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    Port Vilaball is the capital cityball of Vanuatuball (the baby of UKball and Franceball), it is located on Efate. It has a population of roughly 44,000 people. It is the richest cityball in vanuatu. In March of 2015 its clay got torn up by a cyclone. It is locally known as Vila [Vee-lah] and is also called that by Australiaball, as he journeys to the country quite a lot.

    About Port Vila

    Port Vilaball was founded in 1606 by New Hebridesball and adopted by Vanuatuball. It is frequented by cyclones, followed by his favourite annoying distant relative Australiaball. It is becoming a tax haven, and is quite dependent on tourists from both Australiaball and New Zealandball. It can into tropics and humidity.

    Vila is twin cities with Shanghaiball and Luganvilleball (Vanuatu).


    Port Vilaball was born as a 7-icon.png 7ball, he was then both adopted by France-icon.png Franceball, and UK-icon.png UKball, and finally Vanuatu-icon.png Vanuatuball.

    Vanuatu-icon.png Empire Republic of Cycloneland Vanuatu Memes Vanuatu-icon.png
    Provinces Malampa-icon.png MalampaballPenama-icon.png PenamaballSanma-icon.png SanmaballShefa-icon.png Shefaball (Port Vila-icon.png Port Vilaball) • Tafea-icon.png TafeaballTorba-icon.png Torbaball
    Former entities 7-icon.png NativesFranceville-icon.png FrancevilleballFranceville-icon.png Anglo-French Joint Naval CommissionballNew Hebrides-icon.png New Hebridesball
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