-icon.png Pakistan sponsoring it.

    The Taliban-icon.png Islamic Emirate of Afghanistanball quickly conquered the southern provinces of Afghanistanball thanks to heavy support from Pakistan-icon.png Pakistanball throughout the first year. Despite heavy aid, the Taliban were too quickly then captured the capital Kabul-icon.png Kabulball in just two years sending the Islamic State of Afghanistan-icon.png Islamic State of Afghanistanball to exile in Tajik-icon.png Tajikistanball.

    Resistance up the North[edit | edit source]

    However, not all hope was lost, until the 2000's, anti-terrorist resistant groups such as the Putumayo-icon.png Northern Allianceball. Islamic State of Afghanistan-icon.png Northern Allanceball was founded notably by local Tajik-icon.png Tajiks and Islamic Republic of Afghanistan-icon.png in Afghanistanball to sabotage Taliban-icon.png Taliban control over the whole country.

    The resistance fought against not only Taliban-icon.png Talibanball, but also Al-Qaeda-icon.png Al-Qaedaball who was helping Talibanball. The Northern Alliance would give refugee camps to Afghans living in the controlled parts the infamous Afghan-icon.png Ahmad Shah Massoud took over. However Taliban-icon.png Taliban was too strong and pushed Putumayo-icon.png Northern Allianceball all to Afghanistanball's uppermost province, Afghan-icon (division).png Badakhshanball. It looked like the end for Putumayo-icon.png Northern Allianceball who just wanted a liberated Afghanistan for all. But then...

    The Miracle and Liberation[edit | edit source]

    For the stupidity of Al-Qaeda-icon.png Al-Qaedaball, who sparked the controversial 9/11 attacks on USA-icon.png USAball's twin towers, USA-icon.png USAball went full hell on Al-Qaeda-icon.png Al-Qaedaball and Taliban-icon.png Talibanball. Following USA-icon.png USAball's declaration of War on Terror against several terrorist and Islamist organizations and bombed the living crap out of Afghanistanball's clay.

    Many countries fought in the Liberation of Afghanistan with the Northern Alliance. These countries were USA-icon (modern soldier).png USAball, Canada-icon (soldier).png Canadaball, UK-icon (modern soldier).png UKball, and Australia-icon (modern soldier).png Australiaball with aid and support coming from multiple countries such for India-icon (modern soldier).png Indiaball, Tajikistan-icon (modern soldier).png Tajikistanball, and Uzbekistan-icon (modern soldier).png Uzbekistanball. Following the defeat of the Taliban-icon.png Talibanball and Al-Qaeda-icon.png Al-Qaedaball, the Islamic State of Afghanistan-icon.png Islamic State of Afghanistanball was finally restored, as the Afghan Interim Administrationball.

    American Withdrawal and Taliban Insurgency[edit | edit source]

    The Afghan Interim Administrationball would go through a Islamic State of Afghanistan-icon.png transitional phase restoring peace upon all and the true accurate form of Islam-icon.png Islam.

    Gallery[edit | edit source]

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