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    Anarchist Aragon or CRDAball (in Spanish) was an era that only lasted from 1936-1937, it was about the Revolutionary parties, CNTball and FAIball itself, it has a deep hatred to Fascism, even though it only lasted until it turned into his father.


    It was born on October 6, 1936, from the anarcho-syndicalist tradition of the Aragonese peasants and the influence of the Revolutionary Cataloniaball which with militiamen secured control of Aragonball to create a barrier against Francoist Spainball during the Spanish Civil War. The Aragonese workers' militias initiated a social revolution that they implemented at Anarchist Aragonball, which did not destroy the Second Spanish Republicball, but filled the power vacuum that the military rebellion of Francoist Spainball had provoked.

    Second Spanish Republicball thought that Anarchist Aragonball would be a great barrier against the Francoists and therefore officially recognized Anarchist Aragonball on December 23, 1936. But then Anarchist Aragonball was losing against the Francoists in the Aragon Front and Anarchist Aragonball would begin to suffer inflation, and whoever tried to escape from Anarchist Aragonball would end up in one of their gulags, concentration camps, or as a soldier in the Spanish Civil War.

    Finally, Second Spanish Republicball stopped recognizing Anarchist Aragon on August 10, 1937 and annexed it completely with a military intervention under the command of the communist Enrique Líster who was sent on "maneuvers" to dissolve the Council of Aragon (Anarchist Aragon). This was because Aragon Anarchistball acted very independently and the Second Republic was irritated by this.

    After his death, several anarchists were interned in prisons under Republican control and the Aragon Front continued to be disputed between Republicans and Francoists.


    • It was anarchist but also had Spanish Communist Party leaders and militias.
    • Their economy was based on agriculture which was controlled by these leaders who were also unionist and controlled the price of goods and their production (which would later generate inflation and famine).
    • To his left appears the Aragonball flag.
    • Its flag actually has four bars on the left, but they look like only three because the shield covers one.
    • He was an anarcho-communist and anarcho-syndicalist, also he hated Stalinism and totalitarian communism.


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