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    Stop making 'Ur anus' jokes you stupid motherf***ing immature pricks
    Dad: There's Uranus.
    Son: Dad, where's my anus?
    — Vine video of a father introducing two of his sons a picture of Uranus in the playground.

    Uranusball is a planet covered with farts the seventh planetball in the Solar System. Its most defining feature is its stink its name its extreme obliquity (axial tilt), which it is not too happy about it. Sometimes, it cries because all planetballs criticize its name of being "Uranus," which sounds similar to "Your anus." though, it isn't a real anus, but just an ice giant that orbits the sun.

    It and Neptuneball were once in a reverse configuration, with Uranusball being the 8th planet and Neptuneball the 7th. However, they were locked in a gravitational dance with Jupiterball and Saturnball, sending Neptuneball out into the Kuiper Belt.


    Uranus is an ice giant, meaning it is a planet with a thicc atmosphere and a large water-ice mantle. Due to extremely high pressures, the water in its mantle exists in exotic ice forms. The pressure may also break up methane molecules, crushing them into diamonds.

    Orbit - Rotation[edit]

    Uranus orbits the Sun every ~40 years, with a semi-major axis of about 20 AU. Like all of the outer planets, its orbit has a low eccentricity and inclination. Its obliquity, which is perhaps its most famous feature, is nearly 90°, likely due to a past violent encounter with a protoplanet billions of years in the past.


    Uranus has 27 known moons, although he may have more.

    1. Cordeliaball
    2. Opheliaball
    3. Biancaball
    4. Cressidaball
    5. Desdemonaball
    6. Julietball
    7. Portiaball
    8. Rosalindball
    9. Cupidball
    10. Belindaball
    11. Perditaball
    12. Puckball
    13. Mabball
    14. Mirandaball
    15. Arielball
    16. Umbrielball
    17. Titaniaball
    18. Oberonball
    19. Franciscoball
    20. Calibanball
    21. Stephanoball
    22. Trinculoball
    23. Sycoraxball
    24. Margaretball
    25. Prosperoball
    26. Setebosball
    27. Ferdinandball



    • Neptuneball - My homie that doesn't make fun of my name.
    • Jupiterball - Just like me, stop calling it ugly it can rip you in half!
    • Voyager 2 - Thank you for visiting me. I felt lonely….... you coming back right?
    • Venusball - Earth's sibling, I don't know, the only planet that is as smart as I am, unlike the rest of the planets.
    • Plutoball - Chill guy, we watch anime together.
    • Mirandaball - Needed someone I can talk to, I glued it together.
    • Djiboutiball, Shitball, Pooball, Poopball - My siblings in despisness.
    • Las Vegasball - Wanna play hockey?
    • Anyone with a confusing name - I know what yuo feel.


    • Earthball - Oh yea? you're making fun of my name? My axis? at least I am not filled with idiocy.
    • Saturnball - Stop calling me thin-ringed IF YOU CALL ME ANUS I WILL FUCK YOU UP

    How to draw[edit]

    Real life photo of Uranus for reference
    • Draw a featureless azure sphere (No circle tool).
    • Draw faint gray rings around it vertically.
    • Draw the eyes on the left/right side, and you're finished.


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