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    Revolutionary Cataloniaball was a Revolutionary countryball in Spain. He was run by CNT-FAIball and POUMball.


    When the Spanish Civil War began between the Francoist Spainball and the Second Spanish Republicball, an anarchist atmosphere was lived in Cataloniaball, the socialist rule of the region began with the Spanish Revolution of 1936, resulting in workers' control of businesses and factories, collective farming in the countryside, and attacks against Spanish nationalists and the Catholic clergy. Although the anarcho-syndicalists were not in the government, their militias "de facto" controlled the Catalan territory and helped against the Francoists.

    But in power in the Second Spanish Republicball was the Popular Front, a coalition of socialist and communist political parties (among them the PCE or Communist Party of Spainball) that began to nationalize companies, factories and fight against Francoists and Catholics.

    One day the Second Spanish Republicball wanted to nationalize the anarchist militias of Revolutionary Cataloniaball, which caused a conflict between communists from the Communist Party of Spain or PCEball (supported by the Second Spanish Republicball and the Government of Cataloniaball) and the anarchists (anarcho-communists, anarcho-syndicalists and Trotskyists) of Revolutionary Cataloniaball, when the anarchists of the CNT-FAI took control of the Telefónica central in Barcelonaball, PCEball and CNT-FAIball even shot each other to death in Barcelonaball in 3–8 May 1937.

    This conflict became known as the Mays Days, where finally the anarchists of the CNT-FAI lost the days, but Revolutionary Cataloniaball did not die, it continued to be under the control of the POUM (although not official, since the government of Cataloniaball did not recognize him).

    Revolutionary Cataloniaball died when Francoist Spainball arrived and killed him until he annexed it, in 1939.






    es:Cataluña Revolucionariaball

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